• The party is past the point of no return. They had ample opportunity to stop their corruption and they refused. They had an opportunity to negate the effect of that corruption by making a wise VP choice. They did neither, and the authoritarian reaction of the left to those who object to that corruption has pulled the last curtain down. The party is rotten to the core. There is nothing you or any Democrat can do but rebuild for another election.

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    Make us. You can't, and that's what gets to you, and what scares you. But be careful, you can see what irrational ire did for Russert.

    We're growing. And this community blog is dying. Recall just a few short weeks ago when you'd see diary after diary and front page post after front page post with hundreds of comments? Those days are GONE here, and you'd be lucky to get 60 comments on anything. That's because people like you sit behind your your TV monitors and pass verbal judgement on people who don't give a shit what you think. We, on the other hand, are growing, and we are acting. And when we act we are acting on behalf of our country, and that is resonating around the country. You dismiss us at your own peril, but go ahead. Because your laziness and pathetic lack of resistance just empowers us more.

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    I can "not honor" anyone's wishes I choose to, and I will choose to whenever those wishes don't align with my principles. If you've got a problem with my principles, that's one thing, but read the document again. Because if you've got a problem with my principles, then you've got a problem with the founder's principles.

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    He's part of this political theater, along with Beth Fouhy (who initially filed the report), who is friends with Nedra Pickler, the most famous anti-Clinton/pro-Obama reporter at the AP.

    Josh Orton is or was a New Media Deputy Director for the Obama campaign and it is a slap in the face to all Clinton supporters that he is allowed to grace the front page of this once fine Democratic blog. I encourage those who care about transparency and fairness to complain to Jerome before signing off on this blog until Josh is gone.

    I left last week when he was first announced and am only back for a second to warn you. You have the power and you don't have to surrender the party to neoliberals, who are as dangerous to Americans as neoconservatives are.

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    I reread, having missed the last 'graph the first time around. Too bad. Looks like mydd disappears from my blogroll too. Well, y'all have fun during the primary season. I'll come back if some sense of objectivity ever lives here again.

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    that works for the Obama campaign as new media deputy director?

    http://pdf2007.confabb.com/users/profile /Josh+Orton

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    Caucuses are not nearly as effective as primaries to gauge the popular will. A point that has been made, I might add, for years. This is just the first year that we've had a race this close and primary turnout this high. It magnifies the effect.

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    See 1972.

  • BTD, over at Talkleft.com, has quite a post about the rules today, inspired as he was by the new memo out from DNC lawyers. According to his numbers, if the DNC really played by all the rules tomorrow, Hillary would net 80 delegates against Barack tomorrow. But you won't hear any complaining from Obama supporters about all the rules around here. Just selective enforcement.

    http://www.talkleft.com/story/2008/5/28/ 164638/636

  • Only 1.1 million people voted in caucuses this year.  Just sayin'.

  • It's an attempt at emotional blackmail from a well-known agitator. I'm personally not falling for it.

    My condolences to the soldier's family.

  • And just to be clear, I see this analysis as part of a case, not THE case. And I agree that the time for change is between elections. I'm just trying to get the info out here.

  • but they shouldn't be awarded disproportionate power, which they currently are.

  • caucuses ought to be retired permanently, or weighted according to participation. I would prefer that all Americans be afforded the opportunity to participate in their electoral processes.

  • I'm referring to the diarist "hillaryfor2008" and not dogking.


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