Jerome Has No Credibility - Help me delete my account

Jerome, preening Obama post was absolutely revolting. I no longer wish to be part of the MyDD community.  But I'm in a pickle, I've searched all over the site and can't figure out how to delete my account. its not my style to just fade away, and I would like to make a statement, even if it is only symbolic, by actually deleting my account as opposed to simply no longer visiting the site.

Todd, Jonathon, you seem like decent guys. Help me out here, DELETE  MY ACCOUNT.

Jerome, please by all means, continue to debase yourself and your readers, and continue to delete people who challenge your bullshit. START WITH ME!

Somebody, anybody, tell me how I can delete my own account.

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Top 10 Reasons why I prefer Hillary to McCain

Here are some of the reason why I will wote for Hillary Clinton over John McCain if she is the Democratic Party's nominee in November:

1. She respects a women's right to choose

2. She has not reversed her position on immigration, campaign finance reform or torture to pander to the right wing

3. She will do something to help millions of Americans who need health care get it.

4. She is much less likely to "preemptively" invade Iran.

5. She is much more likely to begin withdrawing US troops from Iraq.

6. She is more likely to take action to slow Global Warming.

7. She is less liklely to extend bush's economy crippling tax cuts for the uber rich.

8. She is more likely to sign the Employee Free Choice Act and protect workers right to form a union.

9. She is more likely to run an administration based on facts and reality than on ideolgy and fear.

10. She is more likley to provide desperately needed funding for public education.

For these 10 reasons, and many more, I will vote for Hillary Clinton if she is the Democratic Party's nominee.  Any idea where I am going with this? Hint: I am an Obama supporter.

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Do Hillary and her supporters oppose single-payer healthcare?

This is my first ever diary on a blog, and I know i am walking into the lion's den with the provocative title of this diary. First off, let me say that I do not think that Hillary Clinton or her supporters oppose single payer health care reform. I do, however feel that some of the attacks being leveled at Barak Obama's position on health care use a logic, that if applied to this question, would result in the answer that many Hillary supporters, if not the candidate herself, are vehemently opposed to single payer health care.  

Now, I can practically hear you saying "You are off your rocker, Mr. AllergicToBS, where the hell do you get off saying something like that! Hillary Clinton has been on the front lines of fighting for health care reform for a long time, that is not a fair statement." And I might even agree with you!  The problem is, the rhetoric on this sight has gotten so heated that I think people are losing sight of the big picture. Follow me after the jump and I will explain where I am coming from.

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