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    to those older generic drugs..

    However, the other three cost $1200/mo combined.

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    are worth looking into. They may have some medications, or alternative ones she can take.

    Some (many older medications which are often adequate) are as low as $4

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    Some people are moving to Canada to avoid bankruptcy. If you have needed skills, or a large amount of assets she can emigrate to Canada, where all of her prescriptions will be free.

    She could move back when/if they get this all sorted out here.

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    In Canada, Australia, England, France, New Zealand, Japan, etc. prescriptions are free or cost a cursory amount, around $5.

    Insurance companies will probably react to the drug question by dropping prescription coverage from any 'affordable' plans.

  • making good points in his column today

    http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/03/opinio n/03krugman.html

  • What did he say?

    He said that everyone expected that the Dems would make this election a referendum on GOP politics. A repudiation.

    He said that Obama is a centrist among Democrats, not at all a progressive. And that Hillary Clinton is also more of a centrist Democrat.

    He said that Obama has adopted many GOP talking points. He mentioned healthcare but I also think he should have mentioned Social Security.

    He mentioned that this has distressed many mainstream Democrats, because they sound more like Republican positions. This is true.

    He says that polls are deceiving, just as primaries can be - if they allow crossover voting.

    He said that he thinks the GOP will tear Obama up if he becomes the nominee, that he wont be ready for it, that he does not have the stamina to handle it. That they have been building him up to knock him down, to aoid running against Hillary, who really does scare them.

    He says that he doesn't have the track record to give one faith that he can WIN in November, that he was groomed for success in Chicao, AN OVERWHELMINGLY DEMOCRATIC CITY WHERE DEMS ALWAYS WIN.

    He says that other people's accomplishments were taken credit for by Obama. That he has been deceptive.

    He said the campaign should be run on ISSUES, not personality.

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    Its good to see so many people involved in the political process. I hope that nomatter how the election, or the various candidates, if elected, turn out, they will STAY INVOLVED.

    Please, stay involved.

    Express your opinions and IDEAS.

    Keep talking.


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