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    The problem with the everything new is good, everything old is bad mentality is that it is often a very inefficient use of money that ignores the areas that need intervention the most and rewards districts that don't need help. (so what else is new, its a common approach)

    Meanwhile, we have schools where the ceilings are falling down books are rotting, and people, students and especially teachers are getting extremely ill because of water damage, and nothing is done because they are convinced the buildings are too old to save. Often, they aren't, and the cure is as simple as fixing the leaks and insulating the walls, and opening up long shut windows and natural cross-ventilation systems.

    Low cost spray foam can often cure serious problems.

  • Many Americans see it as a situation where they (the inhabitants of that disputed chunk of real estate) either learn to live with each other, or go to hell on their own.

    We are paying for a chunk of that war, and bluntly, we shouldn't go on doing that.

    That money could be building schools and a future for us here in the US. We need it. Money is tight.

    I think we are crazy if we don't all agree that if they want to kill each other, let them do it on their own dime.

  • But Obama seems to be heading towards the "minimal" healthcare "solution" being pushed by the healthcare-industrial cartel.

    Sure, people will have choice, but it will be a choice between a number of unacceptable options.

    For example, how could anybody predict what diseases that they might get years hence, (and so expand their policy - at extra cost - to cover them)?

    Thats one of the ideas being floated to make healthcare "affordable".

    These proposals are literally "rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic".

  • These are stories from Massachusetts patients:

    http://www.citizen.org/hrg/healthcare/ar ticles.cfm?ID=18399

    Basically, the situation has resulted in many people not being able to get care who could before.

    People who might be sick but who might lose their job are still terrified to go to the doctor afraid that their whole family's insurance rate would go up if they turn out to be sick and later have to buy insurance on their own.

    Also, before people who couldn't afford insurance could go to free clinics and get free care, now the clinics are unavailable.

    The chronically ill still can't afford insurance, so they either have to pay fines or they are exempted. (but still uninsured)

    The high deductible plans - the only ones many people can afford, have high deductibles and copays so they often avoid going to the doctor.

  • "Massachusetts' Plan: A Failed Model for Health Care Reform."

  • is one of the main reaons their wages are so low.

    My fear is that since many (most? - thats based on the fact that most working Americans dont get paid vacations, they are hourly workers) working, legal Americans are fighting marginalization, that arguably this is not the time to be dramatically increasing the size of the workforce (and presumably driving wages down.)

    Its the argument many make, and it may be wrong, though.

    Your argument has merit but it needs to be backed up somehow by facts - (computer models that are open and subject to criticism/tweaking)

    The ugly reality is that real wages for most Americans are falling rapidly.

    Now that it looks like healthcare will keep rising the middle class is really under attack.

    Politicians are clueless and they need to understand, this situation calls for radical new approaches.

    The legalization of SOME illegal immigrants needs to be accompanied by a zero tolerance policy for additional illegal immigration. Dont forget, global warming has the potential of putting huge pressure on the willingness of Americans to accept legitimate refugees (fleeing catastrophic weather events that render homelands uninhabitable or wars, or the like)

    We need to have control over immigration.

    That said, I think immigrants have brought us SO much in terms of energy and ideas, we need to address the marginalization of hardworking illegals as one of many root causes of wage slippage- one of the only ones that we can reasonably address.. (others, like automation and concentration of wealth due to things like Moore's Law, are pretty much inevitable)

    Does that make sense to you?

    We could learn much from immigrants.. For example, they don't have this sense of entitlement that leads many Americans to undervalue education.

    They KNOW that its sink or swim in this world, economically.

    We still dont seem to get that. Americans as a whole seem woefully unconcerned about the root causes of our economic mess..

    We could learn a lot from the immigrnt community flexibility wise..

    We also really should be living more like immigrants.. saving every possible penny..

    Then we could save money.

    The pressure on native Americans to spend or be marginalized is unrelenting.

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    * Universal healthcare, not a 5 year detour into a known failed option like a public alternative plan, which will lose so much money it will drive away the healthy and only attract the sick, and so will have to be too expensive, or the new "minimal" plans being floated, (high deductible, capped, or choice of covered diseases, idea is to create the illusion of choice and control to theoretically prevent stress related breakdown when bills are not covered) the only way that I can see that also offers an acceptable level of access to actual real health care is single payer.

    * Making the offshoring of jobs more expensive than keeping jobs here. (really doing it, with real attempts to close the inevitable loopholes)

    * Tightly regulating the insurance and banking industries and protecting pension plans.

    * The 30 hour week (will create millions of new jobs)

    * Embracing workplace automation and supporting its adoption. (The technical jobs in automated factories will be the new entry level jobs, so we will also have to spend the money to educate people for them.)

    * Encourage those who can to drop out of the workforce and create a new kind of volunteer service or make volunteer service tax eductible in some manner.

    * Allow people to invest money in a guaranteed Social-security-like investment plan, and use the assets of the closed banks, etc, to initially help capitalize it. (at the real, not the fake values)

    * Develop a new kind of corporate structure that allows worker ownership and does not involve personhood or giving corporations the rights of people.

    * Eliminate corporate personhood for the old style corporations. Corporate personhood is at the root of our enlarging crisis.

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    But since we aren't dealing with the causes, it will be worse when it comes.. I would say the politicos are hoping that it will work until after November 2010.

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    They are skirting too close to the Constitutional protections against unreasonable intrusion into Americans lives. I think that at this point, the Obama administration needs to go before the American people and draw out the programs that are occurring and why they have not changed course from the Bush approach.

    In fact, according to the EFF, the Obamas are taking some positions that exceed Bush's in their granting of executive permissions.

    If so, we should be hearing the reasons why in an open discussion.

    Also, why is the Obama admnistration claiming that the government has a right to track using GPS tracking transmitters anybody's car, use cell phone cell data to track anybody who has a cell phone, and hiring so many IP only IT staff , including from the RIAA?

  • but that's okay.

    Its not my problem.

    Does anybody pay you guys to do this?

  • One has to wonder how different the two parties are these days..

    Or if we have a democracy in fact and not in fiction.

    If Obama campaigns on one position and then in actually represents another.

  • for example..
    http://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2009/04/oba ma-doj-worse-than-bush
  • Just ask somebody with a serious brain injury.

    We are basically the cheapest supercomputers available right now. That's WHY a lot of people still have jobs. They can follow a script, even a very complex one.

    "Creative" workers like politicians, now, replacing them with software might have some advantages, but would you really want a machine deciding whether to drop the N bomb on somebody?

    No, that's terrifying.

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    We must appear to be completely irrational and dangerously unstable/revengeful- any slight or injury will be repaid tenfold in misery in collateral damage.

    Richard Nixon pioneered this modern response to unconventional threats in this, his "madman theory of warfare".

    Understood in that light, many US actions unexplainable by other means make perfect sense.

  • A lot of the production for innovative American vendors of green technologies is done in China.

    I don't see any reason why the economics of that would change because of words or our wishful (delusional?) thinking.

    We have to stop connecting health benefits to jobs.. That way even if our job hopes dont pan out, people will be able to survive.


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