• Modern Systems Theory belies the idea that all systems go to equilibrium. Many, if not most, systems are chaotic and move AWAY from equilibrium.

    Feedback controls are required on most systems to make them stable.

  • Japan has a population half that of the USA. China is four times bigger than the USA. It makes a difference. Japan could never absorb all our jobs, China can, even without India (likewise four times bigger) taking any. And ask any IT person about where IT jobs have gone in the last 4 years.
  • Somethings wrong with your numbers. I can walk into Jewel and buy a 4 pound bag of Domino sugar for $2.35, not $80.00  Store label is even cheaper.

    Incidently, this puts the lie to candy maker's claim that candy is $17.00 a pound because of sugar prices. If sugar was free it would still be over $16.00

    Maybe the prices you quote are per hundredweight or even per ton wholesale.

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    Right on, michael. And don't forget those votes for Rice and Gonzales when Primary time comes around. There is absolutely no excuse for an Illinois Senator to vote for either one. What's next? Voting for Scalia as Chief Justice to avoid offending Italian-Americans? Well, I'm an Italian-American and Scalia on ANY court offends me!
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    Sure Dean can revitalize the Party and bring in lots of money, but what's the use if the elected Democrats bow down and kiss Bush's ass?

    My own Senators, Durbin and Obama voted for Rice. I could forgive Obama for racial loyalty, but what's Durbin's excuse?

    Now Reid has called off a filibuster against Gonzales because 14 Senators would vote for him. I thought at the core, you only needed one Senator to filibuster, although two or three makes it much easier. So the Senate Minority leader de facto endorses The Torturer along with 14 Zell Millers.

    If the Democratic Party supports the architect of the Iraq invasion and Torquemada for AG, then I no longer want anything to do with the Democratic Party. I've had it. I'm not going to waste my time and money working to elect Tweedledee instead of Tweedledum.

    I gave my heart and soul to Dean, but I think he should have started a new Party. The entrenched interests will just use him as a Judas goat to get our support then screw him and us just like they did last year.

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    Most are convinced that they will never get anything anyway. The media feeds into this by talking up "greedy baby boomers". So do Dems who talk of means testing. The Republicans want to replace Social Security with Government mandated IRA's and the Democrats want to replace it with a new welfare system. GaaaHHYH!

    Let's pitch real reform. Replace the regressive SS & Medicare taxes with progressive income tax and inheritance tax, or at least a VAT that could be charged to imports under GATT. Replace the income based benefit with a fixed benefit, the equivalent of a living wage. But SS MUST remain a bedrock benefit for EVERYONE or we will have destroyed it.

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    That's what I hear at work all the time. When I say Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11, they just answer, "Yes they did, President Bush said so. Are you a peacenik wimp like Kerry?" Sadly, this group includes many white Vietnam vets. The black Vietnam vets are uniformly against the war and Bush.
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    Yes, Kerry's plan is the same as Bush's (public) plan. It invites the question, "Why should any other country send their troops to Iraq to be fragged and beheaded?" It's the problem with all of Kerry's answers, they are just 'Republican Lite'.


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