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    We need a public plan for effective reform of the health care system. So President Obama must bring the recalcitrant Democrats into line.

    If the threat to run a primary challenge against them doesn't work, lock each one in a room where Rahm Emanuel can speak to them while Reggie Love hovers.

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    Would her expected 2012 presidential campaign have a better chance of success if she ran for only half a term?

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    "Sotomayor Vows `Fidelity to the Law'... "

    She has strong qualifications and a great life story. In the meantime, Republicans are shocked, shocked that she may draw on her life experiences, show empathy, or have some liberal tendencies.

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    So we have one governor, Sarah Palin, who resigns  without giving us a logical reason, and another, Mark Sanford, who refuses to resign while giving us, endlessly, a compelling reason for his resignation.  Maybe Mr. Sanford should have gone to Alaska instead of Argentina.

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    From my 2004 post.(www.altara.blogspot.com) Glad you were doing something about it.

    "The solution - take marriage off the table.

    Let marriage be the private commitment that it really is. Those who wish can choose marriage, and label it as such, in accordance with their faith, spiritual values, ethics, or other personal beliefs. It may or may not be church or religion related; that depends of the tenets of the church and the wishes of the couple.

    On the other hand, the state should have nothing to do with the institution of marriage. Its concern should only be civil union and the regulation of the legalities of formation and dissolution, basic rights and obligations of the parties, and economic benefits attendant to the union. The state's role as protector of children remains unchanged."

  • Good points. I'm glad that Sestak may possibly run.

    Hold Spector's feet to the fire. If he's just the old self-centered Spector, there's no point in having him as a Democrat.

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  • related fake news


    Some of the News
    That may be True


    Wednesday March 11 - Sub-Rosa's senior investigative reporter, Ronald Davit, has obtained a discarded duplicate copy of the tape recording of part of President Obama's day in the oval office.
    It appears that there are some omitted or deleted sections but we have pieced together these excerpts:

    Hello, Warren, this is the President. How are things in Omaha?

    Good. I want to thank you again for your help and advice during the campaign and the advice you have continued to offer. But I have to take issue with your view that I am taking on too many issues at one time and that I have to focus on the economy. Let me assure you .... oh, excuse me for a minute.

    I'm back. That was Governor Sebelius and her chief of staff. They wanted clarification of one point in my health plan.

    Tim Geitner and I are meeting later this afternoon to .... please hold, call coming in.

    That was the Vice President, calling from Brussels. Joe needed approval of some draft language in NATO's letter to Putin. Tim and I are going to be discussing .....

    (long silence)

    Secretary Gates and Holbrook arrived early for their appointment. We had to make final decisions on some points in the new strategic plan for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Tim and I feel that some clarification .... just a minute....

    Thanks for holding. That was Emanuel. He needed to know which members of Congress will require strong persuasion to support a lower tax benefit for some itemized deductions in order to help fund our health plan. We have hopes .....sorry ...

    That was just a draft of my speech tomorrow on our education overhaul.

    As I said , I am focusing like a laser on the banking and jobs crisis. In fact .... Oh, Michelle. Yes, I will be available soon to help the kids with their homework. ....

    And the Romanian delegation is here now?

    Well, Warren, I know that you're very busy running Berkshire Hathaway so I won't keep you any longer. Thanks again for your help.

    homer  www.altara.blogspot.com

  • Obama doing well but, as outlined below, I have my doubts on cutting the cost of health care.


    Relying on anecdotal evidence and no expertise, I have these thoughts on the plans to adopt much needed reforms of our health care system. Long ago, I noted the inherent foolishness of having health care access depend on where you work. And I tend to favor a complete single payer system, but it seems that we should not at this stage have it all governmental, such as VA system.

    So Medicare for all could be the answer. It is efficient and could put pressure on providers and pharmaceutical companies to reduce costs. President Obama keeps emphasizing the need to reduce the cost of health care, but other than computerizing medical records no measures are proposed.

    I doubt that computerization will do a whole lot. I know of no one who has had a problem having medical records available. Over time, it will help in selection of the best treatment, but I doubt if it will much else to reduce costs.

    Recently, I had 2 hospital stays of one night each for some routine 2 hour surgery. In addition to the surgeon and his assistants, I must have seen at least 20 people, mostly nurses and nurse assistants, but also aides, various testing people, and miscellaneous workers. And of course there
    were many unseen - cooks, lab people, cleaners, etc. My bills were over $35,000 for each visit. And a couple of nights ago, Jay Leno reounted the experience of a friend of his who had an overnight trip to the hospial for a broken arm and was charged $26,000.

