• It doesn't hurt that the good Doctor has a very strong base of support in New York... both in the grassroots and within the state party apparatus.


    I would strongly suggest that supporters of the progressive movement and the 50-state strategy get involved with their local democratic parties.

    I would strongly suggest you take seats on your ward, city, town, and county party committees.

    If you are already on those committees then I would strongly suggest you either get yourself on your state committee, the national committee, or make sure that your locality send supporters to those higher level committees.

    In 2008 there will be another vote for DNC Chair. I believe Dr. Dean has stated that he will not run again... this may change but I suspect not.

    Should a Democrat win the Presidency in 2008 then they will have a great deal of influence over who becomes the new DNC Chair. We were able to install Gov. Dean because there was no single Democrat at the top of the totem pole. Should we win the Presidency there will be indisputably one single Democrat at the top of the totem pole. That person traditionally gets their pick as Chair. We can influence that by either insuring that person is a friend of the Good Doctor and/or the 50-state strategy and/or the progressive movement or by making sure we control the Democratic National Committee and can resist going backwards should the new Democratic President be an idiot.

  • It might also be worth taking a look at how they voted on issue lines.

    For instance, Blue Dogs say they advocate fiscal conservatism. Do they vote as a caucus on such issues and deviate on social issues? Or issues not expressly addressed in whatever their "charter" is?

  • As someone that was campaigning in NY-20 where we did get national and big dollar help, I was constantly aware that our race should have been no better or worse off then any of the others in the state, yet we got major help (and won) and they (NY-29 and NY-25 in particular) did not get help until the very end and even then not much.

    Carville is yesterdays news. He has no credibility or standing in the New Democratic Party.

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    I'm thinking Chris spends happy hour talking about nothing but politics.

  • Snooze?

    You must have a very different world view then I do... or have lived a different history the last few years.


  • I didn't say here that I did or didn't support. I simply answered your question about why folks have taken so strongly to him. He clearly got a fire lit under him and responded quite well.

    But yeah, that is also why he is one of my personal front runners for 2008. No one else has given me a better reason to rank them over him.

  • Those are his socks... he hasn't changed them in awhile.

  • Orally Picky?

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    Thank you.

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    since he re-emerged from post-presidential seclusion.

    That is where you will find your answer.

  • Spitzer did campaign for some state senators but I agree that this is a real problem area in New York State. I wouldn't blame him but the entire current structure/arrangement.

    In 2008 there needs to be concerted, gloves off, approach to removing the republicans from power in the Senate.

    No more deals.

  • Hillary spent a lot of money but very little of it was on her own campaign. She gave a ton to the DSCC and as you know she was in the various upstate New York House districts on a regular basis campaigning for our candidates as well as hosting fund raisers down in the city for them.

  • Hillary campaigned hard and regularly for just about every Democratic House challenger in the state.

    She held fund raisers.

    She brought her own donors.

    She contributed to the candidates.

    She contributed to the state party.

    She contributed big to the DSCC.

    She loaned her campaign people to working for candidates and the state party in the most coordinated effort I have seen to get down ballot candidates elected.

    We won 3 Republican held house seats as a result.

    I am disappointed we did not win NY-25 and NY-29 but Maffei had a slow start and 29 is the toughest district in the state. Jack Davis in NY-26 wasn't really a Democrat and was a lousy uninspiring candidate.

    I am disappoint we did not win more but this assessment is overly harsh. Hillary did her part. Credit where credit is due. Hillary did her part.

    When it comes to the state senate there are issues. Virtually no money flows to state senate challengers. I am broken hearted our own Brian Keeler didn't win but he did give a real charge to the incumbent and will beat him in 2008. But Democrats need to stop abandoning their State Senate candidates. It is time for Joe Bruno to go. It is time to remove the last vestiges of Republicanism from New York.

    By the way, Hillary showed up at combined events for Kirsten Gillibrand and Brian Keeler. Brian shared the stage with Kirsten and President Bill Clinton.

    Hillary did her part.

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    It'll be long. I'll drink lots of coffee. I'll be pumped up on adrenaline and coffee all day. I'll be real tired when the polls close at 9:00 PM but won't notice it. Then it'll be off to count totals, enjoy parties and be happy and exhausted all the way into Wednesday. At the end of the day I'll be a very tired, happy camper.

    That's my prediction for election day.

  • Connecticut may be where we lose the Senate after winning the 6 seats necessary to take control.


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