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    "plops down divisive comments and leaves"

    Some of us aren't able to sit in front of a computer blogging all day. Or even everyday.A tad busy, dear.

    And most of your nasty comments aren't worth the risk of breaking a fingernail over. Sorry.

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    awwww...so now poor Cole feels that I'm attacking older women, huh? Do you ever stop playing the sympathy card?

    And what exactly is "my point" oh wise one?

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    Yes, I know how to read. The people your diary is referring to, longtime Obama supporters, will play nice as long as some of the HRC diehards aren't insulting him and stating their refusal to vote for him. Very simple to comprehend.

  • maybe if you didn't stalk me all the time, you wouldn't be as pissed off.

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    Where the hell  are you getting this nonsense, diarist. McCain trashed the decision and Obama applauded it. Barack remarked how pleased he was that the Court was "reestablishing the rule of law." But what a shame that you are not.
    Maybe you or your loved ones should be denied certain rights and see how quickly your views change. How does one determine in the absence of the rule of law, which detainee had the intent to cause harm and which didn't?

    Glad to know that you feel only certain humans are worthy of a little thing called justice.That "lock them up and throw away the key" mentality is going to perpetuate more violence, not thwart it.

  • how one could choose mydd over dailykos is mind-boggling.

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    I noticed that fox news isn't on your boycott list...or the putrid GOP/ pro-Hillary sites that spew garbage about the dem nominee 24/7.

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    that some of the Clinton supporters consistently refer to Obama in the most vile of terms and to think that the true supporters of our nominee aren't going to call them on it...and kosnomore most of your diaries are truly not helpful in that regard.
    But your concern is duly noted.
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    So a few people booed her at some event that no one even knew about.

    Now, if they were throwing eggs or tomatoes...that would've made for a more interesting diary. Maybe.

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    it seems apparent that some people will always need something to sulk over. They won't be satisfied unless the Obama campaign consults them before making any decision regarding the management of his campaign.

    Too bad, that's not going to happen.

    But the appointment is very good, since this does seem to indicate that she probably is not on his short list for veep.

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    This site really needs to move on with new material.
    Is it any wonder that the traffic here has plummeted lately?
  • this is in reference to Grissom's very accurate comment upthread.

  • Unfortunately, the truth can be very painful sometimes.

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    At 27, my generation is heavily involved in the political process at the local, state and federal level. It was encouraging to see all the younger faces at the poll stations in 06' and this year, who were not there necessarily to vote, but as poll workers. We definetely are going to make the difference this year...and we are overwhelmingly democrats and we have decided a change in needed in D.C.

    oBAMA 08'

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    So glad to see that after the countless number of women who have participated in campaigns all accross the country, so many have now become enlightened to sexism in the media.

    I guess it would have nothing to do with the fact that their candidate was a serial liar and who was outwitted by a Washington outsider.

    But hey, why be honest when you can just blame her loss on the fact that she has female genitalia.


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