    The point is that health care is so labor intensive that IT improvements may make only a small dent in overall costs. Perhaps some rationing and means testing will help a bit. Better preventative care could help a lot.

    So, no answers. From physicians to janitors, labor is a huge factor. Maybe we have to start way back to colleges, nursing schools, and medical schools to try to wring some costs out of the system.

    homer   www.altara.blogspot.com

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                                                               CLOSING GITMO

    It is like a breath of fresh air.  The new Obama administration has renounced torture, adopted real science, and ordered the closing of the prison at Guantanamo. The closing may take a year to complete.  A fair trial procedure must be established and a place must be found for those who can't be proved to deserve continued detention and for those who must continue in confinement.

    Right away we hear protests from residents and politicians in areas where there are prisons  that are logical destinations.  "No terrorists" "Not in our backyard"  Here they are near prisons that house murderers, rapists, and street killers, complaining about a few foreign nationals with some connection to terrorist attacks.

    And then there are nations that have refused to take back their citizens released from Guantanamo. With our new, more diplomatic and understanding foreign policy, perhaps we can now persuade them to change their minds.  A new coalition of the willing?

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    Senator John Cornyn refused to permit a voice vote confirming Hillary Clinton's appointment as Secretary of State. thus preventing her from joining other appointees confirmed on inauguration

    A bush league move by a sleasy Senator from Texas - doesn't he realize that Hillary Clinton is ready on day one?

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  • A car czar? Is this like the Iraq war czar, who was appointed one day and never heard from again?  The energy czar who reduced our dependence on oil so drastically?  Or is it like the drug czar who so successfully waged the war on drugs?

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    related fake news


    In a joint action, the nation's television networks sent a letter of complaint to the Obama transition team regarding the incessant barrage of news conferences now taking place. The letter conceded that President-elect Obama needed to speak out about the current economic crisis and to announce major appointments. However, they saw no need to have a news conference every time a new White House adviser is appointed.

    The letter expressed the hope that there would not be a news conference to announce that Defense Secretary Gates will stay on for another year. Also, the letter noted, since the appointment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State has been going on for over two weeks, therewould really be no need to hold a news conference to introduce her to the American public.

    Of particular concern is the practice of holding these daily conferences in Chicago rather than in the news capitols of Washington or New York. In a separate statement, NBC news director Roger Isles said that, in these times of belt tightening, the burden of travel to Chicago was overwhelming. Already, he noted, Andrea Mitchell was complaining bitterly about having to fly in coach and stay in cheap hotels.

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  • Lieberman opposed the Democratic candidate, campaigned vigorously for the Republican nominee, and repeated slurs against Obama.How much more would anyone have to do to justify expulsion or similar punishment?

    The Bush administration rarely held anyone accountable. Let's not be the same. Hold this man accountable for his actions.

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    related fake news


    Some of the News
    That may be True


    Chicago. October 29, 2008. This morning, Senator Barack Obama's headquarters confirmed that the campaign had purchased the game 5 time scheduled for broadcasting after Obama's 30 minute infomercial. Campaign spokesman Reginald Smith noted that the unfounded charges by Senator McCain that Obama's broadcast would cause a delay in the start of the game played no part in the decision.

    While the content to be aired in the extra time could not be revealed, campaign sources indicated that the Senator may be reading excerpts from the two books he had written.

    When questioned by the media, Fox News responded with a press release. The release noted that this was not a whole game, since game 5 had been halted in the 6th inning. Besides, hardly any one was watching this series at all. In a separate release, Fox News announced that the entire conclusion of game 5 would be available on You Tube.

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    Big issue:  McCain campaign spent $150,000 on clothes for VP nominee Sarah Palin, purchased at high end stores. Big deal. How does this differ from buying campaign signs, or installing Greek style columns?  On the one hand, I'm glad to have the McCain campaign impeded by a phony issue. However, distractions such as this and the William Ayres terrorist implication and the ACORN foolishness have no place in in serious campaigns.

    And, in this case, buying the clothes for Palin is clearly relevant and proper since she is mainly a  campaign decoration.

    homer  www.altara.blogspot.com


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