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    I think everyone would be fine with the continuing primary if Clinton would promise to suspend her campaign if she is behind after the final contests on June 3. But she will never do that.

    When the Clinton camp says things like this, they are simply trying to tamp down all talk about making the race end in May, like after Indiana. They make soothing noises to say, "What's the rush? Just a few more weeks and it will all be over." It will not be over.

    This race is over when the party bigwigs visit Hillary and tell her to stop. It's over when Reid puts together enough people to threaten to strip her seniority unless she quits.  Until then, the selfish person will burn the party down because she can't get what she wants.

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    I just freakin' love the contradiction in the HRC narratives:

    1. No matter what happens this. primary. will. continue.

    2. Obama can't get Hillary to leave the race, therefore he is unelectable and he is the one who should leave the race.

    I didn't think I could hate this country more than I did after the 2004 election, but I'm really starting to get to the point where I hate 3/4 of it instead of 1/2 of it.

    I guess I'm an elitist.

  • Actually, the point being made is that RCP has a line listing the popular vote totals with FL and MI, but that line excludes the caucus states. When the caucus state estimates are added in, Obama has a 200,000+ lead.

    If we really count ALL of the votes, Clinton is still a loser. Presuming Obama is breathing.

  • Redneck Party? Don't you mean Hillary Clinton endorser Richard Mellon Scaife? The man who Hillary bragged about bridging the divide with on Olbermann?

  • Not sure where you got that data, but as of posting time the official returns have an 8.6% lead for Clinton with 98.91% of precincts reporting.

    Not that it matters, as they both round to 9%, which turns out to be a single digit number. We'll see if it bumps up when all votes are counted.

  • Hey, I'm just spitballing here. You think it's easy to come up with plausible scenarios for Clinton to take the nomination? It's fucking hard!

  • Wow, even Terry McAuliffe wasn't so shameless as to count Michigan in his cooked-up popular vote total.

    Besides, you'd better get on board the spin train. The Clinton camp doesn't want to announce that popular vote is a definitive criteria. Rather, they'll wait until June 3 and then announce a rule that guarantees that they win.

    Hillary has already proven that she can win big when Obama is not even on the ballot -- that's the lesson of Michigan. Since only a Wellstone event will get him off the ballot in the upcoming states, that's her best shot.

  • Right! Thank you for providing facts instead of fantasy.

  • She is still doing just super in the big states this late in the game? Why isn't Obama out of the race yet?

    Is it because of his massive base of small donors? His insurmountable lead among pledged delegates? His overall lead in the popular vote?

    If Hillary can't convince Obama to quit the race tonight, maybe the superdelegates will start wondering about her electability.

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    One of the best things about the series was how it really got at the emotion of the deteriorating relationship between Adams and Jefferson. It was sad to see what happened, and the way they played the letters in the final episode had quite a punch.

    Also, the guy who played Jefferson made some weird choices, but he was pretty good anyway.

  • Deal with the real world? Pretty rich, coming from someone who apparently believes that Hillary Clinton might win the nomination.

    But I hope you are right that Clinton supporters do not demand that their butts be kissed in order to turn out and vote for Obama this November.

  • Right on. I am getting tired of Clinton supporters who piss all over Obama, send in money so Hillary can do McCain's dirty work for him, and then demand that Obama "make amends" to them.

    It seems to me that if you are such a baby that you demand Obama apologize to you for the nearly unforgivable act of defeating your preferred candidate, the more appropriate response is "fuck you."

    Vote for McCain in the fall, or Nader, or stay home. Live with yourself for helping to tee up the country for another four years of war and economic destruction. You can relive your petulance every time the reinforced Roberts court hands down a decision.

    After all, if you care about women's issues and working class issues, the best thing you can do is help McCain get elected, right?  If that's how you feel, then that is your right as an American citizen, and oh by the way, fuck you.

  • You forgot Muslim-Gate, Pledge-Gate, Madrassa-Gate, MI/FL-Gate, and Embittered Post Menopausals Stay Home-Gate.

    The more interesting question, though, is whether Hillary herself will spend more money pushing these things than the Republicans will. Because at the rate the fundraising is going, the best 527 the Republicans have working for them is the Clinton campaign.

  • We do have a presumptive nominee, there is just a small number of people who refuse to admit it to themselves.

    There must be some reason that public opinion continues to go south on Hillary, even as her daily triumphs are celebrated here with multiple diaries every day.

    The more she tears into Obama, the more people realize that we are wasting an opportunity to use a huge financial advantage against McCain and lowering favorables of our own eventual nominee.

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    That is super terrific for her. I'm sure this debate is the "game changer" like Wright and Bitter and Rezko and all of the other things that were going to turn this race around and give it to Hillary.

    It's nice that she had a big stage where she could beat the crap out of the Democratic nominee. I suspect we will all come to regret it.

    Obama was stupid to agree to this debate. When he did, he killed any chance of ending the race before PA.


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