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    She's been trying sooo hard to become relevant again these last few days. Too bad the MSM and the remaining candidates aren't biting.

    Almost makes me want to shed a little wittle tear::sniff::...


  • That was great. I wish I could've mojo'ed that comment.

    ::invisible mojo::

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    not this diary again.

    You are aware that the NYC metro area has roughly 10-15 other newspapers, don't you?

  • and stop making all of us women seem like foot-stomping victims of male domination. If you feel like a "leftover meal that has been thrown down the garbage disposal" because your candidate was inept at running a presidential campaign then you have serious issues that need to be addressed in the privacy of an air conditioned office that has PhD on the door.

  • the reason why so many have chosen Obama over Hillary. His campaign has been a first class exercise in civility and inclusiveness, while hers... a reflection of her supporters. The whining, vitriol, relentless hissy fits, gross feeling of entitlement-my-way-or-the-highway mentality is appalling and shameful. The diarist has provided a litany of reasons, as have other posters, indicating why it would be worthwhile to reassess voting for McCain..and the response has been-more foot-stomping tantrums. So at this point in the game one just has to assume that their irrationality would be more of a poison in the party than a healthy antidote to repair  wounds going forward to the GE. If some of you can't get past the hate..then I say, move on sisters because the rest of us have work to do.

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    And I'd bet that your opinion of the NYT was held in higher esteem when Arthur Salzberger endorsed her back in January.  No?

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    Yeah i'm sure Barack is shaking in his boots.
    Yeah, I'm sure he's having sleepless nights over Cynthia and Jamie's 'powerful' coalition.
    Yeah I'm sure that right now he's preparing  to drop out and allow Hillary to crowned nominee to pacify elder women.

    Look, if Hillary had all of the female vote, women being 50% of the population, she would've won easily. She didn't. She definitely carries the elderly and middle aged female vote but younger  women are not enthralled by her or her message.
    Its tiresome old news and the same talking points recycled through the decades. Alot of the aged women in this country, though, feel an affinity to that rhetoric. Alot of us women borne closer to the turn of this century instead of the last, do not.

    Female backlash against Barack? Hey...denial and delusions are indications of a more serious disorder.

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    The NYT has raelized what alot of delusional HRC supporters have yet to grasp. It is over for her, wake up and smell the chai latte.Besides, the NYT is more than a New York newspaper, like The Daily News or Long Island's Newsday. It is delivered in all 50 states, US territories, and it is considered the paper of record in the political arena.

    Second...well the rest of this diary is just silly nonsense and I won't waste anymore of my energies commenting on such stupidity.

  • you won't be missed.

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    this is hilarious...

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    Yeah.. and what about when the ladies from "The View" were discussing how sexy Obama is. I didn't see Obama complaining that he was being treated like beefcake! Someone posted that the media was discussing Hillary's cleavage. Like anyone is actually lusting to see her cleavage, get real.
    These posts are becoming more bizarre and paranoid.
  • If you would've read the diary then you would've understood my point.

    I am 27. And you?

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    I am using the poster's own melodramatic words. SHE is the one foolishly equating Barack's nomination with rape. Pathetic isn't it? Just goes to show how some of the cries of sexism on this site is downright self-serving.

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    Everybody knows by now that Hillary has full command of the backwards vote.

    West Virginia is third in the nation with homes that do not have complete plumbing for crying out loud!

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    Get over it. Lay back . Enjoy it. Anything else?


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