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    My rec/rate ability has been restored overnight.

    There's nothing like inspiring the masses to work collectively.

    Gave my first non-phantom rec since April! Great job.

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    phantom rec, here..

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    Yes, but many of the baby boomer and senior hrc crowd have made it blatantly clear their desire not to vote for Obama because of either some form of unhealthy emotional scarring from this nomination process; and/or an unhealthy fear of disturbing the status quo. Younger voters, mainly who support Obama, made it overwhelmingly clear the desire to support either candidate.

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    hrc supporters

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    It's really bizarre observing women and some men, too, who're my mother and grandmother's age develop this kind of emotional attachment to a presidential candidate.

    It makes me wonder what is lacking in their personal and professional lives that propel them to this level of hero worship for this person.
    Its remarkable. And quite bizarre.

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    It is more important to have an effective administration than to succumb to the emotional blackmail of her more ardent supporters. The party has to come first and unfortunately, Hillary and Bill will stain his presidency and motivate the right-wing.
    Besides, many party leaders and regular democrats are disillusioned with these two. Its Barack's party now..and he needs to do what's best for its future. That means not choosing her. Period.
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    Could've been worse..could've stood for Hillbilly.

  • Would love to rec that comment, xo!!!!

    The best damn thing I've read all day.

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    I'm with you. She's classy, strong-willed but feminine.. and has excellent taste in Italian shoes!

    Would love to go shopping with her, too!

    Hopefully you'll be able to continue your admiration of her from afar ...for the next eight years while she's residing on Pennsylvania Ave.

    Obama 08'

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    It just is not true that there hasn't been thorough psychoanalyses of powerful males. Bill Clinton and GWB easily come to mind. Dr. Paul Lowinger, provides an in-depth analysis of his reasoning behind Bill's transgressions, etc. and one can make up their own mind if they agree or not.
    I may be alot younger than many of the posters on this site but it boggles my mind why many treat Hillary as if she if above any type of scrutiny, psychological or otherwise. Positive or negative. Just because she is a female candidate? No one has to agree with Ms. Quinn but when you are Hillary Clinton, given her accomplishments, its par for the course. Why is this all so shocking? I hardly think Ms.Quinn is a sexist but a journalist expressing her own subjective thoughts. Maybe my generation is just a little less sensitive about certain issues.
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    is a non-starter. As the leader of the party, the notion that the 'loser' of the nomination has a legitimate political right to be chosen for any position is folly.

    In primaries, there is only one winner and one nominee and that gives him absolute authority in choosing what running mate is best for the party.

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    And your political shtick seems to be totally off the mark. Your numbers have no basis in reality and arrogance aside, Barack will choose whomever he wants to be his veep. The sooner you realize that, the less you'll suffer in disappointment later.

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    You need a reality check. Since he is the victor and the leader of the party, he will decide who he wants to complement him as a vp.

    I doubt it will be her...for any myriad of reasons.

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    Not only would Hillary undermine his presidency, the mistrust factor would hinder his ability to lead effectively.

    You know, BO supporters have expressed sympathy and empathy for the losing candidate's supporters but this "my-way-or -the -highway" stuuff is crap and I hope Obama won't stand for it either.How dare anyone subject the leader of the Democratic to this belittling blackmail? And you wonder why many of us want to see her as far from 1600 Pennsylvania as possible?

    Have a little respect for him snd stop using melodrama and overemotion as tactic for extortion.

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    And she has a fiduciary duty to her supporters to be candid and honest with them instead of offering them false hope.

    She's playing politics with the fragile emotions of her peeps.


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