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    I agree that the New Repub piece is good for Allen, nationwide, though I'm not knowledgeable enough about the VA campaign.  Nationally the exposure of Allen's racism is not going to hurt him very much.

    I do recall a guy named Bush who ran for President in 2000 with a shaky bio.  Didn't hurt him much, due to a variety of well documented reasons.   No reason to think it won't be the same with Allen.

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    Betting the band back together?  The one that played so many hits in 2000, the race any sitting VP should have won by 5 points?

    He is a bad retail politician.  He still strikes me as stuffy.  I don't think he's any more passionate in person than he was in 2000.   On the page, his words are more fiery, no doubt. Very smart guy, though, but that doesn't necessarily translate to political strategy, as we've seen.

    I think if he ran he wouldn't win the nomination, unless Hillary ran, the rest of the field tanked (not gonna happen) and the non Hillarys coalesced around him.  I think this is a fantasy.  

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    "can't face what they've become"?

    Matt, you really, really need to stop psychologizing, it's embarrassing to read, and damaging to your credibility and this blog's.

    Lieberman and Klein know who they are, they know what they think, they are adults.   They are simply wrong.   And they exhibit shallow and ignorant thinking.   And they may both be narcissists, they seem to be pretty smug, but we don't know for sure, do we?   They may be sincere and just stupid.

    Any speculation as to the makeup of their sense of self is really silly.   And gets us nowhere i.e. persuasion.  

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    Chris, in my view your analysis is very wise.

    It is always double-edged to have criticism be the dominant tone in any campaign in this time of widespread cynicism.   We need an equivalently strong forward-looking positive message.

    Before the R collapse of this year, I didn't expect D's to really contend for Congress for a couple more cycles.  I believe we inevitably will come back....but circumstances are forcing us to come up to the plate before we're really ready.   Maybe we can punch the ball into a hole.  The home run will probably come in later years - an exceptional 2008 messenger, possibly.

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    What a shame, that a politician is not making you feel good.

    Certainly if a politican doesn't please each and every constituent, he or she is a failure.

    Down with Kaine.  The Quest For Purity Lives. Onward.

    Let's stop worrying about silly things like Nov '06.  Let's pick our Red State brothers to death.  That'll be practical AND fun.

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    Blogosphere needs to continue hammering it home the way it has the last month or so.  

    Must not stop, the McCain Truth Outing.

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    I really think you should reconsider all the ad hominems against Lieberman.  Call him a bad politician, bad for the Democratic party, etc., but calling him a "weak man" is Red State territory.  

    Look, I can't stand the guy, but I think you weaken the impact that this website can have by getting so personal.

    And you're guesses as to the psychological motivations of Lieberman are just that, guesses.  We don't know what's in another person's head.

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    Why do you need Jerome to blog on Warner?

    I don't think we have a "right" to have an inside source on Mark Warner or anybody else.  Besides, Jerome is clearly biased, anyway.  And he could turn this into a sports blog if he wanted to.  

    And I too like Warner at this point, but it's early; If you want Warner "spin" on an issue, why not go to his blog, or ask people like me on this blog or others? Then you'll get an honest opinion.  (or, hah, maybe I'm getting paid huge bucks to act this way and persuade with genuine integrity....somebody, please, hook me up with such a job)

    I cannot believe the DLC has anywhere near enough money to pay people to comment on blogs.  

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    Politics, like business, is tough.  "The New Guy" is always disadvantaged, particularly if he or she is wearing renegade colors openly.

    I don't know how many times I've seen an honest campaign get derailed at the last minute by an effective piece of dirty mail, for example.  

    I have to say, your ideas about what thoughts are in Paul Hackett's head are totally unproductive, imaginary at best, and will not make you look good.  Candidates will be wary of you.

    A tip: if you want to stay in politics, do not air dirty laundry like this in public.

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    Old equals "the past"

    McCain would make it much easier for a Democrat to run as the "future" candidate.  

    Last time a candidate really talked about the future was in '92; one candidate right now has it as a central part of his message, Warner.  Others would do well to pick this up.

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    I'd love to see polling on how McCain's national support moves when people become aware how old he is.

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    I think the "base election" formulation is simplistic; every election is a base election.   The key way to understand elections is the change vs. continuity dynamic, which is often driven by purely external events.  So leveraging external events politically is what matters.  Guess which side has been better at that recently (terrorism)?    

    This is not to dispute any of the blogospheric criticisms of the party structure and politics in general; it's merely to add on an ignored layer.  

    I've said many times I think D's need about a 15 point generic ballot advantage to have a chance at taking a chamber.  I don't expect this margin to last.

    But I'd actually rather fall just short in both chambers and run as "out of power" in '08.

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    What is "the picture?"

    Allen has Gillespie, a bigger get.  But that's not even an indicator by itself.

    No point in burning calories trying to figure out what "the insiders" are thinking.

    And nothing erases McCain's structural troubles ie religion, taxes, global warming.......

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    That sure will play well with hard right conservatives, huh?

  • Can you also let me know what next week's Powerball numbers will be?


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