"House Democratic leaders late Friday were exploring the possibility of a deal with abortion opponents that would clinch the final votes to pass major health care legislation, but they faced stiff resistance from lawmakers who support abortion rights." NY Times

I'm not objective on this issue, since I have always been a strong supporter of choice. If I were not pro-choice, my seven daughters would have browbeatened me into that position.

To me, abortion is part of health care. I oppose government intrusion into private rights by trying to ban it or impose barriers . Since is a legal medical procedure, it should be equally entitled to government funding.

Putting those views aside, I find it unconscionable to inject this issue into a measure to reform our health care system. Whether Bart Stupak and others are grandstanding or being fanatic, they are hurting the cause unnecessarily since there is only a convoluted argument of a risk of a government subsidy of abortion in this legislation. If they want to confront such a subsidy, let them attack the tax deduction for employer plans, a huge benefit of millions of dollars.

Every day, Americans lose health benefits, suffer financial ruin, get sicker, or die because of inadequate health care. To throw a roadblock into reform is hardly a pro-life action.

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