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    It is whining. And it's pathetic. Some of you have daughters and granddaughters, and it is horrifying to think that you are raising or have raised them with this  victim mentality. It would be interesting to see how many of the "oh my God, he called that girl pretty-castrate him" crowd, does volunteer work at women's shelters, at sexual assault treatment centers, at domestic violence outreach centers, at women's substance abuse centers, etc.
    That would be alot more productive than complaining constantly on a blog about the "sexism monster" under the bed.
  • 218 million adults in this country. The sun doesn't set and rise with your vote.

  • you need to get your hands on some updated polling data.

    And that 'bus' comment is so yesterday.

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    So if its not Hillary then what? Hillary is a horrible pick for vp and its not going to happen. Some of you people spend way to much time in front of the computer and not enough time in the real world where most hrc supporters are now supporting Obama. Besides, the polls now show only 6% of hrc people saying they would vote for McCain. You really need to get over yourselves. There isn't going to be any mass exodus of democrats. She was a presidential candidate who lost. Nothing new happening here. The diarist and a few other diehards treat her like some kind of quasi-girl scout troop leader for aging American women. Its pretty sad actually.

  • probably all family members

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    What a stupid thing to say. If you're a democrat, it should be refreshing to see how skillful he manages his campaign, unlike a certain politician whose name i won't mention. As a matter of fact, this decision just amplifies his savvy leadership skills.

    o yeah, and I'd bet that you're a real sophisticated expert on the Chicago politic huh Hampster?

  • Yeah, I'm sure if you send him your pathetic little laundry list of demands, he will take the day, ponder your asinine considerations, invite you to dinner and acquiesce..because he in a country of over 300 million, he needs your vote..and the drivel that goes along with it.
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    Sean Hannity for weeks has been promoting the "there's a tape", "there's a tape" nonsense, and consistently has guests on his show speaking the most vile mistruths about Michelle and Barack.

    It is so important that these rumors be discounted as vehemently as possible.

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    especially since McCain is struggling with the evangelicals who so fervently supported GWB.

    Thank you so much for your efforts and good luck.

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    Some of the posters here really need to get a grip. Since many of the Hillary faithful have taken a moment off from 'grieving' to criticize the diary, why not take another moment to have relax and have a laugh for chrissakes.

    Or if its that offensive, there is a whole cyberspace out there to continue the whole grieving, bitter, woe is me theme to its fullest...

  • Absolutely. I didn't mention the other stratagems used that made my blood boil over, but I have principles and values that would never allow me to vote for the GOP candidate.

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    This is the first time in a long while that I've been proud of Mrs. Clinton.

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    is a little extreme. Alot of democrats were very disappointed in the campaign's use of sexism to divide and conquer. She manipulated womens' emotions through the constant drumbeat of her being victimized and undermined by Obama and the MSM.
    She used fear to manipulate the rural voters in Appalachia, not to vote for the black guy. So yes many dems are disgusted with her tactics, however, would have voted for her in spite of all her negativity if Obama had not clinched.
  • posted this in wrong thread

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    Hillary's message did not only not resonate with alot of women but the use of sexism and misogny to divide and conquer was insulting. Many women just don't relate to that kind of victimization tactic.

    The reality is that Obama's message of unity and "new politics" was in total contrast to Hillary's scorched earth negativity. Many people young, old, women and men were just tired of that behavior from our politicians.


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