AR-01: Stop Tim Wooldridge!

 Allow me to introduce you to the worst "Democrat" ever, former Arkansas state senator Tim Wooldridge, candidate for Congress in AR-01.  If ever there was a horrible Democrat that needed to be stopped before he reached Washington, this was it.  Allow me to explain...


First, Tim Wooldridge made his big debut for statewide office running for Lt. Gov in '06 and getting schooled by none other than Bill Halter.  During that campaign Wooldridge tried to charge Halter with, basically, being a pornography mogul.  The charge, of course, was untrue.

That's the tip of the iceberg.  During the course of that campaign, it came out that Wooldridge had introduced a bill in the state legislature to, and I'm not kidding on this one, bring back public hangings!  I'm serious-click the link and you can read the bill for yourself!  Since then, Wooldridge has tried to explain the bill away as a mistake.  Checking the wrong answer on a test is a mistake...introducing a bill to bring back hangings is just plain wrong.

But it gets even better.  Wooldridge isn't just a conservative Democrat.  The word on the ground here is that he's always backed Republican candidates for President, including George Bush at least once, and bragged about it.  And he was a huge fan of Mike Huckabee, so much so that the Republicans spent years trying to get him to switch parties.  (Democrats are the major party in northeast Arkansas, where Wooldridge is from, which explains his reluctance.)

On issue after issue though, Wooldridge is very much in line not only with Republicans but with the far right wing of their party.  He opposes EFCA.  He opposed health care reform and the stimulus, saying we couldn't afford them.  At one point I recall, he ventured very close for calling for repeal of health care reform, stopping just short by calling for the bill to be essentially gutted.

Oh, and we have to talk about his problems with gay people...It's one thing to not rush to stand up for LGBT issues in conservative districts, I get that.  It's another thing to sit on the board of a hate group and promise a religious right group that you will support the right of employers to fire gay people.

That's right, Wooldridge sits on the board of a hate group called the Families First Foundation and still brags about it on his website after we at Blue Arkansas raked him over the coals.  That group has, among other things, statements on its website like this:

Are Christians guilty of discrimination because of a refusal to tolerate homosexuality? No. There is a difference is wise, informed discrimination and prejudice! Discrimination against what is bad is necessary for the preservation of good. Did past cultures that practiced discrimination know something the current culture should learn? Unless truth has surfaced to discount the social policies of the past, then a similar discrimination against homosexuality and for heterosexuality appears needful for the social good.

Nasty stuff huh?  Rather than address it, the Wooldridge campaign tried to stifle dissent, and where hillariously inept at it.  Later on in the campaign, Wooldridge gave an interview to the far right Family Council and when asked about ENDA replied that he would opposed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act because being gay is, in his estimation, a choice.  When we started giving him flack, Wooldridge's response was to get Jerry Cox, the head of the Family Council, to restrict the embed on the youtube video so it couldn't be passed around.  By the way, you can still watch the video on youtube.  Are you seeing a pattern in how he deals with scandals?

Tim Wooldridge can still be stopped in the Democratic primary runoff in June.  His opponent, Chad Causey, is running strong.  Chad isn't exactly a liberal...really, is pretty conservative himself and wasn't Blue Arkansas' first choice.  But he is willing to listen and work with us on far more issues than Wooldridge ever will and he won't be an embarrassment or a roadblock.  So please, if you can't stomach anything that you just read, throw Chad some change to help him out.

We have got to stop this guy Wooldridge. If you could have stopped Zell Miller or Parker Griffith knowing what you know now, wouldn't you have done so?  If we don't keep Wooldridge out of Congress, he's going to be trouble.  Big trouble.

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