Virginity college fund offers hit $3.8 million, other American students hit hard, few options.

The average cost of a college education in a state university is now approaching $100,000. Costs at many private schools run far higher. Many students are realizing they may never be able to afford college. Meanwhile, many high-tech businesses are fleeing the US because of its lack of recent technically skilled graduates and high housing and especially, healthcare costs.

Do you support her prostitution for college cash for Natalie Dylan and her sister?

So, as millions of young Americans are now discovering that even the most optimistic projections of income to their parents college savings accounts will make college still unaffordable to them, this enterprising young woman has hit on a new twist to a time-honored scheme to make college affordable for both herself and her sister.

The oldest profession.

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She'd probably make even more if she sold

The Video Rights...

I'm sure Vivid would give her a million or so...

Then, the post-game coverage on ESPN2...

The follow up Thursday night on Larry King.

Oprah, the View, Maybe her own Reality Show?

Then finally she can go on tour with Octuplet-mom and Angelina Joille Impersonator Nada Suleman, maybe as the opening act?

Call it

"Ok, Yup, America is completely done..a cultural wasteland of voyeurs and monkees..Sodom and Gomorrah meet Bumpstump Ohio as we wind up this failed Experiment" 2009

Ah, what the hell, eh?

If some moran is dumb enough to pay millions for her virginity (I don't believe it, I think it is a stunt) then more power to her...

by WashStateBlue 2009-02-07 03:10PM | 0 recs
I think its a stunt too.

She's probably trying to bring attention to how many people can't afford to go to college.

At least, thats what I would like to think.

by architek 2009-02-07 03:38PM | 0 recs
Well, then, IF that is the case

She can set up a FUND to send OTHER kids as well?

Or maybe she needs 3.4 million to finish her doctorate, and do post-doc in the style to which she desires to live?

Nah, I dont give her that moral high ground.

by WashStateBlue 2009-02-08 08:35AM | 0 recs


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