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    Love ya Chris but yer off your rocker on this one.

    If you are bored then come up to NY-20. There is too much work to do to have time to be bored.

    The race is tight and the opposition is mean, nasty, and ugly. They smear and slime anything and everybody.

    Come on up. We could use as many helping hands as we can get! I guarentee you won't be bored.

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    By asking a rather silly question you got the answer you were looking for.

  • This would be the same Harold Ickes that contributed to John Sweeney?

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    Joe Lieberman... the conservative candidate for Senate in Ct.

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    Ummm... it was a comment on a blog post pertinent to the subject matter.

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    Give me serious help in building a ground game in NY-20, NY-19, NY-24, and NY-29 and I'll show you 4 Democratic pick-ups.

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    The Hill reports the DCCC has started buying airtime in NY-20.

    I received secondary confirmation of that last night. Rumor is that the buy is a big one.

    The DCCC was already in NY-24.

    I don't know about other districts.

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    Well said.

    What we do know so far is that the memory cards to program the machines weren't at the polls in time.

    This could have been fraud.

    This could have been purposeful gamesmanship.

    This could have been incompetence.

    This could have been simple human error.

    Regardless, the result was the same. People were unable to vote in a smooth and orderly fashion that resulted in some people from being inhibited or stopped from voting.

    This is a serious problem that puts the validity of the entire vote in question.

    No computer system is completely secure.

    No voting system is completely secure.

    Where power and money are concerned unscrupulous people will do unscrupulous things.

    Luckily, most people are not unscrupulous.

    Sadly, where power and money are involved so to will unscrupulous people be attracted to getting involved.

    The result is the absolute requirement for an open and transparent voting system with checks and balances, the highest degree of reliability and testing we can manage, verifiability, and auditability.

    Our democrat process is too valuable to do otherwise.

    And... it is public domain, not privat enterprise.

    It is imperative that people get involved in ensuring that their local elections processes and procedures are transparent, auditable, and verifiable.

    This is not tin foil. It is sensible.

    We would require no less of our banking and other financial institutions.

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    Please take note of the greater than 2 to 1 Democratic to Republican turn-out ratio.

    The enrollment numbers in this town are 7 to 4 R to D.

    I don't have the last primary numbers handy but I think total turn-out was about 18 people. I'll see if I can dig them up but it was small, small, small back in '04.

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    Official New York Primary Results for my small little upstate hill town:

    Republican Senate:
    John Spencer - 20
    K.T. McFarland - 11

    Democratic Governor:
    Eliot Spitzer - 66
    Tom Suozzi - 4

    Democratic Senate:
    Hillary Clinton - 59
    Jonathan Tasini - 10

    Democratic Attorney General:
    Andrew Cuomo - 33
    Mark Green - 32
    Sean Maloney - 2
    Charlie King - 2

    You can take these numbers to the bank for the rest of the state for these particular races. I'm betting the final percentages mirror these quite closely.



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    ummm. lesseee...

    New York...

    I predict Eliot Spitzer will win his primary.

    And, ummm...

    I predict Hillary Clinton will also win.

    I predict Mike McNulty will win his primary in NY-21.

    And I predict Andrew Cuomo will defeat Mark Green but it'll be closer then polls indicate.

    Spencer (who?) will defeat McFarland (who?)

    And Keith Hammond will pull out a squeaker against Bill Reinhardt and the others in the 108th Assembly district.

    And John Hall will win in NY-19.

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    I agree.

    I'm Andrew C. White and I approve this message because I believe all Democrats should be proud to say so and stand up for what they believe in.

  • I'm fairly certain this was taken at an event in Columbia County last month. Hillary Clinton was doing a tour of the state appearing with various Congressional Candidates. I think she appeared with Mike Arcuri in NY-24 the next day.

    Columbia County is home to both Kirsten Gillibrand and Denise King. Hillary was speaking to a group of supporters and Kirsten did so also. They then enjoyed general chit-chat (working the outdoor room) and picnicing.

    I don't think there is much more to read into this photo then three leading women appearing together at an event. I think the placement of them simply depicts where they happened to be standing at the time. I'm sure a snapshot or two later the configuration looked different.

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    I believe this photo was from a recent appearance by both Hillary Clinton and Kirsten Gillibrand in Columbia County.

    As noted above, the woman in the middle is Denise King. She is a good friend and a truly wonderful and active democrat. Very smart and capable. I have to take major exception to your description of her. As noted, she is Chair of the Executive Committee of the New York State Democratic Party. She was also previously chair of the Columbia County Democratic Committee. She is very active in Kirsten's campaign. I met her first back in '03 when she was New York State Chair of Gov. Howard Dean's Presidential Campaign.

    As for the article, there is nothing new here and they don't have their facts straight either. The DCCC has not given as much attention to these NY campaigns as I think they ought to have but they haven't been silent either. Nor have they refrained completely on the money and assistance front.

    The various NY campaigns have always been a little lower down on the DCCC's list then several others. Most of them ranking in the 20's. They are on the radar, do receive assistance, but aren't as high up as I would like to them to be.

  • Mucha reported to Pataki also but that didn't stop a lot of people from calling her "Governor Mucha."


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