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    And the DNC will die the same death as described above.

    Notice served.

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    ... why would I want to end that by having bloggers follow the same code of ethics that what passes for journalists these days follow?

    Silliness. Do I need to bust out in a Monty Python skit?

  • I agree completely with your use of business terminology and results oriented measurables.
  • "i hope you realise that there are real people behind all these nicknames, and we have real feelings and real concerns."

    And real voices that have learned how to be heard above the din.

    And in many cases the one name here represents and organizes many other real names, real voices, real feet on the ground that are not logging in but are every bit as real.

  • Thank you for your responses. Much appreciated.

    One point of clarification... I did not mean to imply at all that we Democrats should be anti-business, that would be naive silliness, simply that I believe it is imperative that we claim the populist mantle as a strong counter position to the Republican (and in some corners Democratic) plutocracy.

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    for the report. It is very helpful and it is simply maaaahvelous to get such a report from the field.

    I can't seem to find such a thing in the traditional journalistic outlets... hmmmmm....

    Anyhow... one comment though that i disagreed with. You said:

    "Unfortunately, he just doesn't have as much to say. If he ends up being the chair, it won't be a disaster, but we'll have missed out on a chance to place three other candidates that seem clearly better to me. "

    And I have to disagree. Not reforming the party, missing the opportunity to make significant change, significant upgrade from the status quo IS a disaster in the making. We cannot afford third or fourth best. We cannot afford a compromise candidate that just didn't piss enough people off. We need to be putting our best foot forward in every way we possibly can and certainly, certainly in such an important and potentially pivotal positions as DNC Chair.

  • All local stuff... city, county, and town elections. My county has a slight Republican edge in enrollment but the Republicans have kicked our rears pretty good the last few elections and instead of a 50-50 split in elected officials they have far more than their share. They have the advantage of having one of the two most powerful Republicans in the state (State Senate Majority Leader) being from this county and that means... money... jobs... contracts... etc.

    So we have our work cut out for us to strengthen ourselves organizationally and putting out a stronger vision and better candidates in order to win back our share of the county. It's a big job but we'll do it. At the very least we'll begin the process and serve notice that they will have a serious fight on their hands from now on.

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    "To get involved with a progressive candidate who I would like to see become the face of the Democratic Party against Rick Santorum."

    ... Mr. Tim Tagaris for Senate in 2006?

  • I haven't looked outside of my locale (upstate New York) yet. Probably won't (much) either frankly as I now have responsiblities for local races in my town and county for this year and we're going to have some serious races here in New York in 2006 (governor, senator, and our serious attempt to capture the state senate from the republicans, as well as the chance to take a few House seats across upstate and do our part to retake the House of Representatives). So I'm staying more narrowly focused for now unlike last year when I backed folks from coast to coast.

    Your Werkheiser guy does look very interesting. Looking at the 2004 results it appears to be a very competitive district as well. I wish him well. He looks real young. What is he, 26-28? Nice looking, active resume for a guy that young.

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    ... and contributor... I couldn't agree more.

    Here we are beginning the process of looking at local races in 2005. We backed an insurgent candidate that primaried the incumbent Democratic Machine candidate in a DA race. He won and went on to win the general. We have placed several members on local town democratic committees and we'll see if we run some of our own candidates or pick and chose from others.

    As far as I'm concerned the party structure (of which I am now a part) can come along or make their own decisions but the grassroots/netroots are all grown up now and can also make decisions on their own.

  • They were inept.
  • (1) Dean is not a good organizer.

    It is the job of the Campaign Manager, not the candidate, to do the organizing.

    (2) Dean has a "tin ear."

    Indeed. The Democratic Party establishment and the DLC did a great job of assassinating him for speaking the truth. Excellent reason to replace them with new leadership so that the next Democrat that speaks the truth powerfully doesn't get assasinated by his own.

    (3) He is the wrong image for the party.

    This is a point that can be debated back and forth all day. To each their own opinion of what the image of the party is or should be. I disagree with you. I believe that the image of the Democratic Party ought to be someone that is strong enough to intelligently stand up for Democratic ideals and present a Democratic vision that is recognizable and clearly identifiable as being in-line with traditional American Community values and isn't the mish-mosh that we've been getting for 20 or so years now.

    But hey... that's just me.

  • I gather you haven't kept up with what's been going on with democracy for America and Howard Dean and his team since the campaign ended? There is a new group doing new things and we are bigger and stronger than ever.
  • According to The Hill article Murtha came to this conclusion on his own and informed Dean afterwards.
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    Then it would have been appropriate to say that instead of a rather rude comment that could easily be interpreted in another way.

    'Sides Dean himself prefers comparisons to Truman and I believe that is a more accurate comparison.

    But you never know until the election occurs and the records in the same office can be compared. As clearly pointed out by Jerome... the folks of his day didn't think FDR could carry FDR's jock strap either.


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