• have anything to do with Obama? It boggles my mind how everything she says and does is really about Obama?  Have you noticed she's obsessed with Obama, especially since she doesn't mention him at all?  

  • who told you to cross over and vote for Mitt?  I think Hillary asked you to vote for her by he name being on the ballot? she didn't campaign but her name was there, ready to be shamed if you'd all stayed home or all voted for undecided.  

  • fair enough, but I'd prefer Obama to speak for himself, not to follow HIllary's voice and mainly react to her.  I haven't heard from him in some time now, I just hear from him about her and  Bill.  

  • her comment is her wish, why use flip flop?  It's politics and it's enough to punish those states without actually disenfranchising their voters.  I'd guess Obama would say the same if he weren't' concerned about not getting as many delegates. it seem fair on the surface, whoever those states favor.  Last I heard he wanted all votes to count.  

  • it's very unpleasant to keep Hilary's message on kos.  It also gives Obama a bad name, probably unfairly, since his entire message is that she divides and he doesn't.  On kos anyway her supporters are more polite and ready to engages issues. when Peter came on not one of her supporters was able to engage with him, his diary was plastered with nasty words and go home messages.  We're Democrats, we're family. I think Obama asked his supporters at the NV debate to cool it, and to stick to the issues but his hope didn't trickle down.  It's sad, in may ways he's a fine man and with some experience could make a fine leader. But, he'll have to show he can lead if he wants my vote.  

  • the difference I see is that Hillary's supporters also like him and see her as first choice not only one who can save the nation.  I see all the candidates as fine and if I don't get my first choice, oh, well, I'll vote for whoever wins. Often Obama's supporters claim they'll switch parties if he loses to Hillary.  That makes is seem odd. So, if she wiins, will you vote for her?  

  • He won Iowa fairly, by playing a better ground game.  He didn't do so well in NH and NV, and his ground game wasn't as good.  Maybe cause Iowa is smaller, maybe he had more volunteers in proportion to voters, but he did it well.  It's about message and getting out votes.  But I don't think it's fair to say she lost because she's a woman, she didn't have a better get out the votes there.  On the other hand i also think it's unfair for him to cry cheating when she gets out her voters. This will count in November, and this is one more place experience shows itself.  I think it's clear he sees himself as different and that he is different, in that his campaign is about courting new voters, turning them into Democrats rather than representing the party faithful. We'll see which campaign works best by who wins the most votes and the most Democratic delegates.  

  • he was helpful in the debate, he showed there are still three, and he looked very appealing. I think hillary would get some of his voters, but not all of them.  Edwards is an attractive candidate and the only real southerner, and being a personal injury lawyer doesn't hurt him with real Democrats, who all at least know someone who deserves compensation.  I though he was at his best ,and he didn't just back one or the other, when there was a 'case' to be made, he helped make the 'case.'  

  • it's probably already over, her supporters tend to grow. there are still quite a few undecided's though and Barrack has a few tricks up his sleeve, garnering dem's for a day kind of thing, but I think NV showed he's slow on the ground, he didn't have enough volunteers to get his supporters through the caucus maze, and they got frustrated.  That said it's not over till it's over.  

  • comment on a post Obama/Rezko: It Comes Down to Judgment [UPDATED X2] over 6 years ago

    when a candidate with little experience runs on being the most electable, it's harder to understand these problems in his past, whether or not he's actually guilty of anything. I feel personally fooled by him, he lied to Democrats when he claimed to have the 'right' experience. I hope this gets picked up before the February primaries and not after he may be our candidate.  

  • Its fair for many African Americans to want to support the first black candidate that has a real chance, my goodness, if there has been a minority group that has been consistently exploited, blamed, and targeted by hate and subjected to violence and economic discrimination it's been African Americans. it's not at all racist to want to support the favorite son.  The more black votes he gets and the more he increases turn out, the more likely it'll be that we get a lot more black candidates, and how great will that be.  

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    any commentary on those cool pics?  

  • he wants to bring on soft Republicans and libertarian leaning independents and both groups will be very upset if forced to buy something.  LIke medicare they'd get used to it, but initially there would be a price.  Obama wants to be loved like Reagan so that he can get through progressive policies without complaints like Reagan did with conservative stuff, but Reagan did it through hypnosis, that was a more innocent time, before the internet, for just one thing. He's trying to woo them with what they want, by giving it away free, and he's not doing what base Democrats want, so he's getting them but losing us.  This race isn't about making us feel good, so that we'll duck walk into anything with smiles on our faces, it's about competence, and the stamina to fix the Bush mess. In this case competence = change.  

  • he even sunk his own spinners with that lie. he had to retract he's hoping no one noticed, but you have.  And, didn't Edwards do great  too, (it's still going on) I've never seen his real self.  We need a great president, and for me that's Hillary, and she's honest, and it's clear who's done the most and who can still do more.  But for the first time I see why Edwards is up there with her, and I admire him too.  

  • comment on a post Why Obama is losing over 6 years ago

    but he's not blaming himself, and tweaking his message to speak to the concerns of Democrats. I think he's getting poor advice. Seems he lost NV partly because he hadn't enough preparation on the ground, not enough of his supporters there to help, apparently not even tables for them to meet up and gather as a group. What's amazing is his supporters don't blame him, they blame Hillary and think she's in charge of everything and ought to have had Obama's tables set up for them?  So, he may be losing the Democratic base that makes up our party, but he's keeping everyone who likes to blame Hillary.  What's it mean? This can't be good for our party. Where's the hope, not to mention where's the empathy, in that empathy deficit he highlighted just yesterday.  


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