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    I'm afraid you are the one who is wrong. The crisis was caused by house flippers and other speculators. Many honest people who only wanted a home were foreclosed on because they lost their jobs in the aftermath of the collapse. That is true. But aside from some idiots who couldn't understand their Truth-in-Lending statements or didn't pay a pittance for a lawyer at closing to explain it to them, people had a pretty good idea what they were getting into. Simon Legree didn't plot to take their homes away.

    I feel for those who lost their jobs and homes, but feel only contempt for those who reneged on their debts because they decided the house wasn't worth it anymore.


    Inability is the ONLY excuse for not honoring one's debts.

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    Ummm, Romney lost Iowa. He only won it in the press.

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    He keeps touting cuts in SS and Medicare to balance the budget. He is truly the third term of Bush.


    Next Fall we have the choice of the fourth term of Bush and Michelle Bachmann. Why bother choosing between the evils?

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    You are assuming that Mexico would be admitted as one giant state dwarfing all others, rather than the state of Sonora, Chiuahua, et cetera.


    Similarly, Canada would probably only agree to admission as individual states, Manitoba, Alberta, et cetera in order to note be drowned in the sea of Southern States.

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    Why does Medicare need "reform"? Is it somehow corrupt?  And Obama had his chance to stop the Bush tax cuts with a stroke of the veto pen. Does he seriously think that the House will go along with repeal?


    Smoke and Mirrors. More campaign lies from the man who pretends to be a Democrat but serves Wall Street and the CEO's.

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    Cenk, this begs the question of why did the center-left public elect these far right yahoos whose aims are so clearly opposite theirs? It isn't as if they made a secret of their intentions!

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    Would you have rather had Nancy Pelosi and congress in charge of deciding who got the 1 trillion in bailouts that the fed pumped into the world economy...
    Yes! I would! I hope Jerome did not mean that we should not have a central bank, but that bank should be answerable to the public through its elected representatives, not answerable only to an oligarchy of billionaire bankers.
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    It's like during the Vietnam War when the public cheered peace initiatives and also cheered bombing Hanoi. They didn't have a preference for means. They just wanted the damn war to end.

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    What about here? Should companies that pay people to post advertisements and pass them off as diaries, have the right to come to myDD and spam this place up?
    I think that is already happening. And I think paid White House bloggers post here and at DKOS pretending to be ordinary voters.
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    ????? Didn't you read the proposal? How is voting for middle class tax cuts voting for tax increases on the middle class?

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    Unfortunately, Obama has already capitulated on extending all the Bush tax cuts. He is now down to pleading that they not be made permanent but extended for "only" three more years.

  • and hire more contractors. Doesn't sound like a good plan to me. Sounds like welfare for connected contractors.

  • and hire more contractors. Doesn't sound like a good plan to me. Sounds like welfare for connected contractors.

  • Eating up all the money? You mean eating up all the money that was paid in by SS taxes? There's still 2.5 trillion of that left. Oh, I forgot, Bush, Clinton, and Bush "borrowed" it. And of course it never has to be paid back to the people who paid it. Just used to fund more tax cuts.

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    You are wrong. From your link:

    In a hypothetical 2012 matchup, Huckabee leads Obama 52 - 44 percent, while Romney has a 50-45 point advantage, which is within the poll's sampling error.


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