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    Suuuuuuuure...that's it, we Obama supporters are bitter? Linda, Barack Obama is winning. The Hillary pundits and diarists like yourself enjoy trying to portray this race as being close. Well, it is not. Your candidate has virtually no chance of winning this nomination. Barack,
     as well as myself and hordes of other Barack supporters have weathered the insults and sinister mistruths that have been hurled about, but do you knw how we BO supporters have responded? By making our candidate stronger and more viable. By becoming even more involved in the political process instead of whining and feeling victimized like many of Ms. Clinton's supporters.

    No, our strength and perseverance is how we emulate our candidate. It wouldn't a bad act for HRC's supporters to follow instead of standing at the sidelines throwing hissy fits day after day and diary after diary.

  • An ex-boyfriend that was FUBARRRR...even at 3am I remembered so vividly why he was an ex!!!!
    ...(take two tylenols and don't call me in the mornin ..)
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    Oh get a life and stop being proud just because your preferred candidate can only gain leads by capitalizing on Barack's perceived 'gaffes'.

    And sorry to have to burst your blimp-like size bubble, but most Americans are not even aware of this bittergate hoopla nonsense. Most Americans this mid-April are discussing their taxes, baseball which is in full-swing, fuel at $114.00/barrel, who's going to win American Idol, the merger announced today between Delta and NWA, to plan or not to plan summer vacations, some families are still AWAY on spring vacation, which colleges their kids are scouting, the soaring price of milk...need I go on. People are not developing Hillary hard-ons from this stupidity.

    Be delusional all you'd like, this is a free country, but, the so- called Clinton machine is broken...much like the legs to this manufactured storyline will be in MSM in a day or two. Heh.

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    Recommended. I fail to see why people are so unwilling to grasp what Barack was trying to convey. He did NOT infer that during times of hardship people become ENLIGHTENED to God and guns; but, that during times of crisis and economic despair, so prevalent in areas in PA and IN, people grasp onto what is FAMILIAR, comforting and soothing instead of avenues of change and unfamiliarity.

    I thought that most people were aware that this was an ingrained human trait that is expressed from the time we are toddlers or infants.

    Stress and economic uncertainty CAN manifest itself in bitterness which in turn can provoke a clinging to of what is familiar. Got it now?

  • The Senator and soon-to be president Barack Obama is successful because he unifies the races and people of all ages. He, unlike Ms. Clinton, is the personification of change, wisdom, grace, uniqueness, eloquence and hope on a much different level than all other candidates.

    Thus, Americans from all backgrounds and cultures have embraced him.

    How absurd and short-sighted it is to think that the millions of Americans who cast their vote for him (over 700,000 more than Hill I might add) did so because he was the black candidate, as opposed to a candidate who happens to be black.
    However, don't believe that Hillary is racist at all.

    She's just a whiny and desperate person who ran a uniquely low rent campaign; and needs to bow out gracefully before she embarasses herself further.

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    Wonderful diary! Got a new credit card in the mail two weeks ago and I used it for the first time over the weekend when 'bittergate' broke.

    Donated more than I have ever. And will continue to do so.

    With every manufactured "gaffe"... he will receive more of my cash.

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    Don't get mad because Obama supporters are dedicated, fired up and energized.

    We donate and show up at rallies with numbers that are unheard of.

    Instead of whining and trying to motivate others to disrupt an Obama rally, why not motivate HRC supporters to show up at Hillary's emaciated campaign rallies instead, hmm?

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    Agreed. Hillary, it's last call. You don't have to go home...but you can't stay here.

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    She cannot rely on her own campaign issues to gain leads against Barack...instead relies on lies and half-truths to motivate her base.

    While Obama continues to rake in tens of thousands of dollars in small donations from energized and enthusiastic Americans, from all walks of life, Hillary isn't even capable of paying the bills!

    I can visualize Hill and Bill with a bottle of whiskey in hand praying to the dear Lord..."puh-leez let this silly 'bitter" madness I've created stick...puh-leez. I've tried everything and dammit the country loves this man. Why not me?" Truly pathetic.

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    The "faux" and manufactured outrage on this site by HRC supporters are laughable. First, I thought that the Jeremiah flac was going to be the end all. So now the Hill crowd is "clinging" to this 'bittergate'?

    How low can you go? Your grabbing at so many straws, hey I have long red hair...do you want to grab at that, too? Not only were Barack's utterances true, but sociology 101 would teach you that during difficult economic times, i.e., loss of jobs, insurance, independent wealth, people are more apt to pull closer to those avenues of comfort. Not that those comforts weren't there previously but they become more profound during times of crisis.
    Really, what is wrong with these HRC supporters? No insight, no ability to decipher or relate to complex thought, no.......?

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    Hey.. I think when Hilly loses the nomination, she can do something constructive like...set her sights on becoming the head of ATF! I mean, with her beer swiggin',tobacco chewin', gun-totin', credentials, she can take her 109 milion and really help out rural small town USA. 'Cause they have soooo much in common right?

    That argument is no less foolish and asinine than the argument perpetuated by this diary and by HRC supporters in general.

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    Hillary Clinton and her supporters should be very disturbed that the only way she can eke out a lead is through Barack's supposed "gaffes" AND NOT ON HER OWN merits or by conveying sound ideas.
    Heh, likeability can only be achieved through throwing back shots?
    The only people salivating over this sheer and utter "bitter" nonsense are the Hill Shills on this website, the ones connected to her train wreck of a campaign, and the Fox News pundits. Oh my, "arrogance and elitism under the bed, under that rock>>

    You guys can finish your "whine" with your beer nuts and I will finish my wine with my cheese, thank you.

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    Oh enough of the transparent "faux" outrage being spewed from some of you. For Chrissakes, an elementary sociology class would teach you  that people during times of hardship or crisis are more apt to "cling" to those avenues of comfort, albeit, guns, God or to take it one step further even family. After 911, the rate of divorce plummeted and there was a provocative increase in the number of people attending church. So wouldn't one conclude that those counties decimated by loss of jobs, income, insurance, etc. would hold on TIGHTER to certain comforts and be a bit bitter? DUH
    Some of the comments in Hillary la-la land reeks of small-mindedness and thickheadedness.
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    Just because we Obama supporters are a little more cultured, put emphasis on higher education, are drawn to the finer pleasures in life,
    (ergo we aren't
    not beer drinkin, tobacco spittin, burpin hooligans)doesn't mean that we are angry- it means that we enjoy and experience the world's niceties in a vastly different way than the Hillary supporters. Thank Gawd for that!!!

    Hopefully, Barack will not apologize for his inate ability to empathize and understand people and/or for being cultured. About time we returned class to the White House.

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    Why this is even a story baffles me. Everything that Barack said was quite accurate. Obama is an extremely intelligent and grounded hu man being and some of you may mistake that for arrogance or elitism. Unfortunately, that says more about you than it does about him.

    Fortunately, this unique individual continues to draw crowds by the tens of thousands, continues to lead in pledged delegates and continues to rake in those dollars by the tens of millions.

    The same cannot be said for the ms.clinton. He will survive this silly nonstory and will be sworn in as our president in January.


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