• There is no relationship between Kirsten Gillibrand and Zenia Mucha.

    There was a relationship between Ms. Mucha and Kirsten's father Doug Rutnik. That relationship no longer exists and was not, to the best of my knowledge, ever shared by Kirsten Gillibrand.

    Kirsten Gillibrand's job is to defeat John Sweeney not George Pataki. George Pataki does a good enough job of defeating himself. Even Zenia Mucha can't win the Presidency for him.

    If you think Pataki bringing back his attack dog is appalling then perhaps you should do something about it?

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    Depends completely on what their goals are.

    But as a general rule of thumb... everyone needs a web site.


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    Aaah... ok. That would make a big difference because it would be a tough choice not to take banking for a Ct (or NY) Senator. In the NY State Senate everything, and I do mean everything, runs through the Rules committee. It's even more powerful then the House version. The Senate Majority leader runs Rules and therefore runs everything in the Senate with an iron fist.

  • Can you support your claims of racism against Jesse Jackson Jr with links?

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    However... Walsh is a great target that is being largely ignored. Dan Maffei is a good candidate and Walsh can be taken. Maffei needs all the help he can get cuz he hasn't been getting anywhere near enough!

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    Well worth it.

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    Good point. I'm sure you are right.

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    Schumer will want banking or finance. He is not ranking member but with a Democratic take-over and him heading up the DSCC he will probably be able to get one of the two.

    I would say Schumer get Banking and Dodd takes Rules. The Rules committee is incredibly powerful and Dodd would probably take it over banking anyhow.

    That's the only thing that really jumps out at me.

    That... and... Sanders on Homeland Security?


  • Not a bad idea. I have no idea if they would do it or even be interested in it.

    Straithairn lives in NY-20, is friends with people involved in the campaign and wanted to help out. Whether he would want to take it further or whether people who have copyright interests in Good Night and Good Luck would be willing and whether Jimmy Siegel has time or interest is a complete unknown to me.

    What I can say is that I know this thread and the viral nature of this video is getting attention paid to it so someone has read the idea and may decide to run with it... or not.



  • Good job Sean! Thanks for posting it. I replied to Jonathan but thought I'd send a reply to you as well. Can you edit your tags and remove Hudson Media Partners? This was produced by Jimmy Siegel. The same guy that has been doing all the great Eliot Spitzer ads.


  • Jonathan,

    Can you edit the tags please and remove Hudson Media Partners?

    This wis a Jimmy Siegel production and is not the work of Hudson Media.

    Siegel has been doing all the great work on Eliot Spitzer's ads and deserves all the credit we can give him for original and effective work.


  • David lives in the district and is friends with one of our county organizers. It kind of grew from there starting with the idea of him helping out in some way and turning into the idea of him reprising Murrow.

    The idea was completely appropriate given the nature of John Sweeney and his thug tactics.

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    Thanks for bumping this up Jonathan.

    Sweeney has gone strongly negative evoking images of McCarthyism in his smearing of good decent people. I know the Gillibrand's. Kirsten and Jonathan are good decent people that I'm happy to have as neighbors and friends let alone as my future Representative to Congress.

    John Sweeney has built a career in dirty politics and this challenge is bringing out the worst in him and his surrogates. He learned at the feet of Al D'Amato and Bill Powers and then moved on to having Tom DeLay and Karl Rove as his mentors.

    He has no decency and has no business being in public service.

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    Thanks for posting this!

    Sweeney's campaign consists of nothing more than bullying, smearing and sliming. He and his spokeswoman and surrogate attack dogs are attacking Kirsten Gillilbrand personally. They are attacking her profession, her husband, his profession, his past jobs, her father, her brother, her grandmother, her uncle, her residency, and her sex.

    They cannot and do not campaign on the issues. Their campaign consists of nothing but bullying.

    We can only imagine that they'll attack her Aunt Pam next.

  • I had the same problem. Scoop here at MyDD and at DailyKos converts the "greater than" and "less than" signs from YouTube into &GT and &LT for some reason. Chris or Matt must have cleaned my entry up here and gotten it to work. I tried like heck to do it at DailyKos once I realized what the problem was but wasn't able to keep them from getting translated into variables.

    Great ad isn't it?

    And this ad came out after the latest poll showing her only 8 points down and rising fast.

    There is another ad in the works I'm told.


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