• i used to unfortunately live next door to drug dealers. the cops came to my house 'by accident' about five times. After the first two, I'd shout through the door, wrong house, they're next door.  

  • oh, yes, and not just white cops. Do you really think more black men are criminals? Do you really think everyone has an equal chance of being pulled over and searched? Do you really think that higher convictions means black guys are guiltier?

    our jails are filled with drug users and low level criminals.  We have the highest incarceration rate in the free world.  If you arrest more black men you'll find a reason to keep some of them, but the conviction rates and the time behind bars is the worst indictment of the inherently racist problem in our so called criminal justice system.

    Were that it weren't so, but the statistics back it up.  

    Too many cops think they're in some movie.  If they get a reputation for being blockheads, they need to clean things up in their home precincts.  did you read my comment above, my friend was pulled over dozens of times, and searched. out of dozens she was cited a few times for going like five miles over the limit.  Kids can get pulled over for going one mile over the limit, that's the way it is.  

  • the difference is only that Gates is news, and when this happens to ordinary people it isn't news.  It doesn't require class to not fear police and to stand up for the law. It requires guts, and the ability to make waves when injustice has been committed.  Mostly guys just get beat up and fined, and can't find a lawyer to represent them. when these things are sometimes caught on camera you see ordinary citizens being beaten.  

    There was a case in Santa Rosa an unarmed Asian man in his own font yard shot by police for making a kung fu pose. The officer was frightened and shot the man dead.  Hey, watch yourself, the world isn't safe and we seem to be living in a police state.  

  • if they had equal rights to arrest each other, one might assign blame. No crime was committed by either, but one of them had the power to make an arrest. Or, Is wrongful arrest a crime?  

  • even if that's so, it's still not yet a crime to accuse anyone of racism.  Seems to me the story is quite ordinary, and the cop thinks the law protects his ears.  

  • no shit sherlock, this sort of 'my experience' is really rather retro, thought we were in new and empathic times, wrong.  

    The cops are wrong to arrest anyone for not committing a crime. We ought not fear our police, they're supposedly trained in the law and able to tell the difference between crime and free expression of ideas.  

  • and someone might have asked?  i thought ignorance was no excuse?  

  • but we have the right to yell, if we want to. Yelling isn't a crime, nor is disrespecting the police, that's legal, that's part of our freedom. What's the point if we have the right but can be arrested if we exercise it?  

    I don't believe the cops story because I've heard that one too many times, but the point is that this cop didn't know he serves us, and that disrespecting him isn't against any law we have in this country. Even if the cop was truthful, it only means that he was way out of line.    

  • driving while young is also an offense.  But at least when you're young you're allowed to walk.  This thug didn't know who Gates is and what publicity would follow, but if he gave the cops a heads up on that one, they didn't listen.  

    To me it's weird to defend the police against charges of racism.  That doesn't mean all cops suspect black men of criminal activity, but there are far more black men in jail than any other group, and it has something to do with the arrest rate and the conviction rate, and if it isn't racist, statistics are useless.  

  • if that's what happened?  I guess this story is often concocted after the arrest, we ought not to knee jerk believe it.  

    I used commute to work, on the same highway a good friend from the Islands who is very dark used. In twenty years I was never once stopped, while she was stopped dozens of times.  Racist? would she have been wrong to accuse, like, after the fifteenth time?

    when is speaking truth to authority okay?  

  • yes there was, it was occupied by GB?  I mean Greece was occupied by the Turks for 400 years, is there not Greece?  

  • ah, but there are changes in the wind, as far as American public opinion, particularly with Barack's sixty percent approval rating. There was a only a few years ago when any talk of Palestinian suffering was roundly denounced. Now there is one positive review of this book? That's actually progress, anyone calling a boycott on Amazon books?  Anyone calling a boycott on that publisher?  No, and that's real progress.

  • reminds me of our current crop of pugs and their retro questions for Sonya.  Those guys need to get a life, repeating the same old won't butter the bread for long.  

  • dennis is the question here, he wasn't a model of the honest broker?  Well informed about what Dennis thinks?  

    We have plenty of clues, people talk, not enough 'evidence' maybe but we do know.  

  • Oh you, there are entrenched positions here too. Yep, Bill let it go and then thought he could pull it out at the last minute.  I do not think he was conspiring at all, I think he was distracted and didn't understand the big deal on settlements, he kept himself uninformed because he didn't think there was much he could do. then he took his big risk when it was no risk at all. Hillary has been far more forthright for far longer, and Barack is saying some of the right things quite early, and that's admirable, he could have let it go too, no enough people here care anyway and he invited backlash, but didn't get it.

    Much has changed since Bill did the wrong thing, now it's possible for normal people like me to critique Israeli foreign and occupation policy and not show, there are too many of us now to make a personal case. Thank you Jimmy Carter, but I think it was Lebanon and Arabic cable news that changed the direction of the debate.  The supposedly most informed nation wasn't at all informed, go figure.  A little information is dangerous?  A lot can change the course of history?  


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