• What do you mean "the precedent this would set"?  New York is famous for handing out their Senate seats to famous people.  How the hell do you think Hillary Clinton got it in the first place?  Sure she ran for it, like RFK, but like him she came in as a carpetbagger -- she never would have entered the election if she didn't think the voters would hand it to her.

    Yes, it is disgusting. But for New York it certainly is nothing new.

  • I'll just note that it's very important to draw a distinction between assigning blame to the LDS church as an institution and blaming "the Mormons" in general.

    I'll go further and say that we need to blame churches in general.  I get so fucking tired of listening to people say that progressives need to reach out to churchgoers.  The churches are the oppressors.

    Any of you who don't see that it is time to go to war against religion have your heads in the sand. Belief in God and/or Jesus is braindead! We have to stop it.  Until we do, people will continue to be oppressed over the stupid bullshit in the bible, and people will continue to die because of unsafe abortions and lack of medical research.

    Wise up, people!  Blacks aren't the problem!  God is the problem!  What have you done today to destroy God?

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    I don't claim to have my thumb on the pulse of my state, but I get the sense that Obama contesting Arizona might be a bad thing in the long run.

    We have some important races that will be very close, including the marriage initiative and ousting Shadegg.  If we want to win those we need to win the turnout war.  If Republicans start to think that Obama is making a race of it in Arizona, they may be energized and turn out in larger numbers to prevent McCain from the humiliation of losing his home state.  If they think their presidential vote doesn't count, they may find themselves too busy to vote.

    I'd rather McCain wins Arizona if it means Republicans stay home and we can win the important downballot races.

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    David Dreier is in the closet, opinion-wise, about this issue. His silence is extremely queer. Why is he being such as sissy?  He needs to sally forth and tell the world what he thinks.  He shouldn't just dance around the issue like he's one of the Village People!

    After all, if you are not direct with what you are saying, you are a total hypocrite.  

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    Yeah, I don't think I trust a poll that shows Iowa and Pennsylvania tied but Obama leading in Michigan and Ohio.  Something is funny about this one.

  • Is there anyone here who is going to defend McCain's summer gas tax plan? Or have they all gone to His44? Because I remember an awful lot of diaries around here talking about what an awesome freakin' idea that gas tax holiday was...

  • Well, like I said, it seems a little rigged. Not utterly wrong, but best case scenarios for all of the progressive options.

    What I do like about the game is that it makes you focus on your top priorities. I didn't choose energy independence or environment as priorities, so I skipped things like mass transit investment. I really believe in it, but I wanted to pay for health care and education first. That kind of decision making is very realistic, even if the projected outcomes are not.

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    I was able to reduce the deficit, push the budget bust to almost 2070, shrink the size of government, and completely fill my three badges: health/wellness, economic stimulus, and safety net. That is universal health care, more assistance for the poor, better education funding, and stronger social security benefits -- but government became smaller as a percentage of GDP.

    That sounds freakin' awesome, but even if it were politically feasible to do all of those things, I wonder if the impact would be what the game says it would be. I kind of doubt it.

    But if the game is accurate, I just restored our nation to greatness. Me for VP.

  • I've got $20 that says that Hillary or a top campaign surrogate compares the 1/2 delegations to the fact that the constitution counted slaves as 3/5ths of a person. If she hasn't already.

  • Hillary will never cheerfully accept her loss. No matter what the RBC does, we can expect to hear more about the boy's club that took the prize from the lioness or whatever.

    It's just that the argument about "innocent Florida voters being disenfranchised" is particularly persuasive, and it would be best if she couldn't keep making that argument. Punishing the states is a secondary concern to making Hillary stop talking about the Dem nomination as if it were stolen or otherwise tainted by corruption.

  • I'm not sure that many people outside of the Hillary dead enders believe that Obama is blocking the delegations from the convention. I certainly don't think that.

    Hillary's attacks on the penalty are necessarily passive voice attacks. She can't finger anyone, because then she has to admit that her old friend Harold Ickes is the equivalent of a slave owner. Or something.

  • I never said that Hillary can be appeased. Quite the opposite. I'm just saying that giving her everything on the MI/FL question takes away her last remaining argument with any real power to persuade.

  • I respectfully disagree. Hillary has been painting Florida Democrats as victims of a GOP-controlled state government that changed the primary against their will. That's a lie, but that's her argument. She will continue to say that the DNC and Obama disenfranchised innocent voters who could do nothing to stop the changing of their primary date. A big filthy lie, but that's what she will say.

    I can't stand the idea of listening to such bullshit for the next three months.

  • Balls jokes aside? You never push balls to the side! Balls are always front and center, with other substantive issues running a distant second.

    If living in a liberal democracy means that jokes about balls are not important, then ship me off to Red China.

  • Won't somebody PLEASE think about the Floridians?!?


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