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    The collateral damage from the War on Drugs is far worse than the damage that drugs do.  There are over 2.2 million Americans in our nations prisons and jails.  We have 5% of the worlds population and 25% of the worlds prisoners.  What does this say about democracy? About a third of these prisoners are incarcerated for possession and sale only.

    The Constitution and the legal system have taken  enormous damage.  "Drug exceptions" have gutted the Fourth, Fifth and Eighth amendments, not just for drug crimes, but for all Americans.  

    The Enforcement-Prosecutorial-Judicial-Priso n Complex has become enormous. So large, that California spends more on prisons than it does on higher education.  Prisons are being privatized in many states to reduce costs.  Prisoners are being used as slave labor for everything from the manufacture of office furniture to telemarketing.  

    Our government continues to lie about the dangers of drugs.  The Lancet, a sort of edgy British Medical Journal, has recently published a paper ranking drug harms.  Their listing of same may be found here http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/647405 3.stm

    I have barely touched on the many harms that the so called War on Drugs does to our nation.  I don't have the time to write a full account of the damage that I know of.

    Drug abuse is a public health issue, not a legal one.  Trying to use the Penal system to solve the drug problem is like using a hammer to clean a window.

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    The DARE program has not been successful.  Those kids attending DARE programs are slightly (not statistically significant) more likely to use drugs than those who have not been so propagandized.

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    Robocalls are an trespass against privacy. I have a no trespassing sign on my driveway, and expect that it be observed, and will enforce it by law as necessary.  The "Do Not Call List" is the logical analogy of the "No Trespassing Sign". Though it may be legal, no political calls, robo or human should be made to a "Do Not Call List" number.

    Some politician may believe that his meaningless soundbyte, that I have no one to contradict it to then and there, is more important than my peace, dinner or sleep.  But I disagree. A Robocall is a rude intrusion that demonstrates a complete lack of respect for me. The result is the loss of a vote, and a form letter explaining why.

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    Big surprise!

    The three major tactics employed by the parasites who have taken over the Republican party include hypocrisy, paranoid projection, and defusing your future sins by claiming your opponent is going to or has done what you intend to do.

    When ever the this group of fascists starts to make noise, you know that they are about to abuse the process by doing one of the three above.

    If the Shrubs start to complain about something that ANYONE else is doing, you know that they are either accusing someone else, often falsely, of doing what they (the republicans) are doing, think that  the other is going to do to them (the republicans) what they (the republicans) want to do to the other, or the republicans are trying to desensitize the rest of the population with regard to some act the republicans are about to commit.

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    Being an independent, I clearly see that the worst public servant is one who feels that he has established an entitlement in his position.  In order to reach such a state, the judgment of such a person must have become corrupted by the corrosive effects of the power that has been wielded, and the prattlings of the courtiers.  

    Lieberman has given us his entire soul, that soul has been used up by the needs of the state.  It is time for him to be replaced. Let him be feted for his sacrifice, but under no circumstances continued in power, lest he destroy what he once was and the rest of us as well.

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    Joe Lieberman has demonstrated just what a wretched specimen he is.  His attitude has been that he has an inherent right to the senatorial seat.  Now, anybody who opposes him is an anti-Semite?  Lieberman uses the term as a sword rather than a shield.  He is to be denounced for what he is, a self justifying scoundrel.

    As contrast, here is some very real genocidal anti-Semitism from the floor of the Knesset last week.  Spoken by an elected official of the Israeli government, as a part of his official duties.

    On the floor of the Knesset, MK Moshe Sharoni said "We need to obliterate Gaza and call it the City of Murderers, the City of Terrorists."

    The targeted Semites here just happen to be Palestinians.  

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    "And frankly non-Jews are handcuffed here."

    There is no reason to be handcuffed, or gagged either.  When logic and morality have fail, a scoundrel's last defense may be to claim discrimination.  But that doesn't mean that the term "anti-Semitism" is a magic phrase that defeats all argument.  There is no reason to accept it, and it can be easily rebutted when it is not applicable.


    Just like


  • A month ago, this didn't look very good.  It says a lot about how the netroots can be brought together, and the power that it is becoming.  I am happy that we have gotten this far, and further motivated to put more into the next step.

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    What kind of an alternative has being presented? The Republicans pretty much do as they please. The Democrats don't even bother to posture, they just trip over one another to "go along to get along."  They say "Yes masser", and fall in line a quarter step to the left of our despot.

    The Democrats expect campaign support from me?  What have they done to protect our heritage, our Constitution, our economy, and our civil liberties?  DiFi couldn't wait to support Hayden.  The others will follow suit.  The Wussies Auxiliary of the Neofascists.

    Hell, I was an Eisenhower Republican (every rifle is a theft from those who are hungry) , but I have watched every politician in the country move so far to the right of me that I can't see them anymore.

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    Only yellow and white perch are found in the US.  The current worlds records for both of these fish are below 4.5 lbs, so Bush didn't catch a 7.5lb fish in his pond.  Not unless it was stocked with the nonindigenous Nile perch, which would be highly illegal.  Being illegal wouldn't stop Bush, but it is more likely pathological lying.

    But, I must say that we all would have been much better off if Bush had spent all of the last six years on the shore of his pond catching fish.

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    Given that Ken Mehlman is running ads that the Democrats were behind the failed immigration bill to make illegal immigrants felons, I have no doubt that the Republicans will do the same thing with Part D.  And, the Dems will just sit there and take it.

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    Have to agree with Bill above.

    The Republicans are busy destroying our Constitution, economy, judicial system, and more.  But for the most part, the Democrats are not just sitting back and watching this happen.  No, the Democrats are voting right along with the Republicans, and sometimes even trying to out Republican the Republicans.

    The Democrats could have stopped Alito.  The ethics committee in the House is stalled only with the agreement of the Democrats.  One Democrat after another votes for the misnamed and misbegotten Patriot Act.  How many supposedly progressive Democrats joined the Republicans in voting for the recent Bankruptcy bill.

    Well, you know, you just gotta go along to get along.  Earmarks are more important than the Constitution.  The Republicans might yell about Democratic ethics if charges were brought against Republicans.  "I got elected, screw everybody else." Its important that we don't make waves. Lets get a constitutional amendment to stop flag burning.

    The Democrats are more disgusting than the Republicans, and that is saying a lot.

  • This meme is being well organized and orchestrated.  As an example, this week there has been a rather bizarre picture of H Clinton at the top of Yahoo photos.  Although it is labeled "As she greets people", it really looks like  she is in an insane rage.  The smear has started.

    http://news.yahoo.com/photo/060201/ids_p hotos_ts/r469963390.jpg;_ylt=AlXzahmbVNk rF.Wx6sG1DacDW7oF;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mB HNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

  • Wet Sock:

    1) Any Democratic candidate will be "Swiftboated" now matter what they do or don't say.  Not only is it a useful technique, it is ingrained in the neocon psyche.

    2) The utility of "Swiftboating" will fall amongst those not in the base.  Murtha trashing was less effective than attempts against earlier targets.

    3) Both Gore and Kerry came off like they had broomsticks up their butts.  Some passion will help to energize the Dems base, as well as the undecided.

    4) For two elections, the Democratic Candidates did not tell people what they stood for in a clear, coherent and convincing manner.  How could it get worse?

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    Judge Alito has not been honest with the Congress in the past with regard to Vanguard, his sister's law firm, or his personal past.

    Judge Alito always sides with power, not law, not our Constitution, not Democracy.

    Judge Alito sees an imperial presidency that is synonymous with dictatorship.  One that can overrule the Senate, the House and the Courts at every turn Alito is the deciding vote on the unlimited unbounded power that Bush and Cheney claim.

    If this administration is not stopped here and now, then where and when?  What is left to stop them?


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