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    Fortunately, I have a strong enough income to donate generous amounts to Barack's campaign coffers and secondly, the only trolls around these parts are your fellow hrc supporters threatening to vote for McCain in the GE.

    Many dems believe that Hillary would be a disaster on the ticket. I am one of them.

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    Oh your name calling is so mature...and how are old are you again??

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    Its not that complicated. She is extraordinarily divisive and does not represent Obama's message in any way...period.

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    Your opinion means very little to me dear...

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    I think her supporters will think twice about voting for McCain in Nov.

    Here we have a candidate being rewarded for changing the rules during the course of the game...and now she should be rewarded because she ran a shitty campaign and lost to the guy who ran a stellar campaign AND played by the rules?

    The fact that HRC supporters condone her unprofessionalism is telling in and of itself.

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    Puh-leeze. I wish people would stop acting act like she is owed or entitled to anything. Barack has bent over backwards trying to appease her and all it does is make her bark even louder.

    Its sickening. She adds nothing of value to his candidacy...zilch.

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    so she won PR.
    Did it become a state while I was out shopping?

    They don't vote in the GE and this insignificant win shouldn't be counted in the popular vote totals.

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    that has to be the stupidest statement I've read all day. I'm going to assume that its snark so you don't make a total imbecile out of yourself.

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    have serious issues. Alot of them seem to be be very angry middle aged women who couldn't make prom queen during their younger years, have designated Hillary their heroine and savior, and the rest of us have to suffer for it as a result.

    It is definitely not Obama and his supporters that are dividing the party.

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    who cares? Does it REALLY make a difference anyway? Barack will win SD and Montana, the sd's will throw their support behind Barack... then maybe she'll take the cotton out of her ears and hear that the fat lady has begun to sing.

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    from the Hillary crowd of the woman being a fighter and a person of such strength and character, she seems to have thrust her supporters ito a realm of perpetual victimhood. And that's because she sets that bad example. She is probably the whiniest, pettiest and the most transparent politician that has come down the pike in quite sometime.

    Yesterday has in essence sealed her fate. But I'm sure that her pathetic little hissy fits will continue to intrude on American politics.

    At least it is clear now that the democratic party is no longer being hijacked by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

  • my mother never quits dreaming that Elvis would rise and fly her to Champs-Elysees for lunch but reality is a more powerful force than old cliches.

  • Hillary is yesterday's news.

    What she needs to do is have a rational sitdown with Barack and discuss (without the pouting and whining) what cabinet posts interests her.

    President...is  no longer a viable option for her. Period.

    "Please don't quit"... Listen, desperation and begging is not becoming or attractive.

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    Yellow, all of your diaries seem to have the same repetitive mantra.

    "AA's are monolithic morons (save for you of course) who are oblivious of democratic issues, and are voting for Obama because they are the same skin color."

    How wonderful and insightful of you to speak for all of them and their own personal reasons for choosing to vote for one candidate over the other.

    If there is anyone who seems to be obsessively focusing on race, I would say that would have to be you.

    Careful now...we wouldn't want you to show your true colors now would we, Yellow?

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    I guess all of the petty name-calling and blatant TR'ing by HRC supporters is excusable on this site. Good to see democracy vibrant, alive and well here.

    Oh well, I find Dailykos much more informative anyhow. I fail to see how this site could even stay relevant in a couple of weeks because uh.. no offense, but the finger traffic is a tad bit on the light side.


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