An open letter to Senate Dems

Dear Senator Reid and others,

This letter is to implore you to take immediate action on Senator Libermann. This man whom the Democratic party gave the honor of vice-presidential nomination has (and there is no kind way to put it) whored himself to the Republican party. This is the same party who dienfrachised thousands of African-American voters in Miami-Dade county in 2000 and stole the election from him. They repeated the feat in 2004 in Ohio. Now, he goes in front of the Republican party lying in front of the whole nation and making the argument that somehow Senator Obama has less experience than Governor Palin. Such lack of ethics I have never seen. It is time to strip him of his commitee assignments NOW and give them to true Democrats. If he complains and walks out of the Democratic caucus, you can always claim that ``Senator Liebermann believe in every single policy of Demeocrats and he himself claimed that he is a Democrat. The reason that he is walking to the Republican caucus is that Senator Liebermann puts himself first and not the country.'' And I am sure anyone who is either a Clinton Democrat or an Obama Democrat or just a plain old Democrat will gladly cheer your actions.

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