• yes, it's been that way, skeptics notwithstanding.  The problems we are facing are far too huge for any one person to manage, it has to be a team effort, and Barack is a team leader.  

  • not at all.  Hillary is a team player, and she wants the job done, she wouldn't have cared who did it if it got done.  Bill has star power, and dear leader is a Hollywood wanna be. He wants attention and Bill gave him that warm look, and chatted him up, and gave him a sense of how he'll be treated if he quits being the rogue.  Now if the fellow were only healthier maybe the disarmament deal could be reached.  

    Dear leader wants to talk to the US, not talk to five party people, he wants the US.  He wants to meet Tom Cruise. He wants to attend American Idol.  He wants to go to Disneyland.  And, it seems, he wants to meet Bill Clinton (me too).  

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    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090804/ap_o n_re_as/as_nkorea_journalists_held

    He delivered a message from Barack.  And then there was some talk.  

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    well, one of the best way to show public support is for a lot of little five buck donors to put their money to the cause.  That's real, money talks, and it's better to have a lot give a little than a little give a lot.  

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    no, it shows a lack of ego, on the part of Barack and Hillary. If you want to get something done, you don't insert your ego.  You use all the talent and brains and energy available.  

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    he met with dear leader.  that had to be weird.  Counter-intuitive?  We'll see.  

  • like child hunger, and homelessness, and no access to health care, then they'd be democrats.  

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    If there are to always be co-pays or deductibles, then low income americans who pay 11 or 12 percent of income for family coverage won't be able to use their benefit. They'll be paying for nothing, or they'll use er's when they're really sick. this is a problem, not just having coverage but being able to use it.

    Now co-pays often equal what a doctor visit with no insurance would have cost twenty years ago. If you have a fifty dollar co-pay per visit, and a twenty-dollar co-pay for each lab test, and another co-pay for each follow-up, to explain the test, this is about what it used to cost without insurance.  

    We need low income Americans to be able to choose a public plan, that encourages wellness visits and nutritional counseling. The things that keep people healthy.  

  • if it were only that total, and no extra co-pays and no extra for medicine, and all medicine covered, even prescribed otc medicines, it would be a good deal.  If it's base and to use it they'd have to pay more, than it's no deal at all.  

  • i would back anything if the public health option were in it, right now it's not there.

    public health needs to be medicare for anyone, current medicare, with the in-place current, plan that needs nothing more than opening it up, and no restrictions on who can select it. I'd give up my current plan, even if the medicare single payer option cost more, to support public health insurance, as i support public schools.  

    That's what i want, and the rest then won't matter, as long as I have that choice.  

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    poor families would be glad to pay so little for real health care.  I'd guess they often already pay more for not much.  Just like most of us would be glad to pay taxes, if we knew our taxes were being spent fairly, for all of us, for services that make all our lives better.  

  • good points.  I guess I want o hear him say that single payer would be best but isn't possible because right now not enough Americans back it, such that representatives passing it might not face backlash.  I'd like him to say this is the best we can do under these circumstances, and if and when enough Americans decide health care is a basic human right, and not a business to reap obscene profits for shareholders, we'll go for it and he'd lead the way.  

  • Barack thought that if he treated congress like adults and put the problem to them, they'd get the right ideas and come up with a reform bill that would work. He was wrong, there is only infighting and the longer it goes on the weaker the proposed bill becomes, such that there is consideration of taking insurance away from poor kids, as a compromise, which is the only insurance reform we've had that has worked. Weird.

    I agree that Barack needs to learn from this mistake, tell congress what the bill must contain, minimum, and provide that kind of leadership for them. Then our congresspeople can hide behind him, refuse to take responsibility for the bill (in case it doesn't work as promised or cost more than was speculated) but pass it.  

    That is leadership, getting in front of it, not in front of passing anything, in front of what it contains.

    One learns from experience, and he's had a bit now in the first year.  

    As far as putting pressure on blue dogs, that comes from having the goods on them and having some quid pro quos, something Barack shies away from.  Johnson pushed through civil rights legislation with no such qualms.  

  • it's true, and so is the cigarette tax that has led to a decrease in smoking, We have those health warnings on cigarettes, not only should we tax that sugar and lard stuff and send the money right to subsidized health care for lower income Americans, there should be warning labels with suggested more healthful alternatives that aren't more expensive and aren't taxed.  

  • that's hard, expecting too much of fellow cops.  Doctors can't do it either, even with their impaired physician committees. We need civilians investigating complaints, and a civilian review of all 'dropped charges' and charges for resisting arrest for no crime, and disturbance of the peace for no crime.

    With unemployment as high as it it, it's a good time to replace police officers who misuse their power. Let them go work for Blackwater, I say.  There should be security in the form of safety for police,which probably means backing up partners even when they're wrong, but not job security.  


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