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    In case you have forgotten, there is a general election in roughly six months. He is right in focusing his energies on that and not Puerto Rico, which doesn't even matter in the GE. He has much bigger fish to fry now.

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    pondered this enough to make it into a diary.
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    And the point to this amusing nonsense?
    I think its time for your midday nap dear..
  • No, i think that the powers that be in Washington are fed up with the Clinton duo. How exactly do they represent progress and change anyway? These two candidates do have distinct differences in their message. Appalachia may embrace her school of thought, but many more have decided we need a change...that's why he is the inevitable nominee.

    I understand that many older folk are reluctant to accept change and cling to the status quo...but it is certainly time to move past the divisiveness and melodrama of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    Hillary as vp? Puh-leeze.

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    She won over rural Kentuckians. What was her problem in Oregon?

    Oh I forgot, all of those college degrees and affluence...

    How dare they be educated enough to choose a winner!

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    I have absolutely no sympathy for these 'pity party' people who cry about leaving the democratic party or threaten to vote for McCain because of their own candidate's ineptitude. An elementary school has less whining than what's on this site.

    At some point, everyone will experience a loss of their favorite candidate during a primary. Do you see former Dodd, Biden, Edwards supporters throwing tantrums?

    Downright annoying.

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    Now that's a dream team.

    And a beautiful dream team at that.

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    and don't trip over the curb on your way out.

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    This diary sounds like my 2-year old niece.

    If you don't buy me that dolly, then I'm gonna hold my breath till I turn blue!

    Your candidate lost so you're leaving what? The democratic party? If you can turn your back on the party so easily, maybe your heart was never with there in the first place.


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    would rec if I could and i agree..I will not be blackmailed anymore, either.

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    The diarist didn't attack anyone. Oh my, what a surprise. HRC supporters imagining being attacked and victimized.  Shocker!

    Why don't you answer his/her questions or move onto another diary. But no some of you would rather play the tearful persecution card to its full capacity.

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    don't like her at all but I respact her as a politician. She has somehow found a way to manipulate old women into thinking she is the icon of modern-day feminism.  She has manipulated poorer and uneducated folk into thinking that she is of the beer-drinking working class.

    And these groups have bought it hook, line and sinker. She's definitely a piece of work, I'll give you that much.

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    The only ticket I'd like to see Clinton on is a one way Greyhound back to Chappaqua.

  • that many HRC supporters are obese, uneducated, middle aged women who couldn't make the cheerleading squad in high school, neglected institutions of higher learning in favor of having a few babies and spending the wealth of their time pouring through the classifieds for bogus work-at -home ads...and now we all have to listen to them complain about how the world has wronged them because of their own miserable lives of their own making.

    Welcome to the new "feminism".

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    woman has had it with all the HRC followers stated desire to vote for McCain because of some ill-perceived notion of sexism on behalf of our party. Our party isn't perfect and there is always room to grow and further the democratic ideal. Out of the 16 women in the Senate, 11 are dems. Out of the 71 women in the House 51 are dems. Can it be better? Of course it can. But the democratic party has been dedicated to progress and to those of you who choose to be a fair-weathered progressives ...then adios..sayonara.. au revoir.. arrivederci.. hasta luego.....see ya.


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