• But, I've got to say that the region might not have erupted, the Tunisians and Egyptians might not have felt quite so humiliated, had the US not elected a president who has some color, and who spoke to them what they were waiting to hear.  Now, there are problems and there are problems, and the US can't fight with the rebels, even if we did support their oppressors, and quite wrongly.  So, right now they get rhetoric, that's it for now. And behind the scenes negotiating, kind of seducing those close enough to power to want to get on the right side of this stuff. Surely these kids will not stop until they're free enough to be elected president in their own country.  

  • what's wrong with them?  These guys are either freaked at the reality of a black man in the white house, or they want donations from those who are freaked.  We downplayed racism during the campaign, since we have the majority and it wasn't nice to focus on such nasty stuff. Barack ignores it, which is really the only thing he can do and stay presidential, they don't want clarity, they want to get rid of Barack and bring back the white prejudiced majority.

    It's not going to happen, the world has changed around them, and that's what makes them dangerous.

    i agree with washington, Max ought to have mocked him and made him a joke, as, okay how many really's do you need before  no public money into health insurance for the undocumented?  He should have said, I don't think this is his issue at all, I think he really wanted to show his contempt for the man who is president.  But hey joe, if that is your name, this is still a democracy, even if you want to subvert our way of life by gathering the forces of ignorance.  

  • and there are citizens born here who would have a great problem 'proving' citizenship, when they were born at home. That would mainly affect the over 70 group.  what fun to get them off medicare?  

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    Makes sense, how can you prosecute women for getting abortions if they can stop an unwanted pregnancy before it happens?  

    Bring back the racks?  

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    ... he was funny.  Why is it that the funniest guys are also the most progressive?  

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    that health insurance isn't health care, insurance may make health care affordable, or it may not.  

    I'm not willing to pick on Barack until after his speech.  Single payer has never been plausible here, our insurance and our health care are in private hands.  What is plausible is medicare for all because that will reduce the obscene profits, both in health insurance and in health care, and it will discourage exploiters from going into this 'business.

    When there is rent control, the price of homes stabilizes and those who need to make big profits move to communities where there is no rent control. Since we still have a democracy we're allowed to make laws that make it harder for rich people to get richer.  

    As long as we don't have a medicare-for-all option, insurance companies will be receiving public welfare.  Their ability to make obscene profits will be 'protected,' at the expense of our health.

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    but if medicare were one of the options, the mandated could go there, and get a better deal?  

  • the received wisdom is it was all Hillary's fault, and we should have had a bill 16 years ago cause of her.  But the same forces are working to defeat Barack's bill, whatever it turns out to be. And the insurance companies promised to institute the reforms Barack is asking for on their own, if only we wouldn't force them, and they didn't. anyone else remember they were promising to remove the pre-existing conditions clause, and not only didn't they made it worse, by using it mid-treatment if they discovered something that had been there pre-insurance, even though it hadn't been diagnosed.

    the problem then is the problem now.  The have's have it and even if it costs more to keep out the have not's, they'll willing to pay that 'more, in order to keep the uninsured from getting benefits.  We pay in the end, shortly before they die.  That suits the heartless just fine.  

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    I think there are so many economic benefits to providing affordable health care for all citizens that it will be well worth it.

    I'd like a detail on the public option. I want medicare for all included as a choice, I'd like the choice of spending my health care dollars on the one that is most cost effective and already has high satisfaction.

    I think the problem in selling reform has to do with that detail.  Barack's supporters aren't answering his call to help sell his plan, but without knowing if we'll have the choice of a public option, what are we selling. It's not doctor choice I worried about, it's insurance choice.  If my doctor won't accept medicare, I'll find another doctor.  

  • yep, it's boondoggle for sure.  

    I think the leftist have nothing to disrupt over. There is no clear message from Barack that gives us something to sink our teeth into.

    Now, if there were a medicare for all part of it, and he'd say that, and say, we'll start with 55 yo's able to select medicare as their health care insurance, there would be a surge of those at the meetings. And if it were made available to rural people who have few choices and all of them pricey and arrogant, they'd come to the meetings. And how about open to the unemployed, how many would go to meetings and demand that the deathers put up or shut up.  

    It's time to motivate the left, give us something worthy of fighting for.  

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    I used to work for a hospital, and in staff meetings i had the frequent experience of my input being credited to some guy who said the same thing, right after me.  when my son was a baby, I once took him to a dentist and had a male friend with me. The dentist kept talking to my friend about my son, even though I had introduced him as a friend, and not my son's father.  The guy just could not bring himself to address a woman when there was a man right there.

    I understand Hillary's frustration, all women have this experience, over and over.  The question could not have been more clear, the translator asked, what does your husband think?

    She might have been kinder if she weren't actually human, but we always get that one too.  If we're slightly annoyed and show it, we're 'defensive,' or 'bitchy,' or 'insecure."

    I don't know that any man who has lost his temper even big time has been called insecure.  

    This just shows that the struggles of any woman are the struggles of all of us.  

  • the Barack supporters may have sometimes been unpleasant and aggressive, but they were real grass roots citizens. the disinformation mobs are do us a disservice, cause they're opposing a watered down plan and keeping the dem on dem debate out of the general public eye.

    of course single payer is the best, I'll settle for that option, medicare for all. I'll be glad to pay my high premium to medicare to help defray the costs of lower income people. Gladly.  

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    it would be national, you can move anywhere and keep the same coverage. it wouldn't be making sneaky money on any service not specifically covered by the legislation. It would be a huge base, and so negotiate group discounts.  

    The only reason to not have it is to protect insurance companies from having any real competition. Public health would make sunlight, cause they'd have to explain why they charge x more for the same medicine, and then reveal they're sharing profits with the drug companies.  

    Also, this co-op thing is no trade, there is no current law against co-ops, and there already are some.  

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    The pugs are using anything that comes there way, but this is a net loss for them.  the nation wants to be happy about the release, and wants to know there are thinkers in charge that are practical and can deliver results.  those guys are losing support with this one, only the birthers and the deathers are sour on success.  

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    I hope those who wondered which one to vote for will finally see that they are not the same at all.  


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