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    all the facts, but not all were in dispute. The police guy defended his actions to the press, he thinks it's against the law for citizens to be 'rude' to him. Do you agree?  

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    not a bigger person, just one who does his job, and only arrests people who break the law, not those who exercise their rights to free speech.  

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    barack didn't say that, there are lots of instances of anybody being arrested for a no-crime of not being deferential to some police officer.  the point is Gates didn't commit any crime, and he was on his own property, so there was no credible rationale that his behavior might have incited other's to throw fruit or join in, which is at least a minimal rationale for 'disorderly conduct.'  

    Skip the racial profiling charge Barack didn't make and stick to, is it against the law to speak freely to anyone, including the police?  If it's not, is it stupid for a police officer to decide he has the right to arrest anyone who lacks proper deference to his badge and his power?

    It's a real question, a challenge, where do you draw the line on our freedoms?  

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    that's one point of view, he could have dodged it, said it would be inappropriate to comment.

    But, he didn't, he admitted this is a problem for people of color and that being arrested on one's own property is rather beyond the pale. So, why? Was he being straight with Americans, as he has promised to be, even when we won't all like it? Did he feel the pain and speak candidly?  Did he speak carelessly, and give his detractors ammunition to berate him?

    I don't know, but I do know he spoke the truth.  You don't have to be a person of color to be in a scary position with police, who have the power to arrest you, who can get away (usually) with beating you up, and who can at the least make your life harder? do we really need to be extra deferential to police officers to keep ourselves from being arrested.

    When police mistakenly pounded on my door, and I whitely opened up, no one explained a thing, they asked me to come outside, which I did not do.  I already knew they had more power to arrest me for nothing if I left my house.  They wanted the drug dealers next door but they came to my house in error, and they shined their flashlights into my face, and there were five or six of them.  I was polite, but for goodness sake, such an error?  

    if we must be deferential to police to decide to shout at us, does this not mean we live in a police state? Is this not extra scary for people of color.

    So, yes, Barack ought to have been deferential to the police in order to keep himself from being labeled as a troublemaker, but this doesn't make it right, and it sure as heck doesn't make it American.  

  • oh, sure, not claiming they're not also racists, just that this is more treasonous than racist.  

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    I don't think they're blatant racists, the same happened to Bill Clinton, anything that would make him an illegitimate president, he was a murderer, a criminal, somehow anti-American, and that led to the many 'investigations'.  At least the bc thing is blatantly wrong, he does have a birth certificate, and no one is saying Hawaii isn't a state.  our crazies might have said the same of McCain, who was born on a military base, but not in a state.  

    But it's sort of treason, though an action of the kind used by the anti-abortion forces to legitimate murder of doctors. If he lied about his citizenship it's the same as saying he's a usurper, or worse, and could be you know what with impunity, so it's damn dangerous and to my mind treasonous.  

  • there are plenty of poor white people.  That stuff was factored in. check out Barack's remark?  

  • lucky for me Barack weighed in?  

  • i agree, it's also a fathead problem.  

  • but he still didn't break any law, it's still legal to get affronted, ask police for id's (actually they're supposed to show first), and call them names. There is no law against any of that behavior.  That's why foreigners see us as a police state, cause the police make up rules and later dismiss charges (or not).  Arrest first, ask questions later?  

    i know cops, and they admit they try to intimidate citizens. There can be no surprise that some citizens stick up for themselves.  When you need to watch what you say to police officers, you have poorly trained police officers.  

  • it's ordinary.  I mean, they were very apologetic after the first time, embarrassed, but the first time they blinded me with flashlight and asked me to step outside.  It was late, I was in my tatty bathrobe, carrying my dog, probably looking eccentric to anyone who doesn't know people like me.  I did not step outside, thank you very much, and I did not give identification, or make nice, I told them they had the wrong house. But, what if I didn't know the neighbors were most likely their target?  

    By the way, I realized that empathy to some is putting your shoes on the other guy, not wearing his.  We should educate?  

  • my son used to be pulled over and searched in his teens, for going one mile over the limit.  He 'freely' gave permission to be searched, with a couple of big guys shoving him around first.  Too  many cop movies, that's what i think.  They should study the law, not see it on tee vee.  

  • proving they knew it was his house and only arrested him cause they wanted to.  

  • this reminds me of people who appreciate their physicians for ordering blood tests - it's their job, that why we have police, that's the entire reason for police, to investigate crime. You can thank them if they do it nicely, that's polite, but they get paid, it's their job.  

    Do you want to pay more? Do you want to risk being beat up or arrested  in order to have that service?  

  • i think I love you. I'm so not good at finding references. This is more important than I realized, I thought everyone knew.  


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