Why Obama Should Support Fully Seating MI/FL

When the RBC meets on Saturday it looks like they will cut the MI and FL delegations in half (or give them half votes). I believe that this is the worst possible outcome for Barack Obama. Herewith are several reasons why Obama should support Hillary's request to have the delegations seated in full.

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I'm sorry I called Hillary supporters childish and petulant

In the past, I have repeatedly denounced those Clinton supporters, here and elsewhere, who claim that they will not vote for Obama in the fall if he is the nominee. I thought that letting McCain continue Bush's disastrous term just because Hillary was one of the many candidates who didn't win the nomination is just plain dumb.

I'm sorry I ever thought that. I now join the ranks of those I previously called "childish."

I will not vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton under any circumstances.

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Hillary's Sure Path to the Nomination: The Coleman Scenario

If Pennsylvania made one thing clear tonight, it is that Hillary Clinton has a clear path to the nomination: she can win it the way Norm Coleman won his Senate seat in 2002.

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Hillary: Nobody's vote should count

So Hillary Clinton gave an interview to Time (click to second page)expressing her clear view that none of the votes cast in the primaries or caucuses should count:

[E]very delegate with very few exceptions is free to make up his or her mind however they choose. We talk a lot about so-called pledged delegates, but every delegate is expected to exercise independent judgment.

Let me rephrase that for you: Every Democrat who thought they were voting for a candidate was really expressing an advisory opinion. Delegates must vote however they think is best no matter what the mere voters said.

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Obama should concede the experience issue

If Hillary and McCain are both going to attack Obama on the experience problem, he needs to just admit that they are correct. Here's how he should do it . . .

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