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    ..oh the poor lil pumaites that can't get over their candidate isn't relevant any longer.

    If you people conduct your business comparable to how Hillary conducted herself throughout this entire process, than it is no big surprise that she was ultimately defeated and the PUMA's have defined themselves as unrefined, pesky troublemakers whom no one actually takes seriously.

    So pathetic. While the handful of you are belittling yourselves in the public arena, millions will be in a different arena..celebrating the nomination of Barack Obama.

  • First of all, as an owner of a salon in south Florida, I encountered many women who were steadfast supporters of Hillary. However, once it became apparent that she would not be the presumptive nominee, those same women in the northwest Broward area- who tend to be more affluent and perhaps more mentally sound -realized that Obama was the only acceptable and logical choice.They certainly weren't lowering themselves to victimhood status because Ms. Clinton neglected to achieve her due coronation.  Some of the more downscale, beer-drinking, dungaree wearing Dick and Jane HRC supporters will never vote for Obama no matter what he says or does. To put it simplistically, many of her more avid supporters are less culturally sophisticated and refuse to vote for someone whose first and middle name they regard as a challenge to spell.

  • Maybe, just maybe, Hillary will decide to cast her superego aside for the health of her party. Will she? I doubt it.

    Her extra baggage is exponentially heavier and more costly than Obama's.She never ceases to amaze me.

  • I can understand why your acquaintance decided to vote for McCain after speaking with you. What you lack in facts you make up in absurdity.

    And your childish insults are downright pathetic.
    Think you need a nap, dear.

  • jrsy, I think that you just enjoy hearing the sound of your fingernails on the keyboard because you definitely aren't saying anything worthwhile.

    You stated that her abilities are superior to Obama's. How so?

    Why don't you back up that assertion or admit that you're a tad confused.

  • I never said that she did NOT have experience. I was responding to the poster upthread who remarked that HRC had proven her abilities and Obama had not.

  • Your arguments can't be to persuasive since weren't able to provide your so-called crossover pal a coherent reason or reasons NOT to vote for McCain.

    Like I said, this is the information age. Get acquainted with it.

  • What the heck are you talking about?

    Oh sorry, I didn't realize that I could recognize and acredit my husband's qualifications and experience as my own. That will make for quite a colorful resume, but hey, thanks for the heads up...:

    :rolls eyes::

  • over your buddy. The notion that Hillary has "proven abilities" and Obama doesn't is hysterical and the fact that you didn't have a compelling argument  to convey to this alleged potential GOP crossover makes me wonder how familiar you are with his record and stances on certain issues. Are you even aware that Hillary and Obama are virtually parallel on every policy issue? This is the information age. I suggest you and your friend use it.
    On second thought, let her stay home because there are roughly 218 million adults in this country. Minus his already supporters, republican diehards and felons who may have lost their privilege to vote, that's one helluva number that can be persuaded to support the democratic nominee.  Unfortunately, there are those who walk among us who, through their unsophisticated view of the world, will not vote for 'the black guy'... but most rational and grounded people realize that we don't need another Bush for eight years. For some, ignorance is bliss and denial ain't just a river in Egypt.
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    so be it, but the difference is -my candidate didn't selfishly and callously decide to screw over small business owners and truck drivers for the sole purpose of denigrating another democrat.

    I'm glad that you are making monthly donations to her ...she's going to need it.

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    for being the impetus to me contributing more in dollars and time to any candidate in my lifetime.

    Thanks for your spiteful attempt to marginalize him through your vile and contemptible campaign tactics.

    And now you want me to lend a hand in retiring your massive debt because of that malicious behavior? Payback is a bitch.

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    I'm sorry but I'd rather eat glass than help Hillary retire any debt.
    It's just amazing how this 'poor lil Hillary' broken down train continues down the track relentlessly.
    I feel a sudden urge to invest in more Obama gear. You know what... I think I will....
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  • And let us not forget that these faith based initiatives can have a major impact in many inner city neighborhoods where gang violence, drug addiction, homelessness and prostitution may be rampant. These programs may serve as a source of hope and sanctuary for many downtrodden individuals who feel they have been neglected by society.

    But you know, its important to remember that thinking individuals are never going to agree one hundred per cent with their candidate's stance on every issue. Even though this decision may not be popular with many of his supporters, I'm with him on this one.

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    What a bitter, unfulfilling and apparently, unproductive life you must lead. I hope that you don't raise your daughters or granddaughters with that cynical worldview. Maybe if you got out there and achieved your lot in life, you wouldn't leave yourself vulnerable to this 'the woman as perpetual victim' nonsense.


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