• Martin Frost is a long-time Congressman from Texas. He was redistricted out of a job (couldn't beat Pete Sessions) by Tom DeLay and his illegal manueverings during this last election.

    When Dick Gephardt stepped down from his house leadership position Frost ran against Nancy Pelosi for minority leader and lost. I had heard his name before that but didn't know anything about him.

    Apparently he is a solid fund raiser, a very moderate Democrat, nothing really bad about him that I know of but nothing to excite me either.

    The one thing that stands out for me was some of the comments he made about Pelosi and the liberal wing of the party when they were running against each other for Minority Leader. He really turned me off with those comments.

  • Yer right! His web site rocks. Tells me everything I need to know about Mr. Frost and his netroots.

    Roemer's got him beat though. The subliminalinal messagings first rate!

  • Agreed... if he understood the nature of the thing then he would have known to post and stick around an hour and come back again later in the evening to review and respond to the night shift. I just wouldn't have jumped on him until the second day. Rosenberg made a brief appearance over dKos and I don't think he's been back either. Shame really but frankly Dean doesn't do much of that over the BFA either.
  • State Chairs represent about a quarter of the vote but they aren't necessarily going to vote as a block.

    I thought you were a Rosenberg guy? Promoting Frost to knock down Roemer? A little on-line electioneering going on here? :)

  • Yup. Woulda shown guts, risk taking ability, true recognition of what bloggig is, and would have been a great opportunity to show us his depth.

    I do think bashing him through only 24 hours is a bit quick though. I'd have given him 48. Who knows what his schedule looked like. I know sometimes I post something, check responses the next day and, if the subject matter is in-depth enough, take another day to respond in-depth. Now however, if he responds it'll go down as only being in response to being hammered for not responding.

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    "This is certainly a first. I wish everyone running for DNC chair would post a diary on MyDD so I could promote it to the front page--Chris"

    Stop wishing... and invite them!

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    We need non-partisan redistricting in ALL states... if not a straight change-over to proportional representation.

    But 2010 will be very interesting if the current throat-slitting political environment continues.

    It's gonna be ugly.

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    Yup. You're right. I was too lazy to check myself at the time. had the 20-9 figure in my head and then second-guessed myself into thinking that was the old pre-election number.
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    yeah... Reynolds and Sweeney would be my favored targets. Reynolds area is doable. Sweeney would take some serious jig-saw-puzzling to squeeze out. In his case though I am seriously hoping his ambitions and hubris goad him into following through on his plans to run for Governor and that he then gets his hiney kicked by Spitzer in 2006
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    ... Thank you very much for the post. It is excellent of you to reach out and talk with us about your views. I appreciate it very much and am fairly certain I can say that we all do.

    I liked what I just read. Good stuff. Forgive me if I pick on a couple things I didn't like as much and ask you to expand or explain a bit.

    In your post the other day you wrote in answer to question #3:

    " "someone who understands the importance of taking the massive amount of data that was collected about voters in this election" -- five years in telecom and tech have taught me that technology is not just about buying your canvassers a Palm Pilot and putting up a website.   Voters are the customers that need to be tracked, niche-marketed, and sold on our product."

    And here you said...

    "... the DNC's 447 shareholder members."

    Marketing and business terminology. Big turn-off for me and many of us in the reform wing that consider the corporate influence on the Democratic Party to be a huge part of our problem.

    I also wonder about your statement here...

    "raise money through traditional means and recognize value of new donors"

    What do you mean by that? "traditional means"? Is this a poorly worded statement or are you sending an anti-internet and small-donor message? That's the way it sounds but I doubt you really meant it that way. Care to take a moment to clarify?

    I liked this part very much...

    "The DNC needs to lead by turning to strong state parties and successful elected officials."

    As others have asked here... tell me about strengthening state parties. How would you do that? How would you differentiate between state parties that the DNC would assist and work with and those that it would require to change before getting heavily involved with them?

    And what do you mean by "turning to... successful elected officials?" How is that different than today?

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


    Democracy for the Hudson-Mohawk Region

  • I'd prefer proportional representation to term limits.

    Neither one is likely to happen anytime soon but as long as we are talking it's a no brainer for me to chose the one over the other.

  • What are the enrollmnt numbers for those districts?

    And which of these districts have a history of voting democratic in elections for other offices?

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    We'll have control of both houses of the NY Legislature. If these projections are true then we'll be in position to redistrict 2 Republicans out of a job. I don't know how much further than that we can go. The delegation is already 20-9 (21-8 after this past election I think).

    It seems to me that trying to squeeze out more than an additional two seats is a worthwhile task, a possible task, but that other states where the current gerrymandering is particularly disadvantageous to us might be more worthwhile.

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    Thanks for dropping by. Sorry I'm so late in replying but I just found out about this thread.

    I'm not a voting member of the DNC so feel free to ignore me completely but... IF... I was a voting member you would still be in consideration for me... however... I'm concerned about your answer to #3.

    Marketing approach?

    I think that misses the mark a bit. Yes, you need to identify your voters and potential voters. Yes, you need to figure out what they care about. Yes, you need to be able to answer to that in a favorable way.

    But don't you think we need to be able to define ourselves and our own core values better? Doesn't this election (and the past several) really point out that it is the lack of voter identification of who and what the Democrats are these days that is the problem?

    That's not marketing. That's self-definition.

    The polls showed that most folks felt the country was going in the wrong direction and that the Republicans did NOT represent their own positions on matters... yet folks voted for them... apparently because they felt that the Democrats did not provide a recognizable alternative.

    This is where I think Lakoff's framing comes in. We as Democrats intuitively known who and what we are but are unable to communicate it outward in a way that responates easily with others that might be open to our vision. We need to solve this problem and it is much more fundamental than marketing schemes.

    On the tech side of the actual question... yes, the databases and the info are invaluable tools.

    In my view it is the state, county, city and town parties that need access to that info. It is neighbor to neighbor that we get out our voters and convince "swing" voters to vote Democratic. Not at the national level.

    What are your views of the state parties? The county parties? And the relation of the DNC to them and vice versa?

    How do you see all of that operating? Improving? Synchronizing?


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