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    I don't think they're thinking about anything 'working' any more than they did under George.  I mean, not much worked?  

    What's interesting to me is the split between the intellectual pugs and the down and dirty ones. I used to think David Brooks tried out talking points first, and was working with the Bush administration. But, he left the sinking ship during the primary, and he's been a voice of reason.  So now I think they were taking talking points from David, and me and Cheney read them at the same time.  he did some strange  spins before he jumped ship.  

    Anyone catch Friedman on the Cairo speech? He thinks Hillary needs to quit focusing on Israel and solve the Iraq political crisis.  LIke, were we listening to the same speech?  And that's guy  is supposedly not Republican???  

    What we're now finding out is these nerks are even stupider than we thought they were. Who'd a thunk it?  

  • used to be a French man who married a foreigner kept his French citizenship and his wife automatically became a French citizen, but if a French woman married a foreigner, she'd lose her French citizenship.  The French were also big though on 'let them be French.'  

  • not secular, cagey, he agrees with his dad, and at times has made no bones about where he stands.  If he's not religious, he's racist, you pick.  

  • bibi has been clear, he won't halt settlement activity, and his entire religious philosophy is toward more activity, not less.  He won't listen to you, or to anyone. The Israeli people need to get rid of him and elect a reform government with 50 percent of the vote.  Bibi is a broken vessel, a seriously cracked individual, but he's absolutely certain he's right.  He's simply dangerous. Barack is speaking to the people, not to Bibi.  There is no point speaking to Bibi.  When Barack speaks of the Iranian potential he's also speaking to the people, not Bibi.  

  • as long as there is no party that can win more than 50 percent of the vote, there will be the problem of catering to extremists. And there is the no-leadership problem that is rather amusing from a Jewish joke point of view, but serious enough when the stakes are high.

    California has this democracy problem too, we're too democratic, which has nothing to do with parties.  The loudest and most strident voices, the ones that have the most business money backing get to put in initiatives with no overall consideration of the big picture.  

    Actually California is quite  bit like Israel, we exploit Mexicans, who do the labor for the economy, and then give them unequal services. Hey, we even keep their deducted  tax dollars, and  deducted SS payments,   And the right wing blames them for everything too.  Weird?  California and Israel - twins separated at birth?  

  • that he'd bring up a shameful back room deal, make it public, and then expect Barack to honor it?  Really, what is Bibi smoking?  it's hardly a surprise, I assume Bush was glad about every aggression os Israel, as long as he had plausible deniability.  We all know there was some major insider dealing going on, outside of our democracy, in violation of separation of States (not like California and Arkansas, like Israel and the United States?).  That did give me a chuckle.  

    Now Bibi is planning to hunker down, but Barack is speaking to the citizens on both sides, and he just may get listened to.  I realized his something for everybody thiang worked for me, when he hired Hillary as SoS.  It seems to work with others as well, a little respect, some recognition of intelligence and experience, so far it's working.

    Also, Washington, don't you think he's taken the Bush perversion and kept the smart idea?  Bush did so many bad things the left could not keep up, it seemed crazy to be going after him on so many fronts, that we looked foolish. Barack is doing the same, with decent objectives and honor. The right can't keep up, they'd love just one issue to  pound their talking points to death over, but Barack gives them one an hour. Cool or what?  the thinking team in in office.  

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    can say it, black Americans lived in slavery and then in 'occupation' which still goes on, and for the most part refrained from violence, although violence was always expected, and won greater freedom through peace.  I think the Palestinians will listen to him.  

    This speech was simply amazing. True, heartfelt, and never said before by an American leader.  

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    empathy is developed, through relations between people who aren't exactly the same.  The example is Barack empathizing with gun owners, when he'd never own a gun or want to.  

    I've met many men (and a few women) who think they know what's best for women (or other women), or for the homeless, or for any group that they don't belong to but is worse off than they.  Family get-togethers are often filled with fat head know-it-all discourse solving everyone else's problems.  

    It's like building a high rise apartment complex for poor people, without needing a clue about what life would be like in one of these buildings, but expecting the residents will be eternally grateful and the work will be excellently maintained.  An architect may consult with a cook to design a better kitchen, but the best kitchens are designed by cook-architects.  

    Sonja is a human-jurist. I don't think we have all that many?  She's also excellent.  And the majority of the people think she's great and we're glad to have a Latina justice.  Go figure?  I mean, it's the same reason Barack won and enjoys high ratings?  

  • i don't agree (big surprise?)  Israeli has had the bomb for generations, and there is no credible belief that any middle east government would commit suicide by nuking Israel, that is propaganda and should be called for what it is. Israel's only credible fear is that Jews will become a minority in Israel and there won't be a strong enough constitution in place to protect them as a minority.  The way to protect the world from nuclear aggression is to get along with each other. Even hot heads need hot button issues.  If there is enough to eat, medical care, some safety from crime, schools and libraries and recreational facilities, and no hot button issues for unmarried young men to get all hot and bothered over, I think we'd all get along fine.  

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    Right now I can't even see a roadmap to negotiations, much less a road map to peace.  Perhaps this is the beginning of a road map to negotiations, however - the US can't force Israel to engage in good faith negotiations, but with Barack and Hillary the world can see that this administration is holding firm on wanting a viable two-state compromise.  The least Bibi can do is to freeze settlements, and he won't do it, or even give lip service to wanting to.  Bibi is quite a mad-man and far more problematic than Hamas.  If we can try to topple Arafat why not Bibi?    

    As usual I can understand the fears of the Palestinians, that giving in on anything at all will embolden Bibi to call it a win. Which is paranoid, strictly speaking, as that's the same reason the Israelis give for not granting any 'concessions' to the Palestinians.  Still, I want the Palestinians to take the high road, and leave the low one to Bibi.  And with the vocal support of the US for their efforts, and the clear message that Israeli is going against Barack's hope, and that he won't give up holding Israel accountable for further expansions that are no doubt planned, that may give the Palestinians, and for the first time, some respect.    Not just for suffering, not just for past unfairness, but for today, for what's happening today.  

    Sounds like Barack?  Is it a new tomorrow?  

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    don't mean to be picky, but the voters of California did not remove the right to marry from everyone.  

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    everyone's, not just a minority.  

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    they saw it as a conflict between two rights - the right of Californian's to amend their constitution with a simple majority vote, and the rights of the minority being protected from the caprice of the majority. Only one is a founding principle of American justice. Guess which one?  

  • no wonder, when they don't know what empathy means.  Not even the great desire of the American people to stop stupid squabbles in these troubled times and get to work, and our non-partisan desire to reward excellence, not well-birth?

    Anyone who wants their own children to have a chance at the American dream of rags to riches won't want to see Sonja rejected. She's smart, she's paid her dues, she's able to think and reason, to change her mind, and sometimes to change the  minds of others.

    And, she loves and admires here dear moms. I think they smear Sonja at their own risks.  


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    anti-trend is more likely.  The majority of Americans favor equal rights, and the more gay marriages the less an issue it will be. What's depressing is that in these economic times we need to donate money to repealing 8 when we could be sending knowledge around the world, a better use of dollars.

    But, that's democracy, some wacko-s who wanted to defeat Barack put something on the ballot they thought would bring out the anti-Baracks.  And gay rights takes a back seat to that kind of power play.  

    It's cynical, and I'm ashamed of California's supreme court for allowing this to carry on.  Dare I suggest there was no empathy question for the majority of our justices?  Or any constitutional law professors?  My goodness, any 8th grader knows the constitution prevents the majority for stripping rights away from some minority.  They need to be mocked.  

    So, anyone got a good California Supreme Court joke?  


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