A New Paradigm for Issue Integration.

It seems obvious that the challenges facing the nation and the world are not monolithic issues that stand alone and can be discussed as independent from other concerns.  The electorate instinctively knows this, contributing to the sense of disconnect between public officials and the people.  Progressives must begin to interweave issues in a way that will enable the public to relate better to the problems, and demonstrate positive, visionary solutions.  Here are five examples:
1.    Health care and retirement security.
    "Rising health care costs, especially for the aging Boomer population, is on a cataclysmic collision course with the economic viability of both future retirees and the generation that will be required to pay for them.  Not addressing BOTH crises renders the old adage, `At least we have our health' almost absurd."
2.    Economic opportunity and job creation through programs for energy independence and creating a clean, safe environment.
    "The automobile industry knows that its future is not with the internal combustion engine.  This presents an opportunity for an American resurgence, but only if the public sector provides the catalytic effect to promote the transition."
3.    Viewing learning as a "fourth leg of the economic stool."
    "In today's economy, manipulation of capital, labor and natural resources are not enough to assure success.  Leaving the next generation undereducated for the jobs of the future not only shortchanges future generations but also denies the economy a powerful engine for continued, expanding growth."
4.    An economic resurgence through corporate transparency, ethics and accountability.
    "The positive potential of our capitalist economy are under assault from within.  Unaccountable corporate leadership undermine essential investor confidence driving away potential investment.  IBM has run public policy spots on the Sunday morning talk shows calling for business to create a Chief Courage Officer to promote corporate behavior that promotes `doing the right thing."
5.    Universal health care as a tool for promoting investment capital.
    "The cost of employee health care currently exceeds the cost of the metallic content of the American automobile, putting U.S. automakers at a competitive disadvantage.  If these costs were redistributed to the population as a whole, it would free up large amounts of capital for investment."

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