Rewarding good behavior:Marion Berry and Vic Snyder

As the name suggests, I'm from Arkansas, and lately that hasn't been a very fun fact.  Between the corrupt Mike Ross, and Blanche Lincoln's corporate cowering, I haven't had much reason to be proud of my representatives.  Now though, that's changed a bit, thanks to Congressmen Berry's and Snyder's yes votes on healthcare reform.

Now, neither of these two are progressives by any stretch.  Snyder is the most liberal member of our delegation to be sure, but that doesn't mean much.  Berry is a Blue Dog.  But the two of them stuck their necks out for all of us on this vote, and now I'd like us to show them that we'll have their backs when they do that in the future.

It would have been easy for both of these guys to vote no.  In the face of the insurance companies opposition, the teabagger brigade, wavering by Lincoln and outright hostility and derailment being perpetraited by Mike Ross, both of these guys could have turned their backs on us.  Already the Republicans are licking their chops at this suicide vote.  Right now, Snyder is in the race of his life against Karl Rove's protege, Tim Griffin.  Marion Berry represents a district (my district) that, sadly, seems to be trending Republican (at least on the surface).  Again, remember, voting no would have been easy for these guys, but they didn't do it.  They voted for us, the people who will benefit from healthcare reform, and Arkansas has no shortage of those in need, I can assure you.

So, in light of all that, I'm trying to scare them up a little change on ActBlue:  Again, I realize these guys may not be at the top of your congressional favs list, but what they did mattered, especially considering how close the vote was and how much pressure they had on them to turn us away.  They aren't progressives, but this vote was, and we can and should use carrots as well as sticks to move Democrats into our corner.

That said, I know that both of these guys voted yes on Stupak.  I understand and respect that that's a deal killer for many, especially women who have every reason to be mad as hell about this.  If you can't get past that, then I don't expect you to give a cent.

Still, I'd like everyone to understand that we in Arkansas are way behind on organizing progressive Democratic activists and are trying to catch up.  I'm doing my part over at Blue Arkansas- , and rewarding this good behavior I think is a small start in showing our officials that they can venture a bit left and still have people that will go to bat for them.  So if you would, please give a little to show that this was the right vote to cast.  And just so they get the message, contact Berry and Snyder and tell them why you contributed: l

Oh, and if you're still reluctant about contributing to Marion Berry, take a look at this blast from the past and you'll see that he's no Mike Ross: qA&feature=player_embedded

(Couldn't get the video to play right for some odd reason, but the link works fine.)

Thanks for your time and patience guys, and keep up the fight.

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Rewarding good behavior

You know I've been thinking a great deal on this subject since my local Congressman (John Salazar CO-3) did exactly the same thing.  Voting for both the Stupak Amendment and the Health Care Bill are very conflicting votes for me to swallow and I want to reward the good behavior, but I'm not sure whether I feel more like donating to Salazar or mounting a primary campaign against him! Maybe I should do both!

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