The UN Committee on World Hunger reported that demand for cat food, mainly in industrialized countries, has soared, resulting in severe shortages. In the United States, supply problems and higher prices have been particularly prevalent in Florida and Arizona, but officials note that problems exist throughout the country.

Social agencies have reported that many of its senior clients are suffering from early stages of malnutrition. Complaints of price gouging have risen dramatically and several states have enacted laws and are imposing fines. The Association of Community Senior Centers has called for congressional hearings.

Several pet food manufacturers are working round the clock and all deny any unwarranted price increases.

A spokesman for AARP issued a statement that, although acknowledging that the world is overrun with too many cats, there is no truth to the rumor that it is preparing a cookbook with recipes for cooking cats.


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Financial Crisis Solution


Unlike prior responses to crises, the Bush administration has been making a valiant effort to solve massive financial meltdown we are facing. Although the remedies make some sense, the stock market has continued to plunge and the economy is suffering.

This weekend, the G-7 foreign ministers are meeting in Washington to address this world wide problem with a world wide solution. Based on prior experiences, prospects are not good.

The solution? Get Warren Buffet, Michael Bloomberg, and T. Boone Pickins together and do whatever they say.


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McCain's plan is for the government to help distressed homeowners burdened by mortgages they cannot pay.
          Is it true that the government would be paying off these mortgages at face value?

         Doesn't the rescue plan do the same thing, giving the government these mortgages, which
          have been securitized?

         So isn't  the rescue route much superior, since purchases are at a heavily discounted price?

Millions of Americans live in apartments, condos, and small homes. Most of these have living room - dining areas and small kitchens.

How in the world do these families figure out their budgets and pay their bills when they do not have a kitchen table?      


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McCain-Obama Debate


I wouldn't bet on slime-free debate tonight. McCain has a nasty streak that may lead him to repeat the recent sleazy attacks by his campaign. Meanwhile, surrogates, Fox news, and Palin broadcast  the lies and innuendos.

Portraying Obama as a man of mystery is beyond belief. The man has written two forthright books about his life and his beliefs and political philosophy, attended two U.S. universities, served as President of the Harvard Law Review, has been in politics for over 10 years. and survived grueling primaries.

I hope that the American people will not fall for these unwarranted and unsubstantiated attacks.


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Who was that Republican VP candidate last night?  Where was the bewildered, stumbling Sara Palin who was interviewed by Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric?

My theory is that the person who did those interviews was not the real Sarah Palin but actually was Tina Fey.

Whoever it was in the debate, she did well. She was direct, informed, assertive, and engaging. She spoke directly to the TV audience and clearly went a long way toward erasing the image of the clueless interviewee.  Certainly, she did not have the command of facts as Joe Biden and often was not responding to the question asked, but she far exceeded expectations and recaptured much of her initial appeal.

For his part, Joe Biden was properly respectful and avoided gaffes, condescension, and interminable answers. He showed that he was obviously more qualified to serve as vice president, or even president. and to that extent "won" the debate. However, Sarah Palin survived to fight another day.

But do I miss the Alaskan valley girl? You betcha.


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What we have learned from presidential campaigns,


At the end of the "Morning Joe" show each morning, each of the three regulars makes a tongue-in-cheek statement of what each has learned today. So, what have we learned from the campaigns for president? We have learned that:

You can actually see Russia from Alaska

Ordinary workers at their tasks determine the fundamental soundness of the U.S. economy

Obama's use of "look" to introduce a thought has spread to pundits and other politicians

The negative and misleading ads of the McCain campaign were caused by Obama's refusal to engage in a series of town hall debates

Small town people can be bitter and cling to guns or religion

Hillary Clinton will be ready on day one

McCain has the requisite experience; Obama gave a speech

Obama is a Christian, as far as Hillary knows

Hillary Clinton is from Scranton

Dennis Kucinich is conversant with UFOs

Dennis Kucinich has a gorgeous wife

Joe Biden can give a one word answer

Joe Biden's wife is "drop-dead gorgeous"

Ron Paul is angry, but not as angry as Mike Gravel

Sarah Palin may be kept in Social Security's lock box until the election

Sarah Palin can field dress a moose.

John McCain has heard of the e-mail and the google, but is unaware of possible use of telecommuncations and airplanes between Washington and campaign or debate locations

There is such a thing as credit default swaps


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Some of the News
That may be True


Earlier in the week Senator John McCain called for the creation of a 9-11 type commission to
investigate and study the causes of our current financial crisis. Today, the Republican candidate amended his proposal to limit the commission's study to finding solutions.

The reason? Senator McCain said that he realized that the cause was just like the one creating other negative developments. Wall Street, financial institutions , and the government must come to the realization that the whole credit meltdown would have been avoided if only Senator Obama had accepted his invitation to engage in a series of town hall debates.


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Primaries Depends on what a "win" is

Democratic primaries - it depends on what a "win" is.

The Clinton campaign want to seat Florida and Michigan delegates because Senator Clinton had a win in each state. She had gone so far to hold a victory rally on election night in Florida to celebrate her "win". It takes a lot of nerve to claim a "win" when there has been no contest. If an opposing team doesn't show up for a game, the other team doesn't say that it won the game.

The Clintons stop at nothing when it comes to putting a spin on win. Senator Clinton, having outpolled Obama in Ohio, New York, and California and expecting the same in Pennsylvania keeps contending that she deserves the nomination because he can't win the big states. What nonsense! These are primaries, where Clinton usually has the support of the governors, mayors, and the Democratic establishment. These were not races against Republicans. Does Senator Clinton expect us to believe that, with Obama the nominee, all of those who voted for her in the primary will suddenly become Republicans and vote for McCain?


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Bush To Meet Abmadinejad?

Headline -

Clinton-Obama Proxy Throwdown! Axelrod and Wolfson Play Hardball

Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson and Obama spokesman David Axelrod squared off on the MSNBC political program, Hardball. The main topic was Obama's statement of his willingness to meet with disliked leaders of states such as Iran, Syria, and Venezuela. Most contentious was Wolfson's criticism of a possible meeting with Iran's Ahmadinejad, a "Holocaust denier"

Imagine if President George Bush followed the position of Obama (and the Iraq Study Group) that we should meet with important countries that do not agree with us and agreed to meet with Ahmadinejad. The headline could then be:


from Homer at

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Hillary vs. Obama on Meetings

Obama is in some difficulty on stating his willingness to meet with leaders of countries that we don't like without preconditions. In reality, his response is correct, although the explanation is too intricate to counteract the initial impression Hillary emphasized. She said there would have to be a build-up to any meeting to be sure it was not just for propaganda and later called Obama naive.

By "pre-conditions" the questioner undoubtedly meant insurmountable ones such as fair and free elections in Syria. These act as barriers to any diplomatic discourse. And, as Obama pointed out later, there would be planning before any meeting.

If these were real debates with time for exchanges between candidates these points would have become clear. But they are not and, in the meantime, Obama must be alert for the appropriate, firm soundbite.


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