Leadership time

The Wall Street crisis is going to be unforutnate for a lot of people, not least of all those employees of Lehman who face loss of employment.

As the famous saying goes, it is time to turn the crisis into oppurtunity. For the past 3 weeks, the election has been covered in news which are more or less soap operatic -- whether Dem party can unify, whether Palin was vetted or not whether Palin is experienced or not, did Obama insult Palin or not and numerous other controversies. But lost in midst of all this is that this election is about the people. And for most people (yes even the rich ones), the Wall Street crisis of 2008 will bring anxiety about their future (and in many unfortunate cases these anxieties will materialize).

I am not an expert but from my vantage point tax cuts and ``removal of earmarks'' cannot be the solution to this crisis. It requires a systematic and fundamental change in the relation between the Government and the companies (otherwise also known as    oversight).  Probably much more than that, but what it really means is that the need and occassion for spelling out policy positions of all the candidates is of utmost importance.

So it is time for Sen Obama to say ``Enough'' and spell out his policies in detail.  This could come as a ``major speech on Economic Policy.'' And it should contain much more than deconstruction of the Bush(McCain) policies; it should come as list of specific proposals that he would take  if he were President and how he would approach the problem in a different way than Sen. McCain would. A speech very much in the spirit of Clinton's ``Solutions for America''.

There is a golden oppurtunity in front of the country to get back to issues. And Sen Obama should take the lead in us seizing this oppurtunity. As Sen. Obama himself said in 2004 that ``What American people want most from their leaders  is solutions.''

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