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    I don't think anyone was accepting a pep rally but I think most people were expecting a wee bit more graciousness and thoughtfulness scattered throughout that dreadful speech.
    She has a responsibility to her followers to  begin the healing process..and she squandered that opportunity.
    So how exactly does she exit with dignity and class after her performance last night?
  • last night was an embarassment. Instead of placating and pacifying her followers, she should have been urging them to unify around Barack and help prepare them for what her goals might be. But no. All her speech did was make some of her supporters more loathesome of Obama and some Barack supporters seething with anger at the thought of her anywhere near the Oval office.

    It speaks volumes about who she is as a person to deliberately undermine one of the most historic days in history...and alot about her loyalty to deliberately undermine the nominee and head of the party. And she wonders why her negatives are thru the roof.

  • Jeffrey verbalized what many in the MSM didn't have gulliones to say.
    Whenever you think she can't stoop any lower, she always finds a way to prove you wrong.

    Her speech was a disgrace.

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    yeah and next there will be a phantom tape that supposedly proves that she is a hardcore member of the new black panthers and she's ranting that all the white people are the devil...get a goddamn life...

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    can't be quite sure but narcissistic...hell yeah.

  • I'm smiling but...i don't get it...

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    have you forgotten that Michelle's husband is half white??? I'm not an expert on these things but I don't think that racists are cool with marrying and procreating with those that they hate.

    gosh...who needs the GOP hit squad when you have dems doing the work for them.

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    I was thinking more along the lines of tarnished gold plated metal after her tactless and classless announcement yesterday on such a historical day...

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    Sorry to add discord to this conversation but the problem with Hillary is that she is a selfish narcissist who continues to show a lack of savoir faire when it comes to our new presumptive nominee.

    What was the point of revealing that she would be open to being the veep yesterday when everyone was quite aware that Barack was to clinch the nomination? At least have the class to concede first.

    As if she was even asked in the first place, which she wasn't. And hopefully he will not explore that option. She never fails to ignore the high road.

  • I absolutely agree with you.

    Along with Barack's slogan of "Yes We Can"... there should be a caveat..."No We Won't" ..be blackmailed.

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    This party doesn't need a historical "threesome" ticket, that being Obama and both Clintons. That type of unity will come at a cost.. assuredly.

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    Most definitely. Besides the potential GOP and Independents corssovers who loathe Hillary and her husband, how does she espouse the politics of change and progression in Washington? How?

    And you know what..I believed her when she not-so-transparently conveyed that she did not consider him a patriot, and her malevolent attacks against him will be a factor in his White House.
    This would be a ticket of discord and mistrust because i have no doubt she would deliberately try to undermine him every step of the way.

    Obama/Edwards? Now that is a beautiful ticket ...in more ways than one.

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    At my salon in south Florida, a shipment of funky-styled Barack tee's arrived late last week, just in time. I am giving them to the customers, at no charge and many of them (who are wearing them proudly) were Clinton supporters.

    It seems that many in the real world, with the exception of the diehards, are beginning to coalesce around the democratic nominee.

    Will place another order tonight...onward to Washington.

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    The only memo about to be released regarding Mrs. Obama is the acknowledgment that she will in fact be the next First Lady of the US of A.

    Listening to right wing talking points could be clouding your judgment. That or the extra saliva gathering at the corners of your mouth...

  • And yes McCain is relying on the fierce, raw emotion of hrc followers to jump ship and vote for him rather than opt for rational thought. Many of them have truly allowed themselves to be convinced by media sources that Obama is a sexist, participated in race-baiting, stole the nomination..and other vile acts that are completely absurd.
    Maybe this diary will help them see that McCain is relying on their being gullible and irrational.
    They can't possibly prefer his presidency after evidence that he views them with such utter contempt.


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