AR-01: Support a REAL Democrat.

 Imagine this.  There are six Democrats running for Congress.  They're all asked if they would support health care reform.  Five say no, one says yes.  They're all asked if they'd support the Employee Free Choice Act.  Five say no, one says yes.  Which one would you want to support?

Let's make it more interesting.  The frontrunner, the guy leading the pack with a majority of people largely undecided, is a Democrat who sits on the board of an anti-gay hate organization and once introduced a bill to bring back public hangings.

How interested are you in stopping that guy?

Let me introduce you to the REAL Democrat in AR-01, state rep. David Cook...


AR-01 is my district, and for the longest time I was afraid I'd have to hold my nose when I went to vote.  Then I realized that there is a REAL Democrat in this race when I interviewed state rep. David Cook for Blue Arkansas.

In that interview, I learned that there was a Democrat in this race for health care reform AND the public option.  There is a Democrat in this race who is leading to clean up Wall Street rather than pander to big businesses.  There is a Democrat in this race who supports EFCA and stands up to working people.  And while I'd freely admit that David Cook is nowhere near as liberal as I am or probably most of you (he's conservative on guns for instance, but that's kind of a must here) his answers on DADT and ENDA were more than satisfying.

Representative Cook represents a real choice in this race when all the other Democrats are tripping over each other in their run to the right.  He's certainly a more appealing choice than the perceived front runner, who I promise you is the worst Democrat you've ever seen!

Cook is running a great campaign focused on grass roots and hard work, and this is one of the few districts left where retail matters more than advertising.  However, he still needs to close the cash gap.  May 18th is the primary, but you can bet that there will be a runoff with this crowded feild.  So please, help make sure that the best Democrat makes it to that runoff by contributing through ActBlue.

I'll leave you with one last thing, and that's the statement Representative Cook sent to Blue Arkansas when we endorsed him.

From the Office of David Cook for Congress

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Blue Arkansas for their hard work and their dedication to Democrats everywhere. While we won’t see eye to eye on every issue, I have found that the staff here are fair and more than willing to give credit where credit is due, even if they don’t completely agree with the person. For these reasons, and many others, I am proud to have the official endorsement of Blue Arkansas.

I want to specifically address something Blue Arkansas mentioned in their endorsement. They said it was my substance that made me different. I want to let you, the readers, know exactly what they meant by that. It isn’t my 5 years in the Navy. It isn’t my 6 years in the Legislature. It isn’t even my 32 years in education or my 3 college degrees. I am proud of all these things, but they aren’t what separate me from the other candidates. You know how, as parents, you read to your children? As a child, I read to my parents. I was born on the banks of the St. Francis River by midwife. Both of my parents were illiterate as neither had attended a day of school in their lives. My mother believed in America, she believed in Arkansas, and she believed that with a good education, a little luck, a little help and a whole lot of hard work that her children could have a better life than her. She made sure that her children went to school… but that wasn’t enough. We were dirt poor. From before I can remember, I went to school then came home and picked or chopped cotton till after dark. When I was 12 I got promoted to plowing behind a mule which was great because it meant I got a nickel raise. I worked hard to help support my family. I’ve put in spill-ways on rice levies with a shovel and a role of tar paper on my back. I’ve had to count the strips of bacon on my plate to make sure there was going to be enough food for the whole family to eat for the rest of the month.

I know what it’s like to be hungry. I know what it’s like to be poor. I know what it’s like to be sick and have no money for health care or medicine. And I understand that there are a lot of hard-working, good Arkansans that aren’t looking for a hand-out… No, they just need a hand-up so they can work their way to a better life for themselves and their children. I know that without the hand-ups I received in my life, I might still be making my bed on that old river bottom today. For me a hand-up was my high school coach helping me out with food money or clothes and letting me work it off on his farm, or my high school sweetheart’s family finding the money to buy me another pair of shoes when my only pair was stolen out of a gym locker at college.

These are more than just stories of my life. They have defined my life. These are WHY I spent 32 years as an educator. It’s WHY I went on to work as a Legislator. It’s WHY I voted to increase minimum wage, to reduce the grocery tax twice and to reduce health care cost for seniors. It’s WHY I worked so very hard to improve the educational environment for students and staff. And it’s WHY, when you send me to Congress, you can rest easy knowing that a man is there who gets it. You’ll know a real Arkansan with real Arkansas values is fighting like a scrappy dog to do everything he can to give you the hand-up you need for a better life.

After reading that, how can you NOT contribute?

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