How to defeat Peter Keisler

Bench battle resumes over new nominee

President Bush nominated Peter Keisler to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia in June, making him one of the longest pending circuit court nominees. Bush resubmitted Keisler's name to the Senate this year. ...

... Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) last week hinted that Democrats would block Keisler's nomination.

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What a coordinated movement would look like

First I just want to remind readers that just a few years ago we were just a bunch of angry citizens pecking at our keyboards. We owe a great deal to the group of pioneers who built up lefty blogosphere from nothing into a vital communications tool for progress. They have done this with little or no compensation.

I want to use the fight for habeas corpus as an example of what a coordinated movement would look like.

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Gov. Kaine neuters Verified Voting bill

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At the request of Virginia's registrars Gov. Kaine has amended the verified voting bill to delay it's enactment until July 1, 2008. This means registrars can continue to buy the DRE machines until that date.

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Early Money Is Like Yeast, It Rises

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If you have ever wondered where the Emily in Emily's list came from, it is an acronym for Early Money Is Like Yeast. The money that comes in early gives a candidate credibility and makes it easier to raise additional funds and attract additional support. Successful fundraising gives a campaign credibility in the eyes of editors and helps generate positive coverage. Ten dollars in March is worth a hundred dollars in October. Therefore small donors are well advised to give early in the season.

This is doubly true in race for Virginia's 34th Senate District. Giving money to Chap Petersen now will be included in his quarterly filing. The current incumbent will have a pile of money, so it is critical that Chap raise as much money as possible for the first filing.

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There is no such thing as an unimportant election

That may be one of my favorite Howard Dean sayings. Here in Virginia we are having new proof of that, our entire General Assembly is up for reelection this year.

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Response to Virginia Electoral Board Association

Prepared by the Verifiable Voting Coalition of Virginia
February 11, 2007

This is a point-by-point response to the letter from VEBA to the members of the Science & Technology Committee.  The VEBA quotes are in italics.  VEBA's main concern is the ban on disabling wireless communications on election day, and is focused on their concern that pollworkers will be unable to add the vote totals from each machine and compute an accurate total.  The Verifiable Voting Coalition of Virginia believes that Virginia pollworkers are dedicated and skilled professionals who are capable of accurately adding numbers using a calculator, and VEBA's concerns are misplaced.

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Registrars and the fight for voter-verified voting

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Here in Virginia the most determined opposition to paper ballots is coming from the registrars who bought DRE voting machines. Legislators usually defer to registrars because in general they are very knowledgeable about the mechanics of holding elections. In general they are very nice people who care deeply about free and fair elections. The problem that, having bought these machines, they are deeply vested in their decision. They are putting tremendous pressure on legislators and only a massive demonstration of support by constituents will be sufficient to counter their pressure.

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The struggle for voter-verified audit trails in VA

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The Virginia Senate Privileges and Elections Committee just reported SB 840, a bill that requires voter-verified audit trails, or paper ballots for the English speakers reading this. The full Senate will vote on this in a matter of days, so it is critical that Virginians contact their state Senator without delay.

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John Warner and Cardinal Law

I am sure that if anyone had ever asked Cardinal Law about rape and/or pedophilia he would have said he disapporved of both. I am sure if anyone had asked him about preists abusing their authority and raping children he would have said that was unacceptable. As we know Cardinal Law was not only unwilling to do anything to stop it,  he actively obstructed any effort to bring abusive preists to justice.

That is the situation we face with Senator John Warner. When it was announced that prisoners held at Gitmo would be considered enemy combantants and not covered by the Geneva Conventions, we all know that the prisoners would be tortured. Why else would we not uphold the Geneva Convention. If the then chair of the Armed Services Committee, John Warner, had said anything, we might have prevented the torture of prisoners. But he did noting.

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Paper voting hearing in Congress

Tomorrow at 9 AM the Committee on House Administration will be holding a hearing on electronic voting machines: verification, security and paper trails. Move On is asking supporters of paper trails to attend:

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