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    When one country gains, its not always a loss for other nations.

    That kind of thinking is what doomed CheneyBushCorp to their stupid irrelevance.

    Its depressing to see Obama supporters here falling into the same mindset.

    Many countries, like Japan and Korea, Germany, etc, can and should pay for their own defense.

    1500 US bases overseas is a bit excessive in the current economy.

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    The US gives less per capita compared to the size of our economy than many other nations, and its much more likely to have political strings attached.

    We should focus our aid where it would do the most good, and not try to solve all the problems in the world.

    BTW, China is also pulling back on their foreign aid, especially in Africa. Their economy is in a shambles, just like ours.

    The neocon approach seems to be to spend lots of money on ther friends, and gnore everything else. There needs to be much more transparency in the appropriations process. I do think we need to help stop the drug wars in Mexico, whch are driven by poverty and the incredible profits that are created by the illegality of drugs.

    Similar imbalances exist because of the captivity of Americans - their not being able to buy prescription drugs overseas.

    For example, one months worth of a cancer drug that costs $500 elsewhere might cost $10,000 here.

    That also needs to change.

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    We illegally did the same thing for Unit 731

  • why did they do it?
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    before the election was a bad idea.

    Even if it did get him elected.

  • Its pretty clear that Social Security, having been paid for out of a separate fund, is not part of the yearly budget. So the chart is accurate.

    People just hate the idea of "their" government spending more than the whole rest of the world combined to keep corporate profits high, especially when those same corporations are laying off Americans and dont really have as much of a connection to the wealth of most Americans as they once had.

    Their jobs have been traded away as a bargaining chip.

    So that leaves us with a situation in which we pay so that a very few can be richer and, our money supports torture, etc, and that leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

    If I was naive enough, I'd want it to be that 20% figure too. That sounds reasonable.

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    survival of the fittest.

    The strong eat the weak to survive. If you get sick, you have to get yourself well, or you die.

    You become food.

    Thats why animals will never allow themselves to look sick. Sick animals are soon dead animals.

    I was hoping for change after Bush but, the big money interests seem to have successfully dodged that bullet with Obama.

    Maybe you can help "change" that?

    If tens or hundreds of millions of sick people went out in the streets to demonstrate, there might be change.

    Of course, sick people have problems that occupy a lot of their energy.

    Thats what they are counting on.

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    Everybody does. They say whatever they think they want you to say.

    People make things up.

    That is why information extracted under torture is usually worthless.

    The Communists used a different technique, a very sophisticated one, called thought reform, that requires a lot more work.

    Its not unlike the cult-like internal discipline of other absolutist political organizations.

    Robert J. Lifton wrote an interesting book about it.

    All cults behave similarly.

  • we become the bad guys..

  • There is/was a HUGE amount of fraud in money spent on Iraq too.

    I hope that they address that as well.

  • then?

  • stu...

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    This is a complicated situation. Faced with a mix of legitimate needs (to fight terrorism) and extreme political pressures from an out of control administration its often very hard to always say what each individual should have done in retrospect.

    Maybe that was the tone Obama was tryng to strike?

  • People are blaming Obama, and they think that this was his plan from the start, just like his employee, Jim Cooper, for some reason he hates the idea of real universal healthcare.

    Perhaps because it increases job mobility or raises salaries.

    Perhaps because the special interests have some hidden hold over him.

    Nobody knows.


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