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    Well said!!! We need to learn this fast. We lost all our Southern Dem Senators unless you count Nelson of Florida!!! AR in Charlotte.
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    I know little about Warner but Virginia good place to start from red state. Bayh Indiana moderate. I know no one wants hear it but there
    is going to have to be a little move to the center moderate to win . We cannot due as in 2000 and 2004 write off all South and compete little in the border state. One border state in 2004 and Kerry is president. Instead we are stuck with Bush which makes me outraged!!! We must learn from 2000 and 2004 and not repeat these same mistakes!!! We can get our agenda with a moderate but we get nothing but another Bush if we do not chhose to learn. Can someobe still us more about Warner. Thanks. AR in Charlotte. Easley no go too boring!!!
  • comment on a post The New Dark Age over 9 years ago
    This one hurts!!! I have had the most down day I can remember . My kids cant even pick up my spirits. I hope soon we learn to compete some in the border states and the South. Its too hard and too thin a margin to have to rely on Ohio and Florida every election. When will this awful feeling go away. I have been replying to a smart-ass Bush friend all day. She says they are going to make History. I said like record defecits,even more lost jobs, and another 200 billion on war with no plan. I would not be suprised if Cheney had to resign over Haliburton. They good just use the health excuse. I know wishful thinking. I am just real down.I was hoping we learned our lesson from 200o. We just needed one more state!!! We will live to fight another day!!! AR in Charlotte.
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    As a life long democrat from the South we must field a candidate that can atleast win 1 or 2 border states or southern states. Look at Clinton.I read a lot of angry comments last night blaming the south for our loss ans wanting the south to go away. We will not win another Pres election until we learn to compete and win across the country. We only needed one border state or 1 southern state and Kerry and Gore 2000 and 2004 would have won. It is time for a little not much but some moderate candidates that appeal to the border states and the south. This is 2 in a row where we have not even try to compete in the south or much in border. We can make this party great again but not by ignoring or blaming the south. That is not the answer. The blame game is easy way out. We need to look and 2 terms of Bill Clinton and learn that. He won all across this great country not just a segment of it. Thanks for reading and this site has been great!!! Good luck in life and we will live to fight another day.I just wished we would have learned from 2000 instead of repeating it because I hate Bush!!! I am very  depressed. Thanks for all your hard work.AR in Charlotte.
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    Any idea how early networks will call states that a clear lead is there??? AR in Charlotte.
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    I know NC very long shot but it does feel good when a woman who was a live long GOP member switched because of Bush. She was thinking about Liberterian but we talked and she is now going out and help Kerry out. She is injured but I told her about curbside voting in NC. It still makes you feel good to convert and talk one in to making the effort to give Kerry a chance. AR in Charlotte.
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    Now working at home with quick break. Went door to door this morning and phone bank calls. Mood is festive!!!AR in Charlotte.
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    I will be trying to get some sleep if polling numbers dont float around in my head. I,m in Charlotte and will be at Kerry headquarters at 6:00 am tomorrow for a long day. We may not be able win NC but with the way yall are working up there we owe it to you to work our tails off
    tomorrow. Just know down here in the south we are counting on you delivering Ohio!!! Make it happen!!! Great job guys. One more day until the big prize!!! AR in Charlotte.
  • Does anyone have any inside info on Zogby final poll? 48-48 sunday. I woke up at 2:00 with Zogby number spinning in my head. I sure would like to see Bush no higher than 47-48. Nervous in Charlotte.AR in Charlotte.
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    Do you think Kerry can work this in his speeches monday when hammering away at Bush on Iraq. This shows once again no after the war planning. I actually feel Powell is still respected by most independents. He is after all being shut out of policy by Cheney and Rumsfeld. Can we use his comments to show yet another Iraq misstep by Bush.If Kerry can use it mentioning Powell that may have some meat to it monday. AR in Charlotte.
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    I,m hearing big turnout expected. Favors us??? Any Ohio polls on sunday? Nervous in Charlotte but optimistic. Should we worry about the CBS poll? Bush +3. The other pols were trending our way. The way I look at it if Bush is at 48% or lower tomorrow we should win. Any thoughts? We still think the incumbent rule should hold to some degree? AR in Charlotte.
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    I am taking election day off to be at campaign headquarters 6:00 am. We hope to have a surprise for Bush. I am very hopeful of you guys working very hard to deliver Mi,Ohio, and Florida to make it a short election night. Go get them!!! Fight hard!!! With your hardwork we will win!!! I can hear it from how hard you have been working . In a day and half it is going to payoff big time. AR in Charlotte.
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    Wasnt their poll conducted Oct 15-18 only Minn updated??? If true a lot has happened since then.
    Should we be worried ??? How do the people on the ground feel about Ohio?? Still confident with Large turnout? AR in Charlotte.
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    Zogby has it 49-44 Bush. Big change.I thought we were in pretty good shape in Ohio?? Big turnout I here . Will this help? Anyone on the ground in Ohio feel we can get Ohio. This poll seems out of line. The other nernous one is Mi. Anything other Zogby on these 2 states. AR in Charlotte.I sure would like to have Ohio as a cushion.
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    You guys are great!!!! Just worked the afternoon at Kerry-Edwards in Charlotte. We are not giving up!!! Go out there and win Ohio!!! I am proud of all yall,s work. Had to get that in there.AR in Charlotte.


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