• The imagery is very strong. I like it. But I also don't trust my own judgement on stuff about the campaign sometimes because I am just too close to it. Don't know that my view is objective enough. I'm glad to hear positive comments.

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    voila! And now it is there. The magic of the internets. I guess I just don't understand all those magic tubes.

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    Oh... and I received a report last night that they ran out of Gillibrand literature at the Rensselaer County fair. Everyone was interested and wanted lit. The Republican booth meanwhile had plenty of lit and virtually no enthusiasm and no interest being shown!

    Contribute a few bucks so we can replenish our supply of campaign lit for Kirsten!

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    I was at a Gillibrand House Party last night (Friday) and had a great time. Kirsten excites people wherever she goes.

    I help organize these things so I've been to several but last night as I drove home I recognized that she jazzed me up all over again.

    The room was buzzing. All the contribution envelopes I put out except for one disappeared. Everyone signed up on the campaign list and most signed up on my volunteer list for specific actions.

    That 19 points is mis-leading. The next poll will be far more accurate of where this race is at I think.

    Pre-primary fund raising numbers just came out. Sweeney barely out-raised Kirsten but he also spent far more (he spends campaign money like a drunken congressman... just like he spends tax payer money with his republican cronies in Congress).

    The result is that Kirsten is continuing to close the cash on hand gap. It started at about $750,000 and is now down to just a hair over $200k. This... even with Sweeney having brought in both McCain and Giuliani to save his rear.

    We are going to win NY-20 this year. This is the 15th seat. The one that gives Democrats control of the House of Representatives.

    Please contribute to the campaign and if you live in the district volunteer. If you have friends or family in the district make sure they know about Kirsten and that they volunteer. We need each of us to get 5 more votes for Kirsten. If we each do that then we not only win but we win big.

  • You missed one. Stewart-Cousins, Massa, Keeler, and Gillibrand.

    Add in Arcuri and follow with a dash of Maffei, Owens, and Hall.

    New Yorkers have many opportunities to make a real rather than symbolic difference. I have no objections to folks wanting to vote for Tasini and have not made up my mind myself but he made it clear from the start that his was a symbolic candidacy and Clinton is not Lieberman, not even close.

    But Congressional campaigns in NY-24, NY-20, NY-29, NY-25, NY-11, and NY-23 are vastly more important as each of these could make a real difference.

    Similarly, picking up 4 State Senate seats is imperative and very realistic given the proper attention and funding.

  • I gave this comment a 3. Not because I agree with it or advocate voting for Hawkins or voting green in general but rather because I can't for the life of me see anything in this comment to have warrented a 1 rating from not one but two people.

    You stated your opinion clearly, concisely, and without excess rhetoric let alone any negative statements about any other candidate.

    Good job.

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    Oh Boy! I'm impressed! You won me over!

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    I agree also... but... what is Zack gonna do about it?

    Zack and the rest of the folks that know Nicco need to talk some sense into Nicco and get him to back the fuck off.

  • Hmmm... well energy policy is a big part of Kirsten Gillibrand's answer to Bush's failed middle east policy. I don't believe the 2 are separate issues. They are hand in glove.

    Kirsten is very photogenic as everyone comments. She is also incredibly intelligent, capable, prepared, and professional. These are things that she exudes in person but don't get projected as well on camera I have noticed.

    The ad doesn't go into it but from a policy standpoint Kirsten has stated that she would... Day One... either support existing calls or initiate investigations (oversight) into both the lies that got us into the Iraq War and the NSA warrentless wiretapping. She stands strongly on this.

    I'm not a big media guy myself so I don't feel competent to address Matt's accountability call here. I like this latest ad and think it does what it needs to. I thought the earlier pieces were ok for introductory pieces but want stronger messages from here on out.

    I don't think this particular campaign will be won or lost in the ad war however. It'll be won or lost in the trenches. My take is that ads, in this campaign, need to be used to create name recognition for the challenger (Gillibrand), give a (positive) sense of her character, and to define (negatively) the incumbent (Sweeney) as the 100% Bush loving crony he is.

    I don't belive policy can or ever will be covered in ads. the 30 second, even the 60 second, media world don't allow it. It's tough enough getting print media to cover position statements rather than process stories let alone get position statements condensed into 30 or 60 second spots.



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    as I've never sat down to do any comparisons but here is the link to the Kirsten Gillibrand multimedia page.

    It includes at the top the brand new radio response to a Sweeney smear attack ad. Sweeney has chosen his Rove style attack. He and his surrogates talk about nothing except a lie that Gillibrand is from NYC. It's been disproven ten ways to Sunday but Sweeney, in true Rove Republican silme style, isn't about to let the facts get in the way of (what he thinks is) a good smear job.

    I like how the ad goes directly from refuting the lie to talking the issues and pointing out that Gillibrand is talking issues and Sweeney is hiding from them behind his typical smear and slime.

    I really liked the opening salvo web ad on John Sweeney's Utah Skiing vacation with lobbyists. Very funny.

    There is also a link to her new TV ad, "Disagree," on Iraq and energy independence which is airing around the district now.

    And a new one I see on education, "Back to School," as well.

    Kirsten is very photogenic, camera friendly, as you'll see in the ads but TV is upable to capture her genuine strength which is the air of confidence, intelligence, capability, and honesty that is clear to see in a house party or other small gathering setting.  

  • Typo alert: McHugh is NY-23 not NY-20

    It is also important to talk about the non-affiliated voters in these districts. A straight R-to-D description is simply misleading.

    Take NY-20 for instance. R's have a 2-to-1 advantage over D's. However the real ratio is 2-to-1-to-1. R's hold just under 50% of the total enrollment while D's hold 25% and "blanks" or non-affiliated voters account for another 25%.

    The fact is that this "strongly Republican district" has a less than 50% Republican enrollment.

    Then you start to understand how Chuck Schumer has won the district twice and Eliot Spitzer has won it once. Hillary Clinton lost the district but not by much.

    Drill down even further and you start to see that Democrats have been winning local elections a lot recently and the tale the numbers tell is that all those non-affiliated voters come out and vote for Democrats these days.

    Now this "strongly Republican district" doesn't look quite to strongly republican anymore.

  • I don't think it is so much that they have backed off as they have not thrown themselves as fully into Arcuri's race as they should have.

    NY-24 is very winnable but as with the rest of these upstate districts there needs to be concerted effort to organize and mobilize democrats for a district wide race where no such effort has been undertaken before. It takes money and it takes organization.

    This is one reason why I consistently tell people that despite NY-24 being an open seat with a more friendly enrollment percentage it is in fact NY-20 that is the most likely turn over district in the state.

    All it would take to change that however is a concerted effort by Rahm and other democratic organizations to ensure that Arcuri has all the resources he needs and NY-24 would take it's rightful place at the top of the list.

  • you all there!

  • Monty Python reunion is in order.

    Graham Chapman leading a squadron of rabid sheep flying bi-planes over Germany unleashing venom while wearing tu-tu's.


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    Hmmm... I guess it would be work to stretch a few completely unrelated facts and a lot of fantasies coupled with a few private emails (without bothering to ask anyone's permission to use) into a complete fabrication of male bovine fecal matter that on it's face is obviously fertilizer.

    Gee... hope he didn't break too much of a sweat on that one.


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