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    I don't think Gore's income stream and his potential 2008 campaign are mutually exclusive.  I think he looked at his financial statements after 2000 and realized he had the potential to make himself a lot of money.  Yes, he sits on those corporate boards, and yes, he has made tremendous cash since he left politics in 2000, but that doesn't mean he won't re-enter politics at some point soon.

    He hasn't made a dime on An Inconvenient Truth-- all the proceeds are being donated to the cause.  

    His passion for the environment and for what Gore refers to as the moral obligation of our time could easily be pivoted towards another run for the white house.

    As a matter of fact, I don't see how he's not running.  He may not be going the traditional exploratory committee/feel out the nation/raise some money route, but he doesn't have to.  He knows he can turn on the campaign machinery faster than anyone, and he also knows that the longer he's out there, the less WOW factor he gets.  

    His new book, An Assault on Reason, is due out in May.  My personal guess is that he will use that book tour as the launching point for a 2008 race.

    How could someone with his experience and his passion not look at this election as maybe his last hope at the White House?

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    I'd rather see him run for president, but the iowa scream and punidtry ridiculousness would likely preclude him in '08 anyway.  His strength as party head would be formidable.  I agree with the prior posts about his effect in '04-- he made Kerry and Edwards much better candidates and he galvanized the party in ways not seen in 50 years.

    As party chief, he'll be great.  He's the only one who can take the energy of the grassroots and transform it into a national, 50 state organization and strategy.

    One thing '04 proved is voters value consistency and authenticity.  Dean is the right messenger for a new, reform based democratic party.

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    thanks for the updates.  Who do you think is Dean's major competition?  It looks like its Dean vs. Rosenberg to me.  I think Roemer is done--- he won't be the head of the party.  His performance on television the last few weeks has been dreadful.
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    Stewart would officially jump the shark if he tried to move into the MSM, the thing he spends his life satirizing.  It's a silly idea.

    What about Olbermann?  A little less of a stretch than Stewart, but still a stretch I guess......


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