• People are losing jobs and houses. And the answer they see from the Democrats is more trickle down crap.

  • Obama should do the right thing and resign. But that would take a statesman.

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    I voted. Suburban Cook County Illinois. Turnout is heavy. But for who(m)?

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    But who did they vote for? Is the heavy turnout to repudiate Obama and the sick sick Illinois Democratic Party?  I'll know in about seven hours.

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    No, if white Dean unseats black Obama, black Democrats will stay home and the Republicans will take it all. Enough votes to undo minimum wage, ban abortion, make homosexuality illegal, start concentration camps for illegal immigrants, you name it.

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    But it can't succeed. If it does, the Party will be badly split on racial lines. The best scenario is if a challenger and Obama deadlock and a compromise candidate (Hillary?) acceptable to both factions takes the nomination.

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    Well the Teabaggers that I know refer to Obama as "the Kenyan" openly and as "the N____" when only whites are around. One, a Polish fellow from Chicago called him in a fit of anger, "your Shine President". I haven't heard THAT word in forty years. I had almost forgotten it. So, yeah, his skin color is a HUGE part of it. If it was Hillary, it would be her gender and I would be hearing the "C" word. In fact, just mention her name and they start foaming at the mouth.


    Not dumb? They all listen to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly and think they are getting the truth. My boss actually spent his vacation to go to the Glen Beck rally in Washington. He was angry with the Park Service for only providing four port-a-potties. And here I thought he was for less government services!  Another thinks the answer to more jobs is less spending. I told him every economics textbook would say this will make the economy worse. His reply was,"It's got to get worse before it can get better. Glen Beck said so."

  • I gag on vomit at the thought of lying bastard "iraqi war hero" Kirk as my Senator. I'd rather have a straight out wacko like O'Donnell or Angle than that slimy smirking bastard.

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    really hated the concept that there was a public option in healthcare reform

    Umm! There was no public option. In fact, the only bad thing for corporate medicine is the requirement that 85% of premiums be paid out in benefits and that's only for individual policies not group policies. Insurance companies are just dropping individual policies. What has everyone angry is the mandate that Obama was supposed to oppose and taxing benefits to pay for it. Even teabaggers that I work with are OK with the idea of voluntary Medicare buy-in at no net cost to the government, but the Senate "Leadership" wouldn't even let it be voted on. I can only conclude that they did that because Medicare buy-in would hurt insurance companies.

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    Ah! Australian system like the Hugo awards. Thank You.


    I'd sure like to see it here, but the Democrats surely know that many people would be voting Green #1, Democrats #2. And Republican supporters would probably vote Libertarian #1, Republican #2. The two majors will cooperate to keep the present system.

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    Got to do something to cover for more tax cuts for billionaires. And maybe people will swallow it. Republicans are blasting over the TV how they plan to save the economy by reducing spending! Herbert Hoover economics is back in vogue and dimwits are beleiving it. Stupid Teabaggers actually beleive that the stimulus caused the recession and that the few poor people buying houses (not the house flippers with NINJA loans) caused the mortgage crisis.

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    I don't think phony BLS statistics will fly. The Administration tries to claim unemployment is under 10% by writing the long-term unemployed out of the work force. It won't wash. People know their father,mother,sister,brother,cousin is out of work. You can't convince people that a shit sandwich is sirloin. Obama, being such an admirer of Lincoln, should know this.

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    OK, What is AV voting? The link didn't say.

  • But are they the English or the French?

  • You're assuming Obama <i>wants</i> more legislation. I think he wants an excuse <i>not</i> to have more legislation.  Obama is at heart a Republican, but realized that a black man can only be elected POTUS as a Democrat.


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