John Mellencamp has NOT endorsed Obama

Contrary to what the heaving masses think, it was announced today that John Mellencamp has indeed NOT endorsed Barack Obama for president. He has chosen not to endorse another candidate beyond his initial one of Edwards.

He is playing an Obama rally tonight and I know Obama supporters were waiting with baited breath for him to demand Hillary stop using his songs. It won't be happening.

It was just announced today that Mellencamp will perform on Saturday at rally for the New York Democrat in Indianapolis.

Read all about it at The Swamp. So much for that endorsement, huh?

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New SUSA KY POLL, Clinton by 36%

"In a Democratic Primary in Kentucky today, 04/15/08, five weeks to the vote, Hillary Clinton defeats Barack Obama 62% to 26%, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted for WHAS-TV Louisville and WCPO-TV Cincinnati. Compared to an identical SurveyUSA tracking poll released two weeks ago, Obama has lost ground among men and women, young and old, conservatives and moderates. In Western KY, Clinton had led by 30, now leads by 43. In Eastern KY, Clinton had led by 52, now leads by 63. in North Central KY, Clinton had led by 30, now leads by 39. In greater Louisville, Clinton had led by 12, now leads by 16."

SUSA has only been wrong once that I can remember in this primary cycle and their methodology is sound. This poll shows something very different than what the MSM would like you to believe.

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And Obama Says Clinton Feels Entitled?! LINK FIXED

We have heard many times lately that "The Clintons" or rather, Hillary Clinton, feels 'entitled' to the presidency. We hear talk of how she felt inevitable in the early days of the campaign and how that backfired on her and her campaign. We hear it until we are literally sick, even though it was the media who created the inevitability memo.

While all that talk may have indeed backfired and hurt her campaign early on, she is certainly by no means the only candidate playing that game. And this time it isn't ONLY the media pushing it; the "I am inevitable" crap is coming from the candidate's own mouth in psuedo warnings to Clinton supporters.

What are we to make of this? Did he think Rendell would not talk? Does he think no one will care because the media is his base?

He would be wrong.

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