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    What hit me was how smug and stupid McCain is and was on the debate. Not an inch of decency. Not even close to Presidential. More like a school bully who knows he is losing his power to push people around. What I can't understand is some people will still vote for him even after the economy is crashing and people are dying in needless wars. I used to ask whether these people are stupid. Now I know, "yes, they are". One thing for them... If McCain wins - it's your choice. You make your choice. Live with it, pay up the next $700 billion+ and shut the f*ck up. You just lost your right to b*tch.
    http://angryafrican.net/2008/09/27/actua lly-you-are-a-stupid-twit/
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    Maybe McShame will also realize that you don't need to visit Iraq to know it was a War in Error. And say sorry. And stop playing politics with the troops. Just because he was in the military doesn't mean he should geta free pass.http://angryafrican.net/2008/07/27/views -on-the-weakly-news-xvi/

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    Who would Jesus vote for? We had to ask the question, right? Everyone claims to know. Just not sure about this one. I mean really. Can they Guy even vote? He's not American. And I doubt whether he would be allowed into the US in any case. Think about it. Long beard, wears a dress and a Middle Eastern passport. But what if He could vote? Who would He vote for? Does He even care who you vote for? Let's speculate. It's all we can do. We have no direct line and He doesn't have a Facebook Group Page or radio show. Sorry Hagee, Pat and gang - neither do you have him on your "5 friends" list on your phone. I gave it a shot - but not sure I got an answer. http://angryafrican.net/2008/07/09/who-w ould-jesus-vote-for/

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    I just wonder how much Bill is behind all the Hillary stuff?  So Bill - let's talk. Puh-lease let Hillary step aside with dignity. Okay, fair enough - when she is ready. But don't make it more difficult than what it should be. There is no "cover up". Except if we can call your spin since Monica and now the "Hillary working class hero" and "wrap up in June" bull. Back off Bill. You had your chance. No be a good ex-President and go talk to someone who cares. http://angryafrican.net/2008/05/27/bill- just-back-off-will-ya/

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    Some people just don't get it. You know - the meaning of "no". That it's over. We never had much of a relationship - so stop clinging. But McLame doesn't get it. We had but a brief fling back in the old days. Before the Straight Talk Express turned into the Flip-Flop Depress. It's over Mac. Get it? Here, read my "Dear John" - maybe that will help.  http://angryafrican.net/2008/05/20/dear- john/
    Oh - and don't ask for more money either.
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    Does she have no shame. The HillBillary Campaign released a memo to Obama asking whether he is ready to be Commander-in-Chief. I have my own version of that memo addressed to Hillary - asking whether she is ready to be President. http://angryafrican.net/2008/03/13/a-mem o-to-hillbillary-please-dont/

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    Another day gone and another day of speculations on who will be the next President. Another round of mud slinging and unfounded rumors. And I am not talking about those running to become the next US President. I am talking about the American people - or at least some of them. I am astounded to read some of the things people have to say about those leaders who are willing to put their hand up in a difficult time in the American history. What is it that makes people dig so deep to find their own worse self in the way they speak about the candidates? It's like being in South Africa all over again back in 1994 when we had our own first democratic elections. The doomsayers lived large. But the truth is that all three would make fairly good Presidents - and all have their flaws. It won't be the end of America. Can't people just focus on what makes America great instead of scrapping the bottom of the barrel of humanity in the way they talk about their potential future leader? http://angryafrican.net/2008/05/07/novem ber-is-coming-start-stockpiling-baby/

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    Just one thing on McCain and his military experience. He should start catching up with how war mentality works though. I bet you Al-Qaeda will endorse Obama if they could make another video from a cave somewhere in "allied" Pakistan. Because they know how to use reverse psychology (you idiot, McCain). How do you get your enemy to do what you want them to do? Tell them the opposite. Want war? Then endorse the one guy from the "enemy" who wants peace. McDrain and the gang please note - Hamas is playing you like a little toy drum. And you are walking to their beat. McPain should wake up and think a little bit more. Think. Think. What do Al-Qaeda want? What do you think Hamas want? Chaos so they can recruit more. Anarchy so they can continue a mindless war. They want one thing and will tell you the opposite. You think you can trust what they tell you? They are playing you for a fool. You played into their hands in Iraq. And you are going to play into their hands again. You stupid, stupid man. http://angryafrican.net/2008/04/26/i-ang ry-african-endorse-mccain/

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    It's a bit of a no show isn't it? Drawing fake lines in the sand and claiming they are this or that. Not a real fight. More like a bit of glove slapping across the face. I am not sure whether any of the three candidates actually offers anything substantially different. Even those who fell out were not extreme left or extreme left. Just a nudge to the one side or the other. Less Rumble in the Jungle more Wrestlemania. A little bit of fireworks and a laser display. But a show none the less. http://angryafrican.net/2008/04/22/storm -in-a-teacup/

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    I know. Many of you will tell me, as you have, that this election has nothing to do with us foreigners. That it is all about America. The American choice. The American future. And you are (mostly) right. This is your choice. This is about the American future. This is about America. But it does have something to do with us Johnny Foreigners. We do have a stake in this. Why? Because most level-headed people in this world still look to America for direction. We still look up to America. We look for guidance. We look to America for leadership in this crazy little sphere of ours. Question is, can America still provide it? And who offers that hope? http://angryafrican.net/2008/04/12/note- to-america-the-world-is-watching/

  • Why are we listening to Bill? Him on the road makes me wonder if Hillary's experience in the White House would be the same as Candy the Groupie winning the Grammy? http://angryafrican.net/2008/03/29/and-t he-grammy-winner-is-candy-the-groupie/

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    This might just be the last blog I write about politics in America. I have written about Obama being the American Mandela, the burden of the hope he brings, and the man he is in his own right. But I don't know anymore. I still believe in Obama, but I just don't believe in American politics anymore. If this is how they want to play politics in America then I don't want to play anymore. This is too sick. This is nothing to be proud of. Yes, they won - the cynics and morally corrupt. This is just not right guys. This is not what people fought for and died for. The Founding Father would be ashamed. And so should you and them. http://angryafrican.net/2008/03/23/the-f ounding-fathers-will-be-ashamed/

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    I don't know if I will ever blog about the elections in the US again. There is nothing honorable in politics in the US anymore. I don't think the Founding Fathers will proud. They will be ashamed. This is a proud country. But politicians do everything to kill that honor and pride. Left, right and centre. http://angryafrican.net/2008/03/23/the-f ounding-fathers-will-be-ashamed/

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    I am proud of being an Obama supporter. As a South African I can't vote. But he would get it if I could. http://angryafrican.net/2008/03/19/obama -is-no-mandela/

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    He showed great, great leadership here. He reminds me of my leader - Nelson Mandela. Is he the American Nelson Mandela? http://angryafrican.wordpress.com/2008/0 2/20/is-obama-the-american-mandela/


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