• I came out as "Disadvantaged Democrat", described as minority, poor, and uneducated, none of which apply to me. Also, "anti-business" is not true either. Apparently objective reading of excessive corporate concentration and control of the legislative process are considered "anti-business". Or is it the concern for the environment?
  • "theory" means an organized and logical explanation for observed facts, not "just a guess". I suppose you think God makes lights go on and off in your house because Electro-Magnetic Theory is "just a theory".
  • Business benefits, of course. The Republican juggernaut is an unholy alliance of Christian fundamentalists, "the ownership class" and their wannabees.

    Perhaps business thinks it can control the fundamentalists, much as right wing businessmen thought they could control the Nazi fanatics. In both cases the core beliefs are too ludicrous to believe that they could be taken seriously.

  • If there's blood in the water the other sharks go into a feeding frenzy. An open Majority Leader slot (and remember DeLay is effectively Speaker since Hastert's strings are evident) will cause the House Republican leadership to attack each other like the ruthless sharks that they are. This has to be good.
  • Hillary in 08? Four more Republican years.
    Hillary is less electable than Kerry.

    This time lets give Clark a try.

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    I'll vote more money for schools when they explain why they're running a deficit when they get $350,000 a year for a class of 35 kids in a lousy portable building with decrepit books. They could buy a $200,000 house and THROW IT AWAY EVERY YEAR and pay the teacher $100,000 and still have $50,000 for expenses. So, WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING??

    I wouldn't want a Hummer if it was free with free gas. Although until two weeks ago, I did drive a Roadmaster. Better than those damn monster trucks YOUR generation loves.

    I've been supporting candidates that call for fiscal responsibility and personal freedom from Barry Goldwater to Howard Dean.
    And I've NEVER supported those Bible thumping neocons.

    So just shut up with your age discrimination. We're not all like your father, assuming you know who he is.

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    As I posted above, in Illinois ALL pharmacies are Patient's Rights pharmacies by law. They are also forbidden to refuse Medicaid prescriptions. Although they are allowed to sneer at their customers as I remember very well.
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    Governor Blagojevich is not forcing Jewel to fire the employee. That's my suggestion. The Governor did reiterate that licensed pharmacys will fill all legitimate prescriptions or loose their license. This is state regulation of business for the protection of the public. Your arguments that the state should not regulate business sounds suspicously Republican.

    The employee overrode company policy and got the company slapped with a lawsuit as a result. I'd damn  well fire him and maybe sue him for a tort as well.

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    The case in question involves a pharmacist employed by Jewel-Osco, which does not have any such objection.

    Jewel should fire the pharmacist as it would any employee who refused a legitimate store-sanctioned customer for personal reasons. What's next? "I won't sell to Jews because I object to their rejection of Jesus"? Would that be a "legitimate personal moral/religious objection"?

  • I think you're right on the history, but my recollection is that the big push came during the Reagan years. They deliberately tried to divorce democracy from the Democratic Party. I saw campaign literature at the time that referred to the 'Rat Party. Tip O'Neill protested a few times but gave up. Or, did the media just quit reporting the protests?
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    It's not quite as simple as paying for her care. If he is to move on, he must divorce her. To this barbaric spectacle do we now have to add the divorce trial of a vegatative husk? Will some court-appointed respondent attorney oppose it? Counter-claiming adultery? It makes one gag. His wife DIED. He has tried to move on but the law has left legal baggage.

    The law should allow her to receive a massive dose of opiates instead of forcing her to starve. More "compassionate conservatism".

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    After Howard Dean becoming Chairman.

    The 6th has a large number of un- and under-employed IT people. It was the Silicon Prarie and was devastated. Christine Cegelis comes from the IT world and knows the problems.

    And I forgot about an appointment with her campaign manager yesterday. Patrick, please forgive me. I want to help get Streamwood Blue again.

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    "Meet the new boss, same as the old Boss"

    I lived in that district for decades. There is no dominant credit card or other financial industry. It is tech (Motorola et al), pharma (Abbott et al), and bedroom. So why does Bean emulate Crane?

    More Republican Lite crap. Howard Dean endorsed Melissa Bean. What a mistake. What a sell out.

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    Also, Powell wouldn't play ball on the neocon "Conquer the World" agenda. He did give them cover reluctantly on Iraq and I've heard black Vietnam veterans speak very bitterly about this. Basically, they think he squandered an opportunity to stand for something, opting instead to be "the Man"'s lapdog.
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    Obama voted to confirm Rice. He lost a lot of credibility with me for that.

    I've heard good things about Evan Bayh from a man who used to live there when he was Governor. Aparently he is a good executive. This can be as important as or more than ideology.


